Me wo tojite itsuka no umi

Fujiki Seiji (CV: Suzuki Chihiro) is the manager at the Blue Sound Restaurant by the seaside. Working and living with him are the brilliant (but temperamental) cook Nakagawara Taishi (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) and the cheerful but strong Hayashida Mayuki (CV: Matsuoka Yuki). There is also a college student Miyakami Seri (CV: Nojima Kenji) who is working as part-time. Seri is very shy and a little uneasy when dealing with people but he is happy with Seiji and likes Seiji (not in a romantic way but more sisterly :roll: way). Life has been peaceful until Seiji meets his lover from 10 years ago Kaetsu Masahide (CV: Kuroda Takaya) by chance at the restaurant. Although it’s obvious to Taishi and Mayuki that Seiji is still in love with Kaetsu, he keeps his distance. The two could not understand why but while he was drinking, Seiji opened himself to Taishi and Mayuki also eavesdropped. The two met in high school when Kaetsu was the captain of the soccer club. The senpai tried to persuade Seiji to join but he refused. Then Kaetsu said in a rather satirical way that if Seiji did not want to play, why force him. This totally pissed Seiji off :idea: and he decided to join and from then on was tortured by Kaetsu’s training. Then on a training camp to the beach, Kaetsu revealed his attraction of Seiji (who was extremely beautiful for a boy) when the two were alone watching a crab and since then the two were :!:. However, Seiji knew that Kaetsu would have to get married someday to a woman his parents would approve of. So, Seiji quietly gave up and just watched Kaetsu leaving for America. Owing to his own family circumstances, he also severed his ties from the classmates and gradually drifted in life until he met the owner of the Blue Sound Restaurant and started working there as the manager. He thought he could lock the emotions he had for Kaetsu in his heart but when he saw Kaetsu again, and the wedding ring on his finger (he was so surprised he spilled the drink over Kaetsu and the latter had to borrow Taishi’s clothes), he knew he could not suppress his emotions. Finally, when the romantic moment came, the two spent some sweet moments together (and that translates to over 5 min of hare core s*x :redface: . Although life seemed to be quite pleasant and Seiji was glad he could be with the person he had only loved throughout his life, he was not satisfied because he was only a "lover" of Kaetsu. Of course, he could not ask Kaetsu to divorce his wife, but he did not want to just sleep with Kaetsu every weekend and had to hurry back to avoid disturbing Kaetsu’s married life. Frustration gradually drove him to depression and Taishi was upset (when he came back from his travels) to find Seiji in such a melancholic state. He felt Kaetsu mistreated Seiji but Mayuki, who was more mature, said Kaetsu really chose Seiji over his wife because after so many years, he could not forget Seiji. Seiji also understood that but when Kaetsu turned him down because he was busy with work, Seiji could not stand it anymore. So, he decided to call it off without hearing Kaetsu’s explanation to the end on the phone. Kaetsu then RUSHED all the way from Tokyo to Blue Sound Restaurant just to find Seiji to explain that it was all a big misunderstanding. It was true he was married, just as Seiji’s teacher told him, but his marriage only lasted for 3 months in reality because he wife left him selfishly. For all these years, he was searching for Seiji but he could not find Seiji because the latter severed most of the ties with other classmates after his family broke down. So, all the time, Seiji had been worried and frustrated over a silly mistake :mrgreen: . However, it’s great that all the misunderstandings are cleared in the end and Seiji reconsidered the offer of a position as manager in a new restaurant owned by the same owner of Blue Sound Restaurant in Tokyo, close to where Kaetsu works and lives. Everyone is happy except for Seiri-chan, who is there because of Seiji as Seiji is the only one he can open himself to. Of course, as most of you heard in the scene when Taishi came back with a terrible smell and Seiri helped to clean him up that Seiri also has an interest in Taishi but that will be the beginning of another story in the series :D.

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  1. Hello,Nanya-san!
    I’m so pleased to know that you have come to my blog. Thank you so much.
    Please come to my BL-holic blog again. I’m sorry it’ witten only in Japanese.

