Toraware no koibito

Japanese Title English Title
ACT1.囚�れ�刻� The stamp of being caught
ACT2.奪�れ�純愛 Deprived of pure love
ACT3.切����� The painful kiss
ACT4.支é…?者ã?®æ‹˜æ?Ÿ The master’s restraints
ACT5.観覧車ã?®å¤¢ Dream on the ferry’s wheel
ACT6.����愛��やる All done in the name of love
ACT7.愛人�ら永���人� From the "mistress" to his eternal lover
フリートーク Freetalk
番外編「�命��人� Side story: The destined lover

Nanae Yukito (CV: Kisaichi Atsushi)
used to have a warm and loving family. Unfortunately, an accident altered his fate as his mother died and his father was hospitalized. When his father passed away, he was told by the doctor Kenjou Yoshitaka (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki) that his father owed the hospital a lot of money. Since Yukito could not pay the fees, he was forced to repay Kenjou with his body :(. However, Yukito was really in love with his classmate Kenjou Akira (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). One day, his classmate Mori Atsushi (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) asked Yukito to pass on his feelings to Akira because Yukito and Akira are good friends. Though reluctant, Yukito had no reason to refuse. So he passed on the feelings to Akira. Akira hesitated a bit but accepted Atsushi’s feelings as it was Yukito who passed them onto him :mrgreen:. Akira also gave Yukito a scarf, which Yukito treasured. However, when Yoshitaka saw the scarf, he was angry because it seemed Yukito was thinking about someone when clinging onto that scarf. Soon Yoshitaka knew who the one Yukito was thinking about. It was his own brother Akira. When Akira saw Yukito at Yoshitaka’s house, he thought Yukito was selling his own body for money. Yukito realized he could not be with Akira so it would be better to make him think that he was sleeping with Yoshitaka just for money. Akira was so angry he raped Yukito 8O, who could only cry afterwards and keep all the sorrow to himself :cry:. Then came a week when Yoshitaka had to leave on a trip. During this week Akira’s attitude became softer and the relationship between Yukito and Akira progresseed :). However, when Yoshitaka returned a day earlier than planned and found the "signs" of another man touching HIS Yukito, he was extremely angry :idea:. So he treated Yukito REALLY harshly, using all sorts of toys on him. Of course, Akira did not know all these and when Atsushi came to invite him to the theme park, he chose to go to the theme park with Yukito instead of Atsushi, which surprised Yukito. The first time at a theme park it was almost like a dream for Yukito. Although he knew Yoshitaka would be pissed, although he knew terrible things would happen to him, he still wanted to stay a little longer with Akira. Inside the ferry wheel, Akira and Yukito kissed :), the way Yukito had always dreamed of. When the fairytale moment ended, Yukito found an angry Yoshitaka waiting for them. Akira then learned the truth, that Yukito was not sleeping with Yoshitaka for money. He was extremely angry but decided to protect Yukito. When Yoshitaka saw the strong bond between the two, he finally decided to give up on Yukito and let him go :D. The bonus track took a little time after Akira and Yukito became lovers. For a while, Yukito was still afraid of Yoshitaka but when they met on the street, Yukito finally gathered courage to talk to Yoshitaka. Then, he learned that Yoshitaka also had someone he loved and he moved out of his old apartment :?.


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