Hisoyakana Jounetsu (2) Jounetsu no yukue

Japanese Title English Title
佳人ã?®æ‚©ã?¿ Yoshito’s troubles
貴���出会� Meeting with Takafumi
言葉�����想� Feelings that wanted to be conveyed by words
��身�決� Determination to sacrifice this body
����大事�人 The one you treasure
何を失��も譲れ��も� Even if it means losing everything, I will not let you go.
差�伸�られ�手 The hand extended
ã?²ã??ã‚„ã?‹ã?ªæŠ±æ“? A secretive hug
����打�明��想� Confessing the true feelings for the first time
è²´å?²ã?®ç­– Takafumi’s plan
���������言葉 Words that should have been conveyed
���・一途�夜 Omake: A dedicated night

In the last CD, somehow Kurosawa Haruka (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)‘s feelings for Kubo Yoshito (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) managed to reach the latter but it’s not happy end there. Trouble came when Haruka was kidnapped by people who came to borrow money from him but was rejected by his subordinate and they kidnapped Haruka for revenge. When Haruka went missing, Yoshito, who had now become his secretary, became very worried. He then learned about Haruka being kidnapped. So, he went back to Kozai to beg the latter to save Haruka, even if that would mean sacrificing his own body. Luckily, Higashihara Tatsuo (CV: Kosugi Jyurouta) found him hanging around Kozai’s place and wondered what he was doing there. When he learnt that Haruka was missing, he then sent his legal adviser, Shigiyou Takafumi (CV: Nojima Hirofumi) over to help Yoshito. Yoshito already met Takafumi once, on the train when Takafumi seemed to be a bit dizzy. The two then started to trace the route Haruka was taking before his disappearance. At that time, Takafumi also tried to calm Yoshito and said he was lucky because Haruka really loved him and inside his heart, Takafumi was jealous. That’s because he knew Higashihara, whom he loved and slept with, was not the same. For Higashihara, Haruka’s is always THE priority, not himself. That made Takafumi sad. Finally Takafumi and Haruka arrived at the pier where Haruka was last seen and after going through some trouble, the two made it to the island where Haruka was kidnapped. Although Haruka was badly beaten, he was still strong enough to protect Yoshito as they tried to make for a safe spot on the island. They even managed to squeeze in time for some smex while Yoshito was outside guarding and waiting for the boat loaned to them by Kozai. Of course, the trio managed to escape from the island safely and it was all lovey and merry for Haruka and Yoshito. However, the situation was not quite the same for Higashihara and Takafumi. While on the boat, Takafumi ranged Higashihara up to let him know that Haruka was safe. Higashihara thanked him and invited him to the "hotel" as usual. Takafumi was reluctant because he did not want a physical relationship without love but he could not refuse. Takafumi then remembered how he met Higashihara at the same hotel suite some years ago. (Warning: My Japanese is REAL crappy so this may not be completely right). He was sent there by the owner of his law firm – Shiraishi Kouki- to work for Higashihara. When he arrived, he saw Higashihara "threatening" Amanuma. Well, the story was really complicated and it involved Amanuma’s beer business going in the wrong direction and he owed Higashihara some money. Higashihara forced him to (1) borrow money from the street lenders to straighten out the business to repay him or (2) do something to get money, like using insurance from his death (fake accident) or sell organs ;). Takafumi was shocked by what he perceived as ‘threatening behavior’ though he’s working at a law firm that dealt with yakuza 😉 Anyway, Takafumi came up with a plan to save Amanuma. He suggested they transferred the goods from Amanuma to a third party and borrowed money from the bank to do so. In order for this plan to work, there a guarantor was necessary (so Higashihara had to lend a helping hand) and the whole process would take about 5 years. Higashihara then asked him what merit he would have during the time waiting. Takafumi asked him how he would like to be compensated and Higashihara said to sleep with Takafumi :D. So, that’s how their physical relationship started and happily ended years later, when contrary to Takafumi’s thoughts, Higashihara only slept with him lately and that the distance between their hearts had reduced beyond his imagination.


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