G Senjou no neko

I’m going to provide a pretty detailed synopsis because this manga is licensed and so technically, scanlations should not exist :D. and of course those who know Japanese or read the scanlations from before, please point out if I am mistaken somewhere :P. I would recommend everyone to also listen to Toraware no koibito as you’ll find the parallel quite interesting. In both cases, MoriMori play a VERY young man (he’s 17 there 8O) and Hiiyama plays a VERY cool man. 

Narukawa Riya (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) was found lying outside the doorsteps of Ikeda Atsushi (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)‘s apartment, unconscious. Having a habit of picking up stray cats and dogs, Ikeda picked Riya up and brought him into his own apartment. He even gave him food, which Riya ate in a very untidy way (spilling all the rice for instance :roll:). The next morning, Atsushi told his friend Sano (CV: Shiratori Tetsu) that he picked up the boy by the name Naruse Riya. Sano said the name rang a bell and he would investigate it for him. After lectures, Atsushi found Riya waiting for him. He asked why Riya did not go home and Riya said his only family was his brother who was already dead. Then Atsushi asked him why he did not go to school and he said he never went to school. So Atsushi asked him what he usually survived on and he replied as someone’s lover :D. Atsushi wanted to disbelieve him but he did act suspicious :roll:. Atsushi didn’t know what to do so he brought Riya home. When they were back, Atsushi saw Riya’s violin lying on the floor. He was curious about the violin and asked if he could open the case. When Riya saw the violin (while starting to talk about his younger brother who was a prodigy violinist), he started to play. He was good despite himself saying he could not play. Riya insisted it wasn’t him who was playing but his perished brother and he went mad and collapsed. When he regained consciousness, he couldn’t recognize who Atsushi was or what was happening. He was scared and just ran away. Atsushi got interested in Riya and through Sano, he learned that Riya was the "ONLY CHILD" of the Narukawa family that was famous for chucking out music geniuses. Riya was also gifted but he seemed to have some problems that barred him from moving forward. Atsushi was curious what the "problem" was and so went to find Riya at his school. There, he saw the black Riya playing truant and he caught him at the school’s gate. A teacher was running after Riya, begging him to return to his lessons but black Riya refused and said people only acknowledged his "talent" but not his existence. He thought Atsushi was the same and asked Atsushi to choose between "him" and the other Riya. Atsushi couldn’t choose because they were one and the same person. So, Atsushi defended Riya and the black Riya followed Atsushi home and went straight to bed 8O. When he woke up, it was already the white Riya, who apologized and wanted to leave but Atsushi gave him the master key to his apartment. White Riya didn’t want it but Atsushi said it wasn’t for him but the other Riya. [G Senjou no Neko – Kuro/ fino]

Back at his school, White Riya is preparing for the upcoming concert. Although he is still a candidate for performing at the concert, he is practicing hard. At the practice room, he saw Kousaka Haruto (CV: Hiiyama Nobuyuki) who asked him how the wound on his hand was and demanded to see it. Riya refused but Kousaka persisted and ended up kissing his wound. Riya then left in a hurry but Kousaka just smiled and wondered what Riya would be left with had he foregone violin… [Practice Room/fino].

Riya reserved a room to practice with his senpai (female) Sugiura (CV: Tomita Yumiko). However, when he went there, he saw Kousaka AGAIN. Kousaka was leaving but joked that Riya should give up violin as it left him with a stiff neck :P. Riya blushed when Kousaka touched his neck (so cute). Kousaka also asked him why he was always toying with the key in his pocket but Riya only manaed to explain the key was for "home" before Sugiura walked in. Sugiura laughed that Kousaka REALLY liked Riya and that Riya was also a fan of Kousaka. Riya denied it but Sugiura said last year when he was still a third year student, Riya saw Kousaka’s performance and was touched by it and became a fan right after. Riya and Sugiura then went out but met Mimori (a second year). Mimori said Riya should not perform at the concert because of his psychological troubles and that she would compete with Riya for the spot. Sugiura was pissed (I love this girl) but Riya took the matter cooly (or pretended to be :P). He then said he would not be beaten by Mimori. Back at the classroom when Riya was searching for his music score, he found it hanging outside the tree. It was a low level prank his opponent was pulling. When he was trying to reach the score, Kousaka came in and watched him trying to get the book. He also said if Riya wasn’t enjoying it, why did he have to play violin. Riya knew he wasn’t playing for himself, but for all the people around him. Riya was upset by the words he almost fell out of the window but Kousaka caught him and stole his first kiss by the way 8O. Riya panicked and threw the jacket against Kousaka, with Atsushi’s key still in the jacket. Riya did not know what to do now that he lost Atsushi’s key and couldn’t find it. A week passed and the time came for the test to see who would qualify for the concert. To Riya’s surprise, it was Kousaka instead of Mimori who was competing with him! Lost at what was happening, Riya could not concentrate and played quite terribly. On the otherhand, Kousaka picked Brahms Sonata 3rd, the piece Riya chose to perform at the concert and pulled a nice job. Riya then chased after Kousaka to ask what was his purpose for coming out at the exam. Kousaka then said he was not interested in the concert and continued saying that Riya’s wound rendered him unable to completely move at his wish. After all, it seemed Kousaka attending the test was to make sure Mimori couldn’t beat Riya and Riya could perform at the concert. After the test, Riya lost memory again. When he regained his consciousness, it was already past 7 p.m. Riya wanted to know what happened in between. He then remembered Atsushi and the key and also recalled Sugiura mentioning she saw Kousaka having a similar key to the one Riya played with. So, Riya tried to find Kousaka’s number and left a message with his maid. Kousaka returned his call almost immediately and told him to come over to his house to get back the key. Riya knew it was foolish to go to Kousaka’s place but he still went anyway. Kousaka told him to sit on the bed instead of the floor and he obeyed :mrgreen: (just how STUPID can you get White Riya !!!). While Kousaka went to fetch the key, Riya realized he always treated Atsushi’s place as a safe haven and wondered if it was right. Then Kousaka returned with the key but did not return it until he touched Riya enough to make him want to try :P. However, he did not really go all the way (just very mild) and left the key on Riya’s stomach. Riya rushed him but there was a call from Atsushi asking him if he was alright as he went to his university this afternoon. Riya broke down when he knew what the other Riya did and said he never wanted to meet Atsushi again. He wanted to return the key. Atsushi could hear Riya breaking down and wanted to come over but Riya rejected his offer. Riya did not want to see him because when meeting Atsushi, he no longer understood himself :(. Atsushi said it was okay as he could be by Riya’s side and stop him if he went to do something dangerous but Riya did not want Atsushi as they only met a few times. Atsushi gave up but reminded Riya that he could always go to him if he wanted. He then hanged up, leaving a puzzled Riya wondering what’s the reason behind his desire for a shoulder to lean on…


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