Kawaii Hito VI


Tsumura Haru (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) is 21 year-old and a very outgoing and gentle young man. He is like a sister brother figure to Takane Kenichi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), who’s the brother of Takane Chihiro (CV: Koyasu Takehito)‘s former wife. In reality though, he’s Takane’s lover. One day, while Haru and Kenichi went shopping and rested at a cafe near Takane’s residence, they met a young waiter by the name Esono Yukiya (CV: Mizushima Takahiro). Esono knew Kenichi slightly as he was a patient of Takane. They chatted and became good friends quite soon, especially Haru, who felt the meeting with Esono was more than a random chance meeting. The next time they went to the cafe, Esono said he saw Haru with an older man but he did not think they were brothers. The outgoing Haru immediately confirmed that they weren’t brothers 🙄 . Esono then pressed on to know what was the relationship between Haru and the man as he saw them kissing in the car accidentally. Haru had to confirm they were lovers 😡 . Haru even went on to tell Esono that he met Kagami Eiji (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) five years ago, who saved him in a fight. Since then, the two gradually fell in love and their relationship lasted for five years. Esono seemed to be happy to know that Haru was gay because he himself was gay. Later on, he invited Haru to the bar where he frequented. Haru had never been to a gay bar before so he was struggling but he could not refuse Esono who seemed really lonely. So he went but it wasn’t long before he found himself being harrassed by men. So, he faked he had a weak heart and needed medicine and rushed out of the bar, bringing Esono with him. He asked if Esono would go with the guys had he not stopped him. Esono said he would, because he was lonely 😥 Later, Haru apologized to Eiji 😛 about going to the gay bar but Eiji seemed to understand Esono’s loneliness. The next time Haru and Kenichi was at the cafe chatting with Esono, they found Takane and Eiji were also there! When Esono saw Eiji, he went over to introduce himself ➡ without waiting for Haru to do the introduction. He also emphasized his name. Haru felt Esono’s boldness was a bit strange but a kind person as he was, he did not fantasize more and continued to be friends with Esono. However, it seemed Esono was trying to contact Eiji behind Haru’s back and finally, when the three planned to go to the cinema, Esono said it would be bad but he should be the priority. Haru was so pissed Takane dragged him away 💡 . Haru started to feel unrest, especially when he found out Eiji was hiding things behind his back. Once, he overheard Eiji and Takane talking about Esono and he saw Eiji having coffee at Esono’s cafe even though Eiji said he went straight from work home. Since Haru started to have doubts, he did not act his usual self. So though he was busy, Eiji tried to go over to Haru and the two slept but before that, Haru saw a mail from Esono on Eiji’s cell phone. Things began to aggravate when Haru went to Eiji’s place early one day to meet him but saw Esono entering Eiji’s apartment :mrgreen: All these added up to Haru’s breakdown and he switched off his phone and went to the first seaside where he and Eiji spent a wonderful time. Since he went missing, Eiji also freaked out and tried to find him but he knew where he was and found Haru. He scolded Haru for rushing out alone but Haru blamed him on hiding things about Esono. Finally, Eiji had to give in and tell Haru the truth. Eiji had a brother who once got married but divorced a year later. Then his wife was already pregnant and the child was Esono. When Esono heard Kagami’s name and saw his face, he thought maybe he would be his father. So he went over to introduce himself and emphasized his name. Eiji was busy because he tried to get Esono to meet his real father in his apartment. When everything was resolved, they H in the car :redface: Eiji then compensated Haru (sort of) by saying he would spend the next three days with him alone and switched off his phone after making work arrangements. Haru was very happy and the two went to an onsen. In the end, Esono apologized for his rudeness toward Haru and the latter forgave him and offered to be friends with him. Esono was really lonely and he probably fell for Eiji at some point too but Esono later decided to find the one destined for himself.


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