Ze (1-2)


Again, I’m quite lazy so I just combine the manga and CD review.

The story begins with our hero Raizou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) being torn apart from his grandmother by the goddess of death. Having no more place where he can call "home", he arrives at the Mitou household as a housekeeper because he is a rather talented young student chef. Energetic and innocent, Raizou is surprised to find the Mitou household being "slightly" different from normal Japanese households in that they are very outgoing with sexual behaviors ❓ . In fact, it’s more than a norm than exception to see kissing or "lessons" on sex. Worse is the fact that nearly half of the residents in the house refuse to even touch the food he made with all his heart. When he was puzzling over the strange behaviors, he suddenly heard "danger" and then whew, an arm flying into the crab hot pot he just made Turns out the Mitou family is gifted (or cursed) with the ability of using kotodama (the technique that will make what one says come true). The price to pay for such an incredible ability is that they will be inflicted with wounds. To heal these wounds, they have special paper dolls (kami sama) and half of the household actually are paper dolls so they don’t eat and their wounds heal very fast. The woulds are healed when the masters lick or touch (and of course including sexual intercourse) the paper dolls. Paper dolls and their masters have to be the same gender. So males can only have male paper dolls and females only female paper dolls. In addition, once a female master gets married and has children, she will lose the ability to use kotodama. The manga "Ze" focuses mainly on the relationships between the masters and their paper dolls. The first volume focuses on Mitou Shoui and Asari whereas the second volume focuses on the main couple Raizou and Kon. I hope in the third volume, we’ll know a little more about Waki (and probably his paper doll lover if he has one, or the mysterious Genma he referred to when he killed the guy who attacked Kon). Let’s move on to the characters, which is probably what makes this manga surprisingly enjoyable and I’ll continue to SPOIL you on the story in the character discussion so be warned!


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