Netsujou (Passion)


This review is written by Jackal.

A girl of little moral values, my main goal in life is to do things… and do them well. :3 With a vast range of interests in otakudom I enjoy drawing, cosplay, and reading manga. While I love anime, I find that manga is more appealing and in depth. I especially love BL manga or Y-manga…. by telling you my favorite convention other than the one I help run (AniZona) is Yaoi-con you can probably guess the nature of most of my work and fandom. I’m a member of too many things with no time to visit them all but if you care to pop over at visit me or my work please do! Here’s my official website

The original title of this manga was Netsujou but it is available in English under the title "Passion" and distributed by Digital Manga Publishing since October 2004. English version 2 volumes, japanese version 3 volumes. You can get the English version HERE.

Meet Hikaru, a second year highschool student who is in love with Shima, a teacher at his school. Shima seems to not be affected in the least by his students admiration and carnal desires, he even coaxes the boy into studying harder to spend time with him. When Shima decides to ‘play date’ with Hikaru, which one of them will take it a little too far? They only have till Graduation to play out this little charade, can Hikaru make Shima love him in time?
At the beginning of the first volume, we see Shima lying on the floor and Hikaru has taken him. The poor boy doesn’t get a break, from the beginning Shima rather tells him off, stating "Maybe you love me, but remember I don’t" Poor Hikaru, what’s a boy in love to do? Stalk his interest of course! Though Hikaru doesn’t go as far as to sniff his love’s laundry or steal his garbage, Hikaru finds himself constantly watching Mr. Shima and even biking by his apartment everyday to see him. With Shima telling him to repent for his crimes Hikaru is unsure what to do to prove to his teacher that he loves truly loves him.

While Hikaru tries very hard to forget Mr. Shima he ends up finding himself at his teacher’s door all the same where he runs into Mr. Amamiya, a red hot flame from Shima’s past and also a fellow teacher at his school! With all the rumors wandering around school about these two teacher’s possibly doing the double-sided tango Hikaru finds it in his best interest to determine if the gossip is fact or fiction. To his relief the tales turn out to be untrue, or at least only one-sided and Hikaru seems to have a bit of a chance again. After Amamiya leaves we get our second sex scene, a wonderful and consensual piece that had me begging for more.

During this same scene we see the duo’s bet come into the open and Shima agrees to ‘play date’ Hikaru until the end of graduation. Well now, isn’t Hikaru the happiest little puppy in the world now? The feeling doesn’t last long though as many things arise to split this delectable pair up, Amamiya the biggest worry. Hikaru better watch out! Amamiya had Shima once and now he wants him again, what a tantalizing love triangle! While Amamiya is pulling the moves on Shima in the middle of hallways, Hikaru is studying his heart out as a promise to Shima to not let their hidden relationship get in the way of his schooling.

One of my favorite scenes in the first volume is the cellphone scene. Hikaru is being the good little puppy he is and studying, when Shima comes out of nowhere and kidnaps Hikaru’s phone after commending his student for his hard work. While Hikaru argues over no use of phones in the library, Shima taps in his number and leaves. What a surprise to Hikaru when he picks his phone up and calls Shima without even thinking. Their conversation is simple but cute one of the best line’s being Hikaru’s "So you’re saying I can call you everyday, or several times a day?" to which Shima simply chuckles.

Though there are no more sex scenes within the first volume, there is a lot of flashbacks about the relationship between Amamiya and Shima as well as one particularly steamy kiss and grope between the two. The last bits of the first volume are a lot of Shima and Hikaru fluff. At the end of this volume I find Shima as a little confused and unsure, as if the relationship between himself and Hikaru is something he has been longing for but is unable to understand it fully so he treats Hikaru a little cruelly for this. There are two particular scenes that give me this impression.

The first is after Amamiya has advanced on Shima in a drunken stupor Shima calls Hikaru to visit him, saying he only has thirty minutes to spare. When Hikaru arrives he is covered in sweat and panting as he’d biked as fast as he could. Shima shows a look of surprise before smiling and leaning against the other, mentioning with a bit of dismay that although Hikaru had been racing to get there, he smelt of soap.  The second scene Shima is watching Hikaru from a window as the younger male talks to his friends. Shima notices a woman being awfully familiar and he calls Hikaru to ask what he’s doing. Giving Hikaru the impression something is wrong, he asks Shima where he’s at and the teacher replies ‘on the roof’. Well, as there were many, Hikaru climbed to the top of everyone and when he reached the last building he happened to find Shima who was playing a game. Having been very worried Hikaru raises his voice a bit and confronts Shima on not being specific before holding and kissing him. Shima makes a comment about Hikaru smelling and the boy apologizes… to which Shima corrects that he didn’t mind, that it was his smell. The chapter ends with the two kissing on the roof. After which you get one last tidbit, a scene with the odd love triangle, before the volume closes.




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  1. Would you like a full book translation/summary? I can’t write it in French but I can write out a script of sorts if you’d like… I might even scan some of the pages if it doesn’t bend the spine too horribly :3 PLease give toss me an e-mail if you want.

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