    I’ve just heard this Sakiya sensei’s CD. I think Chihiro’s performance is excellent,especially in bed.:razz: I love BGM by piano and the sound of the surf,which raise the romantic mood. I like most of this CD except Kuroda’s voice. His voice itself is not so bad,rather manly,I think. But it sounds like YAKUZA for me ,not an elite businessman,let alone a faithful lover!:?:
    But I appreciate this Sakiya sensei’s CD.:!:

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  3. Hello Ai-san,

    I shall certainly drop by your blog! I agree with you that Kuroda sounded too old and YAKUZA 🙄 that’s so true :mrgreen: I’m looking forward to the second novel being dramatized. I loved the Nejireta pairing (my all-time favorite CD). Oh, I realize you’re also a big Gakuen Heaven fan. Me too ❗ I like Kazuki, and the accounting club the best. Kazuki’s 9th track in Welcome to Heaven was BOOM! SOO GREAT! I’m still waiting for my GH3 CDs (in the mail). Hopefully I can listen to Sakurai’s seme soon. He’s very good when he’s in Kazuki mode 😛

  4. Hello Nanya-san,

    I like Nejireta EDGE,too. Konitan’s Seme is sooo sexy! 😀 And Noji’s Uke!!!
    He is born to be Uke-otoko! I think somothing in his voice makes Seme tease Noji sexsually!:razz:

    My most favorite Seiyu is Sakurai Takahiro.
    I love Kazuki sooooo much!
    I’ve written Gakuen Heaven’s short novel in which Kazuki is Uke eaten by Nakajima!!! :razz:I think it’s minor coupling,entirely original.
    Which coupling do you like in Gakuen Heaven?

    I ‘ m surprised the amount of the BLCD you’ve heard!
    Your understanding of Japanese must be excellent.

  5. Hello Ai-san,

    Yeah, Konitan is sexy ❗ but I wish they would include the major H scene so I could hear Konitan’s evil voice as well 👿

    Gakuen Heaven, I also like Kazuki and Kazuki x Keita is my favorite coupling. When Keita is with others, I scream “ah, but he’s from the theatrical club! He’s true love is only for Kazuki oniisama 😛 “. As for the others, I have many pairings … Hide x Omi is my second most favorite coulpling (technique wise) and ousama x joousama. However, Hide x ousama (I really want to hear Konitan uke even for once) or Omi x joousama is also great! I also like Narise x Kazuki 🙄 and Shinomiya x Iwai!

    My understanding of Japanese is still elementary. I’m learning and listening to BLCD is a great way 😎 If you spot mistakes, please let me know! I’ll look forward to your comments on Gakuen Heaven 3 (can’t wait to hear it).

  6. Hello Nanya-san,

    Have you heard “Tokyo Deep Nitht”? You can enjoy(?) Konitan’s Uke.:smile:

    I think your favorite Gakuen-Heaven’s coupling is maniac except Kazuki X Kita(I’m sorry if “maniac”sounds unplesant for you,but I usually use “maniac” to say your taste is unique and nice.)
    I like Hide X Omi. They are rivals,and also seacret lovers!:grin:

  7. Ai san,

    Thank you very much for your recommendation. I’ll try it out. Haha, maniac is fine 😛 , I do have unique tastes when it comes to some Gakuen pairing aside from my honmei Kazuki x Keita 😀 and I think Higuri sensei also likes Hide x Omi 😕 That’s because in the official artbook, she drew two sexy pics of Hide and Omi together in a 😉

  8. Nanya-san, Konbanwa!

    I read your diary and I hope you will get Gakuen-Heaven soon!
    I’m trying to get Gakuen-Heaven by Yahoo auction.
    I think ,I hope ,I will be a successful bidder in an hour!:wink:

    Have you heard “Tokyo Deep Night” I recommended the other day ?
    I’m sorry I have to say I was a bit mistaken.
    Konitan is actually Seme,but he is so Hetare that he sounds like Uke!!!
    Tiba(Uke) is sooo obsessed with Konitan’s …:razz: and forces Konitan into …:?:

  9. Ai-san, Konbanwa!

    Thank you for the “Tokyo Deep Night” suggestion. I will listen to it if there’s Konitan in it 😀 I like his hetare seme too! I like his seme very much ❗
    Oh, and I hope you win the auction. GH3 is really good. I listened to it on my way home and though it’s just a “split” second, there’s fanservice for Hide x Niwa’ !!
    ❗ … I’m SO HAPPY!!!

  10. Nanya-san,�ん�ん�♪

    Today I tried to leave a reply to your latest review on Gakuen Heaven three times,but unfortunately it seems I failed to upload all of them. :cry:I don’t know how this happened,maybe due to some kind of system error.
    I do hope I can upload this reply.

    I’m luckly to be a successful bidder in the auction the other day, and at last I got Gakuen Heaven CD this evening!!!:grin:
    Tonigt I will enjoy Happy Paradise.

    Your review gave a vivid picture in my mind, so I can hardly wait to listen to it!

    A treasure hunt sounds interesting and makes me remind of the exciting MVP battle.
    And I do love Teddy principal!!(My favorite Takahiro!)
    Fanservice for Hide X Niwa’ !!! I ‘m excited to death.:grin:

    I’m really looking forward to your next review!!!:!:

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