Youma na ore to geboku na boku


Track List


Japanese Title English Title
契約 Contract
繋�る時�中 In the time when being connected
çœ ã‚‹æœ¨æ¼?れ日 A fine, sleepy day
妖魔ã?®é£Ÿäº‹ A demon’s meal
æ°—ã?¾ã??ã‚Œã?ªå¦– A whimpy demon
微�む�枕�夢 Dreaming when sleepling on your lap
怨霊 Vengeful Spirit
苛立��� A storm of irritation
心を繋ã??夜 The night when our hearts combine
妖魔的ピロートーク The pillow talk by the demon
���コール Omake Call
Adachi Masamichi (CV: Miyata Kouki) had been a ronin (a student who failed the university entrance exam and studied at cramp school in order to pass the next exam) for a year. He thought he would make it into university this year but he failed again. As he was returning home from his part-time work, depressed, he was hit by a car that fled without even stopping and leaving him to die. Suddenly, an extremely handsome person appeared before him. The person said he could save him if he signed a contract to be his servant. Masamichi didn’t quite understand the meaning but he wanted to live because his parents sacrificed so much for him to go to university. As a result of the contract, he moved into Tatsumi Shino (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)‘s mansion, which was a huge and elegant place at the back of Shino’s store. Shino introduced himself as a demon and his work was to calm the soul of the unrest (or similar things like that). He was captured, a thousand years ago, by Tatsumi Tokifuyu (CV: Chiba Susumu ), who tamed him and taught him how to behave like humans. After being Shino’s servant, Masamichi soon learned some new powers, like he could see with his eyes closed. The duty of a servant, aside from helping in the store, was to provide Shino with food (and that could be done in a variety of ways). In the beginning it was simply blood sucking 😛 because Masamichi’s blood was delicious. Also, he sometimes managed to look into Shino’s memories and witnessed the moments Shino had with Tokifuyu. It appeared that Shino had a deep affection for Tokifuyu and he was lonely. That probably was also the reason why Shino would pick him up when he was at the verge of life and death and offered him a choice to live with him. In the second half of the CD, we see Shino and Masamichi working to calm and send the spirit of a woman who was angry at her lover for cheating on her and committed suicide to rest. When the woman’s spirit released her last energy, Masamichi covered for Shino and was hit instead. Although he did not die, the relationship between Masamichi and Shino slightly changed. In fact, Shino seemed to fall for Masamichi but stubborn as he was, of course he would not admit it. Instead, he showed it by changing the way he use his "meals". He slept with Masamichi instead and absorb his aura (a beautiful golden aura, just like Tokifuyu).

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