Oukyuu Yasoukyoku

This is a 18+ hetero dating game so stay away if you’re below 18, hate hetero, or hate me :P. In this game, you play the princess who suddenly lost her parents as well as brother in an accident. The queen could not give birth owing to health reasons after the twins (you and your twin brother) were born. Since your father loved your mother very much (though she was not of noble descent), he decided not to sleep with another woman :). However, he was worried should anything happen to him or your twin brother, Cain the kingdom would fall into the hands of his brother’s family, whose aggressive and military-oriented attitude he disliked. As a result, your father secretly asked the royal doctor Sieg to create a clone of your brother. On the night of the accident, Sieg informed you of the clone and the problem with him – he was like a blank piece of paper, with neither memory nor personality. The only good thing about him was the fact that he had the potential to grow up. Since the king and queen already passed away, the responsibility of educating your new "brother" rested on your shoulder. You are not alone as Sieg would help, along with five other members of the royal cabinet. They are Edgar, your cousin and second heir to the throne (he’s responsible for teaching Cain how to rule the country), Astraud, the priest and responsible for history and customs, Riou the musician who is responsible for conduct and politeness, Vincent, the head of the military who’s responsibel for combat skills, and Roderick, a young man you met at the city center who’s responsible for social skills.

In the game, all you have to do is to say what you want Cain to do over the week. After that, you can decide whether you want to follow Cain to the lessons. If you do, then he will work harder on his lessons but you will also lose the freetime to check out the guys you want to end up with. The balance of time is the key to win this game. Sounds simple enough but one step wrong and it’s game over as you’ll not get the guy you want. If you spend the time investigating your potential lover, some events will occur so you learn more about the character’s past. It is this part that’s most interesting. Finally, when two characters are equally obsessed over you, jealous dialogues may appear and those are REALLY funny :P. There are 9 people you can end up with: A nice "boku" Cain and a rougher "ore" Cain, any of the six teachers, and Cosetto, the sister of Edgar (friendship ending).

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  1. Hello…I purchased this game a little while ago and I just finished it this morning. I remember browsing through my friends’ friends pages a while back and found your LJ and this site. I decided to save Riou for last because you said he’s the best and one of the game guide sites I found said that Riou x Princess is the best couple (well, actually it said /budding/ couple…)
    He is truly cute and cool like you said. I felt sad for him when we found the dog in the blue forest and said that he and the princess knows what it’s like to live without parents. I couldn’t help but smile when he wanted to kill the drunk that was hitting on the princess. I thought it was sweet when he explained why he never goes anywhere without his flute. He impressed me the most when he saved you from another assassin, he actually killed/hurt the guy while the others just shooed the guy away. ^^; And of course…his bad end…I cried.

  2. Hello Hazuki and welcome!
    Ahh, you like Ryou too… me too. Although I played this game for another purpose *ahem*, I totally end up forgetting about everything else and just concentrated on Ryou! Such a lovely guy! So gentle in the beginning but has a dark side. I love the character setting – cute but dark, assassin but a gentle and nice person, lonely but strong, and his friendship with other fellow assassins too!!! To sacrifice his friendship for you!!! HOW ROMANTIC (cries). RYOU-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ah…yeah, I know you got the game for Kamiya-san. LOL I was kind of upset with Astraud’s scenario too but I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. But if I were the princess I’d mumble “My name is not Luciana…” (Did I spell that right?)
    I felt bad when I saw that scene…I didn’t want Jin to die. I kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” in my head I mean he seems like a fun and interesting character and I like to way he talks. ;_;

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