Fujimi Orchestra (1): Kanreizensen Conductor

I know a million people have written reviews on this series before but that doesn’t stop me from writing my version because this series is too interesting 😛 I’m afraid. I’ll not post the track list as you can get a better version from KEM’s site. Morimura Yuuki (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) was the concert master of the Fujimi Nichoume Kokyogakutan, a small public orchestra that consisted mainly of part-time musicians. The story began with the introduction of a new conductor, Tounoin Kei (CV: Matsutani Yasunori). Slender and handsome, Tounoin was a genius who had studied music in Europe. He was very charismatic but self-centered and demanding, as you could see from the way he reprimanded the musicians for not focusing on his conducting :roll:, Nevertheless, his talent and charisma soon captured the hearts of the members of the orchestra. On the one hand, Morimura could not deny Tounoin’s ability, on the other hand, he was jealous because Tounoin was extremely popular among women, including the Kawashima Natsuko (CV: Katsuki Matsuko) whom he was in love with for three years but did not have a chance to propose. Envy soon drove Morimura to his limits and he gradually felt so inferior that he believed he was not needed in the orchestra. He first missed practice and soon decided to give up. Just when he was about to inform Tounoin about his resignation, the latter dragged him to his apartment and explained to Yuuki how he was amazed by Yuuki’s performance and aspiration for the orchestra at first sight. He felt the presence of Yuuki was completely necessary and then before long raped him 8O! After a rather long and completely random rape scene, Yuuki managed to escape from Tounoin’s apartment but in such an awkward manner that he fell down the stairs and had to go to the hospital. At the hospital, while Yuuki was still very temperamental and drove Tounoin to hysteria :D. Somehow, Tounoin managed to explain to Yuuki that he was deeply attracted to Yuuki. He told Yuuki that Kawashima approached him but he rejected her because he was gay. He also thought Yuuki was gay because he was told Yuuki never touched Kawashima in the three years when he had interest in her. Yuuki of course jumped and exclaimed that he was not gay and homo were the enemies of the world and sh*t like that :P. In the end though, Yuuki realized that Tounoin really cared for him and did not sleep during the time when Yuuki was injured and rested in the hospital. When Yuuki finally got through the trauma :?, he made the decision to stay at Fujimi and continued to lead the orchestra, playing the "motherly" figure of concert master. One evening after practice, he went drinking with Kawashima and randomly proposed to her :mrgreen:. Of course he was rejected 😀 but the two went on drinking (to celebrate the death of Yuuki’s three-year old passion for Kawashima). Her reason for refusing him was that he was poor and she was more interested in men like Tounoin who was rich and tall (he was like 20cm taller than Yuuki who was already 175cm!). For some reason, Yuuki was not particularly upset even though he was rejected. As the two drank and Kawashima got more drunk, she let out the fact that she knew about the relationship between Tounoin and Yuuki because Yuuki did not fall down the stairs at the university, he fell down the stairs OUTSIDE Tounoin’s apartment :P. In the end, Yuuki could only continue to deny the fact that he was gay while praying the strong-headed and very drunk Kawashima would make her way home safe and sound :).

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