Niitsuma fuwa fuwa nikki

I’m not writing this in the order of the CD but in a way that I find comfortable and this review is dedicated to my good friend infected_wound.Koizumi Mahiro (CV: Miyata Kouki) is 17 year-old MALE and a newly wed. His husband Tachibana Yuuichirou (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) is an assistant professor at a university researching literature. Although Mahiro is a genius and entered a first class university in America at 13, he is not interested in fame or money. All he wants is a very normal and simple life :roll:. The two met in a library where Mahiro frequented. Tachibana was attracted by the way Mahiro’s eyes sparked when he saw the books and one day while watching him, Mahiro suddenly collapsed 💡 and Tachibana took care of him. As a result, the two fell in love. Since Mahiro wanted an ordinary life where he could just greet his husband in the morning and in the evening (what a waste of his talent 😆 ), he decided to elope with Tachibana 8O. The two then got married but Mahiro was not very certain about what a newly wed wife should be like. He also was worried when he found Tachibana was avoiding him and not "doing" that enough with him and regularly enough 😮 as he thought what Yuuichirou’s "limit" was the "norm". (Mahiro, you are just 17, please give some consideration to someone nearly twice your age :P). He thought Tachibana was choosing work over him but the truth was Tachibana was worried about his health ;). Technically, the two should be live happily ever after the marriage but there were always obstacles in BL. First, there is Tachibana Hikari (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), Yuuichirou’s younger brother. He seemed to like Mahiro and even though Mahiro first introduced himself as the "younger brother" of Yuuichirou’s wife, it wasn’t long before Hikari saw through the lie. So, he told Mahiro that Yuuichirou went to a hotel with a woman. Pissed off, Mahiro hurried to the hotel and demanded to know the whereabouts of Yuuichirou. Of course, the staff refused for privacy reasons so he was forced to reveal his identiy. He was really from a very wealthy and important family. When the hotel staff knew who he was, they immediately led him to the room but Yuuichirou was already gone. The woman spoke French and Mahiro responded to her in French (he’s a genius, remember). The woman purposely made Mahiro even madder than he already was :x. Mahiro was so upset he cried 😥 but he was soon kidnapped by a group of people under the orders of his oldest brother Koizumi Kazuhito (CV: Narita Ken) and brought back to the Koizumi family. Kazuhito planned to drug Mahiro and bring him back to America. He told Mahiro that it would be impossible for a layman as Yuuichirou to find him here and rescue him but Yuuichirou made it to where Mahiro was and declared he was going to bring Mahiro home. Turned out Yuuichirou was a prominent politician and so using his ultra sexy voice, Yuuichirou managed to bring Mahiro home :D. Of course as a couple, there would be arguments and Mahiro would be worried because their "marriage" was not official (or could not be official). So, Yuuichirou exchanged vows with Mahiro to assure him that he really loved him and now the two really live happily ever after 🙂 and of course, Mahiro naked in an apron will be part of the fairy tale like life!

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  1. XD Uwaah! *muchlatch* Lolness! I’m biased because I’m all over Miyata Kouki *______________*

    I do think the plot is a bit.. okay, not a bit, but very simplistic but, for me who hasn’t heard too many doraaamas then it’s neat :D! I do agree with how easy Yuuchirou got away with Mahiro though. Would have been cool if the brothers succeeded in carting Mahiro away *_*!!! And Yuuchirou had to find him! (It’ll be Gravi all over again…)

    XDDDDD *loves you for ‘enlightening’ her* XD

  2. Haha, I am also a big fan of Miyata (everyone should probably know by now), but I have to say I don’t like the story for the reasons I’ve pointed out. However, people are different and well, at least there’s a plot so maybe it’s not as bad 😛

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