Chouhatsu Trap

Japanese Title English Title
�然�出会� A coincidental encounter
一夜�相手 A one-night stand
�倫��末 The consequence of flirting
監�生活 Days of imprisonment
一瞬�悪夢 A flash of a nightmare
別れ�言葉 The breakup speech
拉致監� Kinapped and imprisoned
挑発的�誘� An inviting provocation
å??å‰?ã?®ç”±æ?¥ The origin of the name

Shinohara Touya (CV: Chiba Susumu) is a 19 year-old college student. One day, he saw a black cat abandoned on the street. He could not keep pets at home but he could not leave the catty alone so he waited with the catty for someone to pick it up. A salaryman passed by and saw the two. He offered to keep the catty. Sometime later, Touya was drinking at the bar ran by Hasekura Natsuo (CV: Tobita Nobuo). There, he saw a man drinking by himself. So, he went over to seduce the man :roll:. The man was shocked to see him at first 😯 but somehow ended up in a hotel suite with him. When the man asked Touya for the name, he only gave his first name as he said it’s a one-night stand so there’s no need for formal introduction. The man seemed hurt and suddenly became quite aggressive in bed, which shocked Touya. The man was Serizawa Hitoshi (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) who would play an important role in Touya’s life later :P. The next day at university, Touya met the college professor whom he was dating. The professor Sukasaki Toshihiko (CV: Narita Ken) was already married but he could not give Touya up. Touya tried to escape from Sukasaki with the excuse that he had class. Then a female classmate told him he had a visitor. It was Serizawa from the one-night stand :mrgreen: . Touya was surprised Serizawa knew his full name. Serizawa then dragged him to his own apartment and explained to him the situation. Serizawa introduced himself as the lawyer representing Mrs. Sukasaki and warned Touya that for his own safety, he should stay in his apartment and not go out. Touya thought Serizawa’s intention was to keep him out of the marriage between Sakasaki and his wife. However, he agreed to stay at Serizawa’s apartment on condition that Serizawa must "satisfy" him every night ❓ . The deal was struck and as Touya stayed in the apartment and got closer to Serizawa, he found the man was not a tyrant as he appeared to be. One night, when Touya had a really terrible nightmare, Serizawa looked very worried. Then, he found out Serizawa had a cat, the black cat he picked up that cold, Winter night when rain turned snow. He thought Serizawa must not have recognized him as that was dark so he also pretended he not remembered. He named the cat "Yuki" meaning snow though. The longer Touya stayed beside Serizawa, the more he found himself in love with Serizawa but that’s dangerous because in the love game, the first to fall in love loses. Also, Touya discovered intimate pictures of Serizawa and Sukasaki’s wife who even came to the apartment to find Serizawa. Touya thought maybe Serizawa loved Sukasaki’s wife one sidedly and he felt pain in his chest. So, he decided to leave the apartment and went back to the university. There, he was summoned again by Sukasaki. He told Sukasaki that he no longer loved him and wanted to break off but Sukasaki went mad and ended up strangling him. Touya survived but when he woke up, he was already in a secret chamber. He was also tied up and imprisoned by Sukasaki, who tried to rape him. Luckily, Sukisaki’s wife and Serizawa came in time to save Touya. Serizawa then told Touya that he was close to Sukisaki’s wife because she was his sister. Another big mistake but as long as there’s a happy end ❗ In the last track, we saw Touya drinking at Hasekura’s bar, with the cat Yuki. When Hasekura asked him the name of the cat, he told Hasekura the story about his meeting with his lover the night the rain turned into snow. The "lover" then appeard to bring the cute catty and the FLIRTY catty home 😀 .


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