Hada made aishite


Tsugumi is the second son of the Minami Company (here, the name Minami has the meaning that everyone can see "minna mi") that’s famous for manufacturing suits. When Tsugumi was still a child, his father was quite successful with his business and even made a commercial featuring himself to spread the popularity of the suits sold under Minami brand. However, as days pass by the business did not go smoothly. Thanks to the senmