Koi no Hana

Otsuki (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) was eating at a restaurant when his debtors came and demanded him to pay off his debt. They even went as far as vandalizing the cafe where Otsuki was eating. The owner of the cafe, Asahina (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) came to see the reason behind the disturbance and when he saw Otsuki, he offered to pay off all the debts! This is because Asahina has heard of Otsuki’s reputation as a genius in managing cafes and he would like Otsuki to help him manage his cafe. In return for being the manager of his cafe, Otsuki would not have to repay the money (which amounted to over 10 million yen! Otsuki rejected the offer outright but he was interested when Asahina offered a "lover’s contract" instead of a "manager contract". Otsuki moved into Asahina’s house, expecting to obediently fulfill his duty as the "lover" but Asahina was quite cold toward him. In fact, Asahina tricked him to sign a contract so he would have to manage the cafe as well. Otsuki was talented and soon the whole cafe’s employees trusted him. However, occasionally, he would act like a gigolo and be really nice to the customers, a behavior that made Asahina very jealous. While the two’s relationship developed gradually, Otsuki’s wife Asami, who ran off and left Otsuki with a huge debt returned. She faked pregnancy and wanted Otsuki to be with her (and sponsor her extravagant spending as well as her expenses at the host club). However, her devious plan was overheard by Asahina and his butler/secretary Munakata (CV: Mugihito) and Otsuki then made the decision to divorce Asami. However, he also refused to continue the "lover’s contract", which made Asahina really upset. Asahina thought Otsuki wanted to dump him but the truth is Otsuki simply wanted to be a man who loves Asahina on his free will, not because he’s bounded by a contract 🙂

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