Tsuki yadoru


Naoya (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) and Keiji (CV: Fukuyama Jun) are half brothers (same father, different mother) so blood-related. Naoya has been living with his mother until a month ago, he returned to the main house and started taking care of Keiji, especially when Keiji’s mother was hospitalized. He appeared to be very gentle to Keiji but Keiji acted indifferent. Keiji wanted to be strong so he could inherit the kendo school of his family. However, his skills was far from the level of Naoya. To make matters worse, his mother kept pressurizing him. On the other hand, as Keiji started to live with his brother, he soon began to realize beneath the gentle surface, there was something more…
One night at the dojo, Naoya used his knife to cut Keiji’s hand. Naoya disliked Keiji because his mother always pressured him to beat Keiji and that pressure was tormenting him. Years ago, he came back to the house to see what Keiji was like but when he saw Keiji’s innocent face who was so kind to a stranger like him, his hatred toward Keiji became something else. He probably wanted to love Keiji but he couldn’t. He wanted to torture Keiji but he couldn’t. At the same time, as Keiji stayed longer with Naoya and was subject to his "torment" both physically and mentally, he also developed this neither hate nor love syndrome. In the end, Naoya watched Keiji winning the kendo competition and he wanted to leave Keiji forever, letting Keiji inherit the dojo. However, Keiji confessed his feelings to Naoya and made him stay by his side forever 😀


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