Mysterious Dam (3): Murder at the Villa of the God of Death


This is the third book in the series and by far the darkest work. After their “honeymoon” on Star Libra in the last book Miyako Ayane and his lover Hijiri Ukina are still arguing over the problem of cohabitation. Ukina thinks if they love each other, they should live together :D. However, Ayane thinks it’s bad for Ukina’s reputation if people know they’re a gay couple. The argument continued into the holidays, when Ayane got an invitation from Tonooka Shoushi (in his 60s), a top mystery writer, producer, and stage director to go to his villa with the name “Shinigami” or the god of death 😮 . Ukina was not too chilled about the invitation, especially when Ayane was already invovled in two serial murders earlier that year. So, he finished his work quickly and accompanied Ayane to the villa since it was impossible to decline the invitation of the most powerful man in the industry. When they got to the villa, most of the guests (mainly TV idols) had already arrived. The person who received them was Tonooka’s secretary and manager Gamou Daijirou, Ayane’s former manager. A big party was scheduled and the reason a not so famous author as Ayane was summoned was because of his reputation in solving the previous two murders. Tonooka wanted him to solve the problem of the “shinigami cards”. The people who got the cards were: Tsukasa Soyou (16), who’s a very “wordly” girl. She would openly flirt with Tonooka and made use of Tonooka’s lolita complex to win his affection; Makoto Yasuha (23), top idol who’s currently active in various TV drama series and variety shows and accompaning her was her manager Iwazaki Tohru. Oohara Kuniko, (early 20s) and lover of Hiwa Hiroyasu (an aging male diol in his 50s). Although she has a lover, she competes with Soyou for Tonooka’s attention. Hataba Konomi (19), another idol who’s also quite active in the industry. Aside from them, the friends of Ukina who appeared in the last novel, Himeda Kimika, and her lover, the TV producer Kuwana Shinpei. When the party was over, the storm aggravated and destroyed the road linking the villa to the outer world. It’s at such a condition when the idols with the cards got murdered, one by one…

The first to be murdered was Oohara Kuniko. She was found stabbed in the stomach in the shower (like Psycho). After her death, under the orders of Tonooka, Ayane interviewed each person who received the card and asked them as to the relationship with the victim and whom they suspected was responsible for the murder. After the interview, when Ayane was studying the cards again, Gamou suggested that the words on the card might not an e-mail address as everyone believed but the URL to a website instead. They tried the URL and found a page called “Death Gate”. On the website, it listed the names of the people who got the cards, and proclaimed it had video footage of the murder of famous idols for sale. The first victim – Oohara’s footage was already up and for the rest of the people, there was a sign “Coming Soon”. While looking at the site, Gamou realized it was updated with Hataba’s video! They then ran to Hataba Konomi’s room but she was already dead. They went back to study the webpage and found a hidden link with secret videos filming Makoto Yasuha’s in the toilet 😈 . After some deductions, they figured out she was the one who was responsible for murdering the idols. She did that because she knew her career and life was over and she wanted to drag the rest of the idols down to hell. Kuwana was also targeted because she thought he was the hentai who filmed her in the toilet. They hurried to find Makoto and by then, she was already in Tsukasa’s room attempting to murder her. She dragged Tsukasa out to the open and planned to murder her but she was stunned by Tsukasa’s words. After some struggle, she jumped off the cliff and fell into the sea. When everyone thought that was THE END, Ayane was not satisfied with the solution. He could understand Makoto’s hatred but he did not think she would be crazy enough to create that sick webpage. He then analyzed the situation deeper and arrived at the suspicion that it was her manager Iwazaki because he was a crazy fan of Kimiko and was pissed to know she was pregnant with Kuwana’s baby. So, he filmed Makoto when she was in the toilet secretly and used that to force her to carry out the murders. His goal was to kill Kimiko, Kuwana but to make it realistic, he used Tonooka’s interest in mysteries to stage the murder. In the end, Ayane arrived at the solution but he was stabbed in the back. He survived but Ukina took care of him all the while and gradually moved in with him, thus the cohabitation problem was solved 🙄 .


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