Black or White

Japanese Title English Title
平凡�幸� Ordinary happiness
変貌 Abrupt change
���� Lost
é•·å³° Nagamine
�去��疑念 Suspicions of the past
真実 The truth
é? ã??ã?ªã?„未æ?¥ A future not far
暴露 Exposed
���告白 The first confession
�機 Danger
本当�幸� Real happiness
音声特典・キャストコメント Cast Comment

Nishina Chiaki (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
is the secretary of the wealthy owner of the corporation where he’s working – Takafuji Shunichi (CV: Masutani Yasunori) as well as the lover of Yamazaki Yuuji (CV: Taniyama Kishio). So far, life for Chiaki is peaceful and merry because he has a stable job and great romance. Yamazaki persuaded Chiaki to quit his job as he did not want to hand Chiaki over to Shunichi but Chiaki was a bit indecisive as he enjoyed his present job and Takafuji is a decent man. One day while he was at the company, a strange man demanded to see Takafuji. Then, before Chiaki knew it, he was already knocked out. When he regained consciousness, he found himself on a large bed and before his eyes was Shunichi! Chiaki was kidnapped to this isolated island by Shunichi’s bodyguard Nagamine (CV: Uchida Nagoya), a former detective. On the island, Shunichi was like a possessive master who forced Chiaki to obey him and to fall in love with him and forget about his original lover, Yuuji, whom he sent away on a trip abroad. Chikai was stunned to find that the seemingly kind boss was a tyrant and a criminal 8O. He was also in dismay when Shunichi seemd to know about his past, how he was raped, and something about his rapists. He was confined in bed with his hands tied up because he would not accept Shunichi. However, when Shunichi touched his hair, there was a nostalgic feeling. He seemed to have met Shunichi before but he could not remember where and Shunichi denied them having met before he entered the company. Nagamine also persuaded Chiaki to accept Shunichi as that would be much better than being with Yuuji but it would be naturally impossible for Chiaki to immediately forget his lover for two years and be with Shunichi, especially under such circumstances. So all Chiaki did on the island, aside from having s*x with Shunichi and occasionally being "punished" mildly by Nagamine was to regret having betrayed his lover Yuuji. Since the rape 13 years ago, it became hard for Chiaki to fall in love again, until Yuuji confessed to him two years ago and invited him to dinner. The two then became lovers. Chiaki wondered how he would face Yuuji again. After the weekend, he was flown back by a helicopter to his own home. Unlike the tyrant on the island, Shunichi seemed to have returned to his old self and told Chiaki that he could go home if he wanted to and he could choose whatever pathway he would like. However, should he ever step into his office again, it meant he accept his feelings. Chiaki was lost as to what to do but he struggled to return to his normal life. Soon after Chiaki returned to his apartment, Nagamine paid him a visit and offered to show him something on condition he would keep it a secret from the boss.

Spoilers below!!! Please highlight to see!!!

Using his old tricks as a detective, Nagamine hacked into Yuuji’s apartment ❗ and showed Chiaki all the video tapes of him in bed and in extremely embarrassing poses. Chiaki could not believe his eyes. Turned out Yuuji actually filmed and took pictures of him while they were having s*x. On top of that, he even made a website to sell pictures and tapes of Chiaki!! Shunichi also arrived at the apartment because he had a hunch Nagamine would drag Chiaki to this place. All along, Chiaki was betrayed by the man he thought he was in love with. Worse was the fact that in one of the tapes, Chiaki also found out Yuuji was the mastermind behind his rape 13 years ago and the one who saved and brought him to hospital was Shunichi. Shunichi also asked Nagamine, who was the detective at the time, to help. However, Shunichi was still powerless and weak then, not the strong, wealthy, and influential man he now is. So, he knew the truth but he could do nothing except to silently watch over Chiaki. Shunichi’s strived hard for Chiaki’s sake. He wanted to succeed so he could protect Chiaki from Yuuji. Yet, despite all his efforts, Chiaki did not notice his feelings though he was by his side, and chose Yuuji instead. Chiaki was dumbfounded when he learned the truth but he was touched somewhere in his heart. He told Shunichi that he did not want to quit his job or to leave Shunichi’s side. However, he could not instantly accept his feelings either. He might do so though in the not so distant future. Although Shunichi and Chiaki’s relationship stabilized, the problem of Yuuji was still not resolved. The latter returned from his business trip and stormed at the fact that Shunichi let Chiaki know the truth. He even wanted to assault Chiaki again but he did not have a chance because Shunichi sent Nagamine over to protect Chiaki. However, that was a temporary solution and when Shunichi and Nagamine left for a business trip to Singapore, Yuuji took the opportunity and attempted to sexually assault Chiaki along with two accomplices. However, the business trip was a trap. Shunichi and Nagamine deceived Yuuji so they could catch him redhanded. He forced Yuuji to sign a statement that he would quit the company and thus not be able to hurt Chiaki ever again. On the way home, Chiaki conveyed his true feelings to Shunichi and the two then went direct to Shunichi’s home instead and if this were a fairy tale, I’ll add "then live happily ever after" :D.


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