Mainichi Seiten (3): Hanaya no Nikai de

Japanese Title English Title
帯刀家廊下・å??三年å‰?ã?®å¤? Obinata family’s corridor: The summer 13 years ago
花屋ã?®è?·ã?®äºŒéšŽãƒ»è¨˜æ†¶ã?®ã?ªã?„æœ? On the flower’s shop second floor: A morning without memory
明信ã?®éƒ¨å±‹ãƒ»ç†±ã?«ã?†ã?ªã?•ã‚Œã?Ÿæ—¥ Akinobu’s room: The day haunted by the nightmare of fever
帯刀家門å‰?・ã?—ã‚“ã?©ã??ã?ªã?£ã?Ÿå¤•æ–¹ Obinata family’s doorstep: An exhausting evening
喫茶店・夜も仕事 Cafe: Working through the night
帯刀家廊下・昼間ã?®é…”ã?£æ‰•ã?„ Obinata family’s corridor: A drunkard in the afternoon
花屋ã?®äºŒéšŽãƒ»å¯?é…’ã?Œæ®‹ã?£ã?Ÿæ˜¼ Flower shop’s second floor: The noon when liquor for sleep still remains
帯刀家・心��夜 Obinata family: A night of worries
花屋ã?®äºŒéšŽãƒ»å¸°ã‚‰ã?ªã?„夜 Flower shop’s second floor: The night when he hasn’t returned
花屋�店先・������� In front of the flower shop:
帯刀家門å‰?・家æ—?ã?®å¤§å??対 Obinata family’s doorstep: Protest from the family
This is based on the fifth novel in the Mainichi Seiten series (with 12 novels and still ongoing). If you would like to know a little about the manga, you can read my review HERE. I got sucked into this series through the manga and this fifth novel is the only one I read (that’s why I shall write the review for it first).


Obinata Akinobu (CV: Kisaichi Atsushi) is the second son of the Obinata family and unlike the rest of the members of his family, who are all very unique and with a strong personality, Akinobu is timid and shy. When his parents died in the accident and his eldest sister had to go out to work to support the whole family, Akinobu became the "motherly" figure, especially when the eldest sister Shima was very manly and did not like to do housework. Still, being just a little boy, it was hard for Akinobu to suddenly take up all the chores and he was so upset he could not sew a number tag on his brother’s uniform he cried. When his sister’s friend and fellow gang member Ryuu (CV: Ichijou Kazuya) saw the crying Akinobu, he could not tolerate and decided to lend a helping hand. Thirteen years later and one seemingly ordinary morning, Akinobu woke up to find himself at Ryuu’s place, naked and a bit dazzed as he drank too much the previous night. What exactly happened he could not remember but he felt severe pain in his back. While he was trying to figure out, he heard sounds below. It was Yuuta (CV: Naitou Rei) coming to open the store. He quickly left for school, leaving behind a half confused Yuuta and a quiet Ryuu. It did not take too long for Akinobu to realize what exactly happened as he stared at his body marked by kiss marks in the bath that evening. He was afraid the rest of his family would find out and he did not want to worry them. However, he was thinking too much he collapsed with a burning fever. When he was in bed, the rest of the family paniked (thanks to Obinata Taiga (CV: Kusunoki Taiten) , the eldest brother. He thought Akinobu was dying because Akinobu wanted to hold Taiga’s hand, something he rarely would do, even as a child 😦 . When Ryuu heard Akinobu had fever, he also popped over for a visit, something he ceased doing since Shima (the eldest sister) fled the home. Akinobu pretended he could not recall what happened that night and Ryuu left it as that. Some days later, when Akinobu was threatened by some delinquents in the park, Ryuu came to rescue. He did not want to use violence again because a lot of sad things happened when he was still in the gang. He blamed himself for his youth, all the violence and for recklessly making a woman pregnant. The guilt haunted Ryuu so badly he could not get a wife properly and devoted all his time into the flower shop, which his mother left behind because she did not want to stay with Ryuu. Akinobu realized the pain inside Ryuu’s heart and tried to reassure him that’s all in the past and he had already repented enough. However, it wasn’t easy for Ryuu, especially in front of a person who was so pure, gentle, and kind as Akinobu. On the other hand, Akinobu was not trouble free. Although he was bright and could get into a university abroad, he did not want to go to study (despite Taiga’s guarantee he would financially support him). Akinobu did not want to leave his family and acquaintance behind but Taiga could not comprehend his delicate feelings. It was this conflictual emotion that brought Akinobu to Ryuu’s flower shop’s doorstep. He met a young woman who was wondering if Ryuu was in but she fled when finding Ryuu wasn’t there. That night, Akinobu stayed by Ryuu’s side and causing the whole Obinata family to be anxious and nervous because a good boy like Akinobu wuold not sleep outside without letting them know. The next morning, Akinobu saw the woman again and this time she met Ryuu and told him that she was living very happily now. Turned out she was the girl whom Ryuu made pregnant and was forced to have an abortion. Ryuu had always been tortured by the feeling of guilt, fearing that she might become infertile following the abortion. However, when he saw her beautiful child, he was touched. Coupled with the fact that Akinobu was now by his side, he seemed a merrier man. Unfortunately, it was not over yet because the Obinata family apparently did not want to lose their "nicest and most gentle Akinobu" to a wild man as Ryuu. Obinata Mayumi (CV: Fukuyama Jun) was the first to protest, followed by the rest of the family but Akinobu did not really care and he felt peaceful just staying by Ryuu’s side, the kind Ryuu who stopped his tears 13 years ago.

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