Don’t Worry Mama


Yuuichi and his boss Imakura were salaryman working at a pharmaceutical company. Since the company wasn’t doing very well, Imakura proposed to go to a deserted island to find a special plant that could make people lose weight easier. He was supposed to go alone but somehow he managed to drag Yuuichi along. When the two arrived at the island, they started searching for the plant but to no avail. Just when they were planning to leave, they found out that the boat that should come to pick them up never came! Yuuichi was the one who arranged the transportation and so Imakura blamed Yuuichi for the absence of the boat. Yuuichi was pissed because Imakura had the WORST personality on Earth. Not only was he lazy, he was also the type who would keep all credits to himself but shed all the blames onto others :idea:. Imakura was aware of the fact that he was extremely upopular among his colleagues but he blamed it all on the fact that he was just 160 cm and weighed 130kg (~286lbs!). On top of that, he also hated Yuuichi because the latter was hardworking, goodlooking, and better than Imakura in almost everyway imaginable :roll:. So, Imakura blamed Yuuichi for the failure in arranging their transportation. What really happened was that the person who was supposed to pick the two up heard "picking up two people" instead of "picking up two groups of people :roll:.

As the two were stranded on the island, they had to find a way to survive. The first night, they stayed in the hut near the sea. They still could not find food and Yuuichi only lived on the water in the well. Imakura on the other hand had some chocolate which he was eating secretly :arrow:. Yuuichi was very hungry and was hoping Imakura would share some chocolate with him but that idea never seemed to dart across Imakura’s mind. In the end, Yuuichi was so pissed he asked Imakura if he were eating chocolate secretly. Imakura admitted he was and added he was doing it in secret so Yuuichi would not feel hungry when seeing him eat 8O. Yuuichi had never met another more disgusting "pig" in his life so before long, Yuuichi left Imakura and moved to another place to stay. He also started to look for food and began to settle into a new life. However, he was worried about Imakura because the letter seemed to be helpess, just like a child, and always obeyed whatever his mother said. In short, he was still an infant in EVERYWAY who desperately clinged onto his overindulging mother :-o. When Yuuichi went over to check Imakura out, he found the latter was ill because he could not find food and the herbs he was eating seemed to have side effects on him. A kind person, Yuuichi stayed and looked after Imakura, who also became a lot more obedient because he was really scared and helpless. He was so afraid he even offered Yuuichi his own beddings just to prevent Yuuichi from leaving him :cry:. Yuuichi stayed and since then started to live with Imakura again. However, another problem emerged. Yuuichi originally was GAY and he also had a SHOTA complex. On top of that, he only liked BISHOUNEN ➡ (this is quite an interesting turning point isn’t it). As the days on the island dragged on, Yuuichi’s sexual desires also became stronger. At the same time, Imakura was becoming slimmer (owing to the lack of candies and junk food on the island) and cuter (as he listened to whatever Yuuichi said like a child), Yuuichi started to want to have s*x with Imakura. So, he tricked Imakura by pretending to teach him sexual skills with women and in ths way, he managed to progress from touching, kissing, all the way to sleeping with Imakura :evil:. He even fell in love with Imakura, so deeply that he thought it wouldn’t be bad to live with him on this island forever :P. However, the rescue finally came and Yuuichi’s brother and Imakura’s mother brought them back to the civilized world. When they were back, they learned that the pharmaceutical company they used to work for already closed down and they became unemployed. Imakura’s mother than dragged him away and since that day, Imakura vanished before Yuuichi’s eyes.

A year and a half passed and there was still no news of Imakura. Yuuichi almost gave up when his brother arranged a dinner to celebrate his parents’ 30th anniversary at the restaurant "Chevre". During dinner, Yuuichi was SHOCKED to find the person who recommended wine to him was Imakura 8O! However, it was no longer the huge and ugly Imakura. Instead, he became a lot thinner and a lot cuter. However, when their eyes met, Imakura retreated and asked another person to serve Yuuichi. Yuuichi could not understand why Imakura deserted him for so long and was really angry 💡 He decided to talk to Imakura and he waited until Imakura finished work. He told Imakura that he actually liked him on the island, he really loved him and would even dream about him later on. However, he realized he was wrong because he deceived Imakura and would be okay even if Imakura would reject him. However, Imakura said he did not reject Yuuichi because he wanted to. His mother told him to leave Yuuichi but now his mother remarried and did not care about Imakura as much. So, Yuuichi made Imakura choose between him and his mother. Of course, Imakura chose Yuuichi and happy end.

The second part, Present, is a side story that details life after the two got together and is told from with more emphasis on the inner thoughts of Imakura’s (while the main story emphasizes more onYuuichi’s thoughts). Although they have been living under the same roof, Imakura knew very little about Yuuichi. He also thought Yuuichi was STRAIGHT and only turned GAY because he fell in love with him :mrgreen: (wake up Imakura!!). He wanted to find out more so he pressed Yuuichi to bring him to his favorite place – the gay bar "Belzaut S". There, he met the owner at the bar and asked what Yuuichi liked. The bar owner told him Yuuichi liked BEAUTIFUL YOUNG BOYS :P. The owner also told him Yuuichi liked uniforms of a particular school :mrgreen: That crushed Imakura’s heart because he’s already 32 (not young) and not THAT pretty (when he’s EXTREMELY CUTE). So, to try to please Yuuichi, on his birthday, Imakura invited Yuuichi to a hotel suite and he BORROWED the girl’s uniform to put on. Yuuichi was surprised but HAPPY because Imakura thought about him SO MUCH :D. However, Yuuichi told him he liked the "boy’s uniform" 8O. Anyway, the two H (in uniform) and after that Imakura gathered enough courage to stop listening to his mother and toYuuichi instead :).




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  1. This sounds like such a cute cute novel. :pppp

    I’m so glad that DMP’s translating this story in English! After reading your review it really makes me want to read it, especially since your enthusiastic comments make me feel excited about wanting to read it too. *grin*

  2. Yeah, it’s a very cute novel. I’m sure you’ll love reading it. Are they licensing the first novel or the whole series? Because there are two stories (3 novels) in the series.

  3. Ack, sorry for taking so long to reply, I forgot that this doesn’t have LJ’s comment notification. :p

    As for the English license, it hasn’t actually been mentioned whether or not more than the first novel has been licensed. All I know is that Don’t Worry Mama will be released on June 28th. ^_^ Though my guess is that they probably will be translating the rest of the stories in this series, since they’ve licensed the entire Sono Yubi Dake ga Shiteru series. (Unless, of course, the books turn out to not be profitable, which I really, really hope doesn’t happen. 0_o)

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