Tsumi na kuchizuke

Although this is based on the first novel, the CD itself is released after its sequel Tsumi na yakusoku. It’s probably "better" if you first listen to this and then Tsumi na yakusoku so you’ll have a better understanding of the story.


Tamiya Goro (CV: Nojima Kenji) is a normal salaryman at a normal corporation. One day, after out drinking with his old friend Satomi (CV: Taniyama Kishio), he was raped by a stranger in the man’s toilet at the park. Worse was the fact that when he was traveling to Osaka the next day, he was arrested by the local police as a suspect for a murder case 8O. At the murder scene of the woman whom Tamiya barely knew from work, his tie was found. Tamiya knew he lost his tie when he was raped by the man from the night before but no one would believe his "alibi" was that he was "raped". The only one who believed he was innocent was the policeman who happened to sit beside him on his trip to Osaka, Takanashi Ryouhei (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou). He accompanied Tamiya to the hospital (to check out the injuries from the rape). Takanashi worked very hard to prove Tamiya’s innocence, and even went to search for the trashed clothes by himself. This is unusual since Takanashi is a keiji (pretty high ranking officer and graduate from Tokyo University), and so it really shows how much he loves Tamiya. HOWEVER, he also ABUSED his power as a policeman and pushed himself into Tamiya’s life. For example, just the NEXT day after Tamiya was raped, Takanashi forced himself into Tamiya’s house and used some excuse to rape sleep with him. Then, he just stayed at Tamiya’s house and called him "Goro-chan" literally days after they first met! He blamed it all on "falling in love on first sight" :!:. This pissed Tamiya’s friend in high school, Satomi, to no end. In fact, it was Satomi who thought Tamiya was in love with the woman and so he tried to date the woman to get her out of the way but he made her pregnant. He decided to kill her and sent the man to warn Tamiya. However, the man was sexually 😕 attracted to Tamiya and just raped him right then and there 😦 . Satomi was shocked at what happened and he thought he could comfort Tamiya but Takanashi appeared out of nowhere and snatched Tamiya from him. He was so angry he just knocked out Tamiya, kidnapped him, and attempted to "rape" him. He also confessed that he killed both the woman and the guy who raped Tamiya because he did not know that guy would do such a hideous thing and deserved death as a punishment. Luckily, Takanashi came in time to rescue his princess when Satomi tried to stab Tamiya and himself to death.

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