Wagamama dakedo itoshikute

Japanese Title English Title
第1話「ワガママã? ã?‘ã?©æ„›ã?—ã??ã?¦ã€?離ã?—ã?Ÿã??ã?ªã?„ Story (1): Selfish but adorable: Don’t want to let you go
第1話「ワガママã? ã?‘ã?©æ„›ã?—ã??ã?¦ã€?ã?¡ã‚ƒã‚“ã?¨ä¼?ã‚?ã?£ã?Ÿ Story (1): Selfish but adorable: Expressed it properly
第2話「ナツã?®å¤?休ã?¿ã€?全然,足りã?ªã?„ Story (2): Natsu’s Summer Break: Completely inadequate
第2話「ナツã?®å¤?休ã?¿ã€?ã?¡ã‚ƒã‚“ã?¨ãƒŠãƒ„ã?®ã?“ã?¨…… Story (2): Natsu’s Summer Break: Natsu’s matter I have properly……
第3話「二人ã?®å­¦åœ’祭ã€?ã?¨ã‚‰ã‚Œã?Ÿã??ã?ªã?„ Story (3): Don’t want to be taken
第3話「二人�学園祭�キスマーク��返� Story (3): School festival for the two of us: Return the kiss mark
第4話「�ル�らら�オレ���も����� Story (4): Pleasant Spring: Want you to be mine only
第4話「�ル�らら�僕�特別 Story (4): Pleasant Spring: My special
第4話「�ル�らら�オマケCM Story (4): Omake CM

Adachi Shuuji (CV: Shimono Hiro) and Takami Natsu (CV: Fukuyama Jun) are childhood friends but have different personalities. Shuuji is very spirited and likes to participate in school activities to the extent he fainted in middle school whereas Natsu is more the slow and relaxed type but is very smart. After middle school, the two went to different high school (despite against Natsu’s wishes) because their level of intelligence differ too much 🙄 Since Natsu is good at nothing 😕 but studying, his daily life is taken care by Shuuji. In fact, Shuuji is responsible for waking him up, cooking breakfast for him, etc (just like a married couple). However, Shuuji’s brother, Adachi Yuuji (CV: Nojima Kenji) is jealous because Natsu is taking is brother away from him (though Yuuji already has a girlfriend and is even scolded by his girlfriend for his obsession for his brother… a.k.a. brother-complex 🙄 ). At the same time, Natsu’s brother Takami Nami (CV: Orikasa Ai) also is competiting with his brother for Shuuji. Such is the setting for this drama CD. The whole CD is tied together loosely by four mini stories (that really don’t have much plot to mention). The first arc is the introduction of the setting and Natsu’s confession (by jumping right onto Yuuji though 8O. The second story more involves jealousy from the part of Yuuji, the third story is the school festival where Natsu comes to Shuuji’s school to find him because he’s too lonely 😛 and the last story is mainly jealousy from Natsu’s brother Nami. What I particularly like actually is the omake CM where Natsu is trying to make a cake. He’s TOO CUTE :D.


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  2. ^^ i just listened to it… strangely i found shimono-san’s voice a bit similar to kishio-san’s… maybe it’s cus i just listened to marvelous twins right before listening to this… ^^;; and i’m not too familiar with his voice either >.>;

    and i occasionally got confused with all of their voiecs too T__T;;;; i definitely need more experience – -; neways, thx for the review ^w^ i’m linking it from my blog, is it ok? o.o

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