Kyoudai Gentei: Brother x Brother

Japanese Title English Title
二人�兄 Two older brothers
�影 Trace
情事 Love affair
�能 Talent
知ら���� Things not known
『白�馨����男 The man named "Shirakawa Kaoru"
父ã?®å§¿ Father’s imagery
�実 Reality
兄弟��� The "brother" game
é›…æ?±ã?®å‘Šç™½ Masatou’s confession
俺��家� To our home
兄弟�定! Brothers only!
オマケCM Omake CM

The CD is very loyal to the manga and if you have the manga, you can read along and learn Japanese :P. Souichirou (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is an energectic high school student who would like to become an actor. His father Shirakawa Kaoru (CV: Ookawa Tohru) used to be a very famous actor before his death. After his father perished, Souichirou learned from the lawyer Katuragi sensei (CV: Hanada Hikaru) that he had two other brothers and they were living in the house of his father. Under his father’s will, the brothers will have to live together for one month and in the end who was left behind would be entitled to inherit the house. So, Souichirou moved into the house and started his life with his two other brothers for a month – the ultra mega beauty Kaname (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru), and the sexy pheromone releasing Masatou (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) 😀 . The story began with Souichirou attending the audition for a film he liked since he was a kid and the actress Nioka Sakurako (CV: Yanagisawa Mayumi) was his first love (or so he claimed) 😛 . He was pretty confident but when he was asked his feelings toward his father, he said he hated him (of course because he was abandoned by his father soon after birth). Since the role was one who looked up to his father, he did not get the role but he got another role. That night, when he went home as Kaname told him to, he saw the "family secret". Masatou and Kaname were #$&* and shocked, 😯 all Souichirou could do was to hide in his room. The next morning, Kaname thought Souichirou was upset because he flunked the audition but Souichirou said he got another role and he lied that went to his room last night because he had a stomach ache. Later, Souichirou also found out that Masatou was actually the art director where he worked and his partner was Ogi (CV: Miki Shinichirou), who also seemed to have an interest in his beautiful brother Kaname. Unlike Masatou or Souichirou, Kaname is more like a "princess" who is very skilled at cooking and he forbids people to enter his kitchen. He sometimes also sleeps there and Souichirou accidentally saw Kaname screaming in his sleep because he had a nightmare. Kaname had a very "dark" past.

SPOILER WARNING! Highlight to see the contents!

His mother was the beautiful Sakurako, who was attractive but not very successful with love. She would then use Kaname to release her anger, by abusing him. In addition, the man Sakurako lived with would also sexually abouse Kaname. Since Kaname was severely abused in the past, the only place where he could find calmness was the kitchen because when he was cooking delicious food for his mom, that’s the only time when she would be gentle toward him. The abuse caused Kaname to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Masatou knew about this and wanted to protect Kaname but all he could do was to sleep with him 🙄 . Kaname was afraid one day Souichirou would learn about his secrets (actually Souichirou partly knew) and so he decided to leave the house and let Souichirou have the house because he was the "real" son of Shirakawa Kaoru, the man who locked Kaname and Masatou’s souls in the house. At the same time, Kaname also knew the "affection" Masatou had toward him was in a way a substitute of the affection which should have been channeled toward Shirakawa. After Kaname left and hearing the beautiful "brother" speech from Souichirou 🙂 , Masatou and Souichirou went to search for Kaname but they could not find him anywhere. Then, when Souichirou met Ogi and was surprised to know Ogi actually was Masatou’s friend since high school, the idea that Kaname might be back at his mother’s house dashed across his mind. He quickly asked Ogi the address. Turned out Kaname really was back at his mom’s old house and was shocked to find the terrible "stepfather" who abused him when he was young, was also there. The wicked guy was about to rape him but Souichirou popped out to stop the guy. Masatou also arrived and Souichirou hugged the scared Kaname in his arms. That’s all he could do at the moment. The three brothers then went back to the house they called "home" and Souichirou’s "sufferings" – being driven to do lots of chores by his two brothers – resumed.


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  1. I really enjoyed this cd and your synopsis made it possible for me to follow the story as I listened. But I am a little confused. Does Book One have everything that’s on the cd? If so I’d like to buy it, but from the table of contents page of some of the scans I’ve seen on the web, it only covers up to the point where Souichirou goes to look for Kaname. So which is it?

  2. I’m considering whether I wanna buy Kyoudai Gentei or not. And now, I’ve decided to buy after reading your reviews plus several by others. =D

    I can’t wait!~ XD

  3. To Belle san,

    I am sorry I seemed to miss comments 😡
    If I remember correctly, this CD actually extends beyond Book 1 and included some parts of the story that was still in serialization.

  4. To Tetsuya-san,
    If you want the Japanese version, I’m sure BK1 and Amazon will have all your needs. If you want English version, I’m not sure where to get it, sorry 🙄

    To Yuki-san,
    I’m not sure if my review is helpful 🙄 and I’m glad you like it enough to buy it. I think the artwork is very nice but the story and I like incest 😀

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