Migatte na Karyoudou

Japanese Title English Title
�外�新入社員 An unexpected new colleague
親���イケナイ関係 A forbidden relationship with a friend
æ?¥ã‚‹è€…ã?¯æ‹’ã?¾ã?šãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ» He who never rejects …
In comes the VIP
会議室��キス Kissing at the conference room
�れる気�� Unstable emotions
ケビンã?®å‘Šç™½ Kevin’s confession
終ã‚?ã‚Šã?¨ã?„ã?†è¨€è‘‰ Words that signal "it’s over"
��ら��涙 Unstoppable tears
追ã?£ã?¦ã??ã?Ÿã‚«ã‚¤ The power to chase after
ã??ã‚Œã?žã‚Œã?®ãƒ¢ãƒƒãƒˆãƒ¼ Our respective motto

Takase Satoshi (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)
is surprised to find that the new colleague in his company is his old friend from high school Inazaki Kai (CV: Takahashi Hiroki). Like many teenagers, when they were still in high school, they would try a lot of activities prohibited by adults’ standards, such as smoking and watching porn. Since Kai’s parents were abroad, Satoshi spent a lot of time at Kai’s place. One day, while the two were watching porn as usual, Kai suddenly wondered if they would like to try out the moves in the video :mrgreen: Once they started, this kept on repeating but Satoshi began to wonder if there were any love in the relationship because Kai did not seem to reject girls who came along. As a result, the two gradually drifted apart after highschool and never met each other again until Kai’s entry into the company. One evening after the company’s party, Kai invited Satoshi to his apartment since it was too late for Satoshi to go home alone. When they were alone, Kai seized the opportunity and took advantage of Satoshi again and then the unclear relationship during high school started all over again. Satoshi was a bit bothered by what is happening. At the same time, an important business partner arrives from America. His name is Kevin (CV: Ichijou Kazuya) and he is delighted to see the beautiful Satoshi is his personal attendant. He tries to get close to Satoshi who is unaware that Kevin is actually gay but Kevin is very gentleman and respects Satoshi’s wish when the latter says he cannot accept Kevin’s feelings. This is because Satoshi is still clinging onto his emotions for Kai despite the fact that Kai’s attitude towards him remains a bit ambivalent and is even going to a date arranged by the boss of the company. When learning about this fact, Satoshi breaks down and cries in the arms of Kevin. He’s slightly moved by Kevin’s gentleness but then Kai suddenly bursts into the room and snatches Satoshi away from Kevin and confesses and so the two stay together …


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