Flesh & Blood -1-


Kaito and his friend Kazuya were traveling to Wales in England. Kaito is the child of a Japanese coporate elite who’s living in London and he’s currently studying in a private school in England and revising for his GCSEs. Kaito’s mother is the worst type of woman you can imagine. Although she has no achievement of his own, she always boasts about her husband, who barely cares about his family as he is extremely absorbed in work. She is also ridiculously proud of his son Kaito and puts a lot of pressure on him. As a result, Kaito becomes rebellious by dying his hair red. Kaito also thinks he has no "real friend" because all the people are kind to him or respect him since his father is so successful. These all sum up to a terribly frustrated life and Kaito wants to escape from it all. The opportunity came when he was touring Plymouth with Kazuya on a trip to explore the history of pirates. Kaito was inspired by the stories of Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake … the two who started the slave trade to West Indies as well as the central figures behind the licensed pirateering campaign). There, Kaito found a gap in time and like Sliders, he traveled through the "tunnel" and time slipped back to 1587, the year before the Spanish Armada in 1588. He was first found unconscious by Vincent, who was sent from Spain to assist the rescue of Mary, Queen of Scots. She was imprisoned by Queen Elizabeth I at Fotheringhay because Elizabeth I was afraid she might try to get back the throne. To escape, Mary tried to seek help from the Catholic country of Spain but her plan failed and she was executed on the crime of carrying out the Babington Plot. Since Vincent could not save Mary, he at least wanted to check on the English navy as they began to rival the sea power of Spain. When Kaito met Vincent and knew he was a Spaniard, he told Vincent (in a panic) that Spain would start a war against England the following year but would tragically lose the war. Of course, Vincent was extremely angry when he heard his country would lose a war that did not even start. He lost control and nearly strangled Kaito to death but he quickly got a grip of himself. Then, he heard a lot of sounds so he escaped by himself because it would be too risky to bring Kaito along. However, he regretted his move when he was back in Spain to find out they were planning the war exactly the way Kaito described to him. Meanwhile, Kaito was discovered by the pirates, led by Jeffrey, the captain of Gloria. After some interesting interrogations, Kaito finally got onto Gloria as an attendant :). Jeffrey also brought Kaito to meet with Sir Francis Drake, who seemed to be on friendly terms with Jeffrey. If Kaito could not prove his worth to live, he might be killed or enslaved so Kaito pretended to be one who could read the future (like a prophet) who came to England on a missionary trip from Japan. His ship sank though and he was washed ashore the French coast where he was then sold to England. He managed to escape but lost consciousnes near the place where Gloria parked. Thanks to his research on the history of pirates and the Spanish Armada before his trip to Plymouth, they bought his story. Since then, he boarded Gloria and his adventure began (and love journey) also adjourned. The seiyuu I listed on the side bar are the ones casted for the drama CD (though I doubt they can replicate the atmosphere of this novel in the CD).


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  1. Happy Christmas�Nanya-san�

    メリークリスマス�It is very cold here in Japan.
    How is your Christmas vacation?

    I listened to FLESH & BLOOD 1 and love it so much!:!:
    I found Captain Jeffrey(Suwabe Junichi) so attractive.:grin: I love his sexy voice.
    Jeffrey is mature and has a sense of humor.

    Music and audio make the scenes alive and dramatic!
    As you say in your review, Matsuoka-sensei paid much attention to historical details,which I do appreciate.

    I haven’t read Matsuoka-sensei’s books.
    After I finish to listen to all CDs(1~3),I will read them!

  2. Flesh and Blood sounds very interesting! I love historical stories, and it’s always good to find stories where lots of detail has been put into describing the historical setting, especially since I admire authors who can write new spins on events in history yet not alter them so drastically that it’s unrecognizable. ^_^;;

    By the way, just curious, where did you get the Chinese translations? I’d love to be able to get my hands on them since my Japanese is practically non-existent. i_i

  3. Hi! Thank you for your review. I was inspired by it (and the CD) to order vol.1-9 (jp vers) and like other people, I was wondering where you got the chinese translations from and if they’re in electronic format. While I have trouble some times reading kanji, I can speak Chinese fluently so looking up the pinyin is easier for me to understand the more difficult terminology ^^;

    As for the drama itself, I had trouble matching Suwabe’s voice with the blonde Jeffrey, but I after listening to the CD a few times, I think he’s starting to grow on me XD.

  4. Moderania san, Kiyoake san, welcome! I got the first three novels in Chinese version in Hong Kong Sino Center in Mong Kok. I think they’re published by a Taiwanese company but I don’t think they came with pinyin. I actually also got the Japanese version and I think if you read the Japanese version by the Chinese version, it should be easier?

  5. Ah, I see, thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get my hands on the Chinese versions of the novels then, since my home country doesn’t allow materials with homosexual content to be imported. ^_^;; Maybe I should make a trip down to Hong Kong in the future. :p (Though the chances of that happening anytime soon are nil. :p)

  6. OUPS my post got cut off 🙄 my apologize, I’m posting it again, fell free to delete the other one 😛

    Thank you so much for your review Nanya-san! ❗
    Flesh & Blood is just another novel serie I wish I could read (I do not read japanese, well, not yet, I’m a very slow learner 😦 ). But I least, I’m able to read english and understand lots of reviews & BL scans, infos put on the net.
    I’m pretty grateful to people like you. Thank you again for sharing infos and take care.

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