Ambassador wa yoru ni sasayaku

Amo Riku (CV: Fukuyama Jun) is a student who is currently working part time at Lutia’s Consulate. He is cute and often mistaken as a girl. He has a childhood friend whom he has always been on good terms – Suou Shougo (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). Shougo is in love with Riku but he does not have the courage to confess. While at the consulate, Riku bumped into the ambassador Alex (CV: Suwabe Junichi), and his heart seemed to "click" at Alex’s handsome face. However, he was embarrased by being attracted to a foreign guy (without knowing he was the ambassador yet) and accused Alex of not watching where he went. When he learned of Alex’s true identity from Bouer (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), he was like "*t" and thought he would be fired for being insolent toward the ambassador. Surprisingly, he received a call from his boss Bernar (CV: Nakada Jouji) telling him to come to wrok as usual. One day, while shopping for a gift for his sister’s birthday, he saw Alex arguing with another guy over a diamond necklace. Both men wanted the same necklace and insisted on it. Riku persuaded the girlfriend of the guy to choose another necklace instead and the problem was solved. However, Alex was angry at first for Riku’s interference but soon realized it was his own fault and apologized. The two then got together slightly closer than before and people in the embassy began to notice how intimate the two were getting. It’s at this time when Alex’s friend Chris (CV: Koyasu Takehito) came over to tease Alex and his "lover". He pretended he was after Riku for a joke to see if the two were truly in love. While things seemed to be progressing at a breeze, Riku learned that Alex actually had a fiance, Caroline (CV: Honda Takako) and the necklace Alex was fighting over earlier was a present for her birthday. He was a bit jealous and heartbroken when he heard about this and became slightly depressed and started hiding from Alex. His friend, Shougo noticed him and was angry that Alex was still going after Riku when he already got a fiance and suddenly confessed to Riku! During the party when Alex was supposed to introduce Caroline who came over, there was a bomb threat at the consulate! This sent the whole embassy into a state of terror. Worse was the fact that it seemed the bomb Riku and his colleague Mori (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) heard was a distraction. Just when Riku was going to save Alex, he was protected by Alex instead. After the incident, the two’s heart communicated successfully and Riku soon learned that Caroline did not have the intention to interfere their relationship. As a result, it was a happy end (though a guy dating an ambassador is still not something you can do openly I gather).

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