Hisoyakana Jounetsu (1)

Japanese Title English Title
身請�料一本 A one-time fee for redeeming the body
花見�誘惑 Temptation of the hanami
����仕事 At work for the first time
����経験 The first experience
é?¥ã?®é?ŽåŽ» Haruka’s past
冷��仕打� Being treated coldly
�れ��想� Where thoughts intersect
嫌�予感 A bad premonition
誓� Oath
���‧��� Omake: The blooming summer

When Kurosawa Haruka (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) paid a visit to Kozai, the yakuza leader with his friend Higashihara Tatsuo (CV: Kosugi Jyurouta), he probably did not anticipate to find himself so strongly attracted to a pair of strong and determined eyes – to the extent he would pay one million yen for them. When he arrived, he found the extremely beautiful Kubo Yoshito (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) being the subject of extremely harsh punishment by Kozai’s orders. Yoshito was beaten because he let free a 16 year-old girl, who was brought to Kozai because her parents owed Kozai money. Yoshito pitied the girl as he had a similar experience. When he was 17, his father’s company went bankrupt and owed Kozai a lot of money. Since there was no way to repay the debts, Kozai demanded the beautiful Yoshito as compensation. Yoshito’s parents were reluctant but Yoshito went to Kozai on his own in hope his parents at least would be spared. However, out of guilt, Yoshito’s parents committed suicide soon after and for the past decade, Yoshito stayed by Kozai’s side as his lover. Kozai treated Yoshito well, even providing him with money for a college education but he began to get tired of Yoshito who is gradually aging and decided to beat Yoshito up then cut off his legs afterward. When Haruka offered a million to buy Yoshito, Kozai was a bit jealous and did not want to let Yoshito go, esepcially when a young, successful businessman like Haruka also had eyes for Yoshito. Still, he was wise enough not to go against Haruka and Higashihara. So, he sold Yoshito to Haruka and from that day, Yoshito began living under Haruka’s roof. Yoshito could not understand why Haruka would want to buy him, especially when he was no longer young. He speculated Haruka might be interested in his body but Haruka did not raise a finger on him. Even under a moonlit sky with elegant wine and cherry blossoms dancing in the air, Haruka did not sleep with Yoshito (the latter only offered a little service with his mouth) :P. Worse was the fact the fact that it was impossible for Yoshito to guess what was on Haruka’s mind. At first, Yoshito was only allowed to work on the chores at the mansion where the two lived. Gradually, Haruka would let Yoshito work in his company but after a simple incident when Yoshito was "attacked" by an apple owing to the nature of the job, he would bar Yoshito from going to the company any more. As a result, Yoshito was shoved back to the house with no work at all (as Haruka employed a maid to do the housework). Haruka’s attitude toward Yoshito was also strange. One moment, he would be gentle and another moment he would be cold. At the bottom of his heart though, Haruka really truly loved Yoshito. He was attracted to Yoshito because the latter was completely different to his brother who perished when he tried a dangerous stunt with his bike and fell over the cliff. Unlike his brother who was good-for-nothing, Yoshito was strong and determined. While Yoshito was playing the "guess my feelings" game with Haruka, Haruka’s secretary also began to feel more and more disgusted by the presence of Yoshito because he blamed Yoshito for causing the employer he respects to go down the path of homsexuality, a path of no return. He attacked Yoshito but Haruka came and saved Yoshito. It was then when Yoshito realized what kind of relationship he had and would have with Haruka. It could be called master-and-slave, boss-and-secretary, but most accurately, it should be love-and-be loved.


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  1. I was too scared to listen to this cd because in your review you had written that Kozai had beaten and cut off Yoshito’s legs! And I was too upset over the thought of having a lead uke with no legs! tehehe silly me! Haruka saved the day, as all good semes do! Anyway, keep up the awesome awesome reviews! I love this site! Thankyou!!

  2. Suishoo-chan, a year delay in reply 😦
    I love Haruka too 😀

    Lebanax-chan, maybe my wording is not right then, I meant he almost cut off Yoshito’s legs had Haruka not decided to save him 🙄

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