Tsumi na yakusoku


This is the sequel to Tsumi na Kuchizuke, and even though it is released earlier than "Kuchizuke", I suggest listening to "Kuchizuke" first. I promise this’ll make both listening experiences more enjoyable.

Half a year elapsed since Tamiya Goro (CV: Nojima Kenji), a normal salaryman met the elite policeman Takanashi Ryouhei (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) and fell in love. Goro-chan was preparing for a trip to an onsen (hot spring) in Itou with his colleagues at the company and was annoyed when Ryouhei left kiss marks on his body such that he could not comfortably go into the onsen in the evening. So, he fell asleep instead and when he woke up, it was still very early in the morning, 6:00 a.m. and he thought no one would be using the onsen this early. Yet, when he entered the onsen, he found he had company. There was a body floating in the hot, steaming water. The relaxing moment Goro-chan was looking forward to instantly turned into a tense and frustrating one. Luckily, Ryouhei arrived and removed any suspicion shed onto Goro-chan as the person who discovered the body. Turned out the body belonged to a prime suspect in another murder case in Tokyo, which Ryouhei was following. Goro-chan then returned to Tokyo with the rest of his colleagues but he was confronted by a junior, Tomioka Masami (CV: Yusa Kouji) who saw the kiss marks on Goro-chan’s body and witnessed his intimacy with the police Takanashi. Tomioka wanted to force himself onto Goro-chan but he was wise enough to at least not resort to "rape" yet. Later, Goro-chan learned the real reason why Tomi liked to bully him so much, it was all done in the name of love !! Apparently, Tomi fell in love with Goro-chan but Goro-chan could not accept him because he already had Ryouhei. Still, Tomi was rather persistent in his love expedition. While Goro-chan was worrying what to do with Tomi’s confession, at Itou, the police continued their investigation and their attention was focused on the staff at the onsen, especially the manager Minamino Kouichi (CV: Chiba Susumu). He said he did not know the victim Motomiya Hideki (CV: Suwabe Junichi) but that was a flat lie. They were born in the same town and went to the same high school. Ten years ago, the two parted with Motomiya going to Tokyo and earning his living as a gigolo in a host club while Minamino stayed at Itou and became the manager of the onsen. The two met coincidentally again half a year ago and happily caught up with the time they lost being together in the last decade. Unfortunately, this beautiful friendship lasted only for three months. One night, Minamino slept with the woman of a yakuza like guy. The guy threated him and demanded him to pay 500,000 yen immediately. He did not have that much money so the guy, who happened to see his name card and knew where he worked, coerced him into assiting them with smuggling girls from abroad. Minamino would have to provide a place for those foreign girls to stay. He did not want to but have no choice. Then, the worst occurred. While he was in Tokyo, a girl died accidentally. He panicked and called Motomiya. Motomiya told him to calm down and not to call the police. When he heard the word "police", Minamino was so afraid he fled the place, dropping his cell phone. A few days later, he saw the police hunting for Motomiya in relation to the murder of the woman. Minamino then called Motomiya and offered him a place to hide at his onsen. Motomiya checked in the previous evening and managed to have a little chat in the room that night with Minamino. He told Minamino that no matter what happened, not to look in the letter in his luggage even though it was meant for Minamino. Minamino agreed and he told Motomiya he would open the onsen a little early, at 5:30 a.m. the next morning so Motomiya can enjoy the onsen without worrying about being noticed by other guest. Then, at 5:30 a.m., he murdered Motomiya. The police learned about the murder and arrested Minamino when they discovered the letter. They then related the content to Minamino, letting him know just how much Motomiya had always loved and cared for Minamino all along. When Minamino realized how foolish he was to kill the man who loved him and whom he loved, he broke down in tears and banged himself against the table. Minamino could have alternatives if he wanted to see them but he chose the worst possible means – murder – and eternal sorrow he would have to live with from now on.


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  1. Ano…first off, THANK YOU for writing a wonderful summary to a wonderful drama-I’m a big fan of Chiba Susumu and like you, was in awe of his performance as Minamino…as Japanese is not my mother tongue, I rely heavily on translations and summaries to understand drama CDs, but pardon my ignorance, there’s just one thing I don’t quite get…why DID Minamino kill Motomiya? Thank you.

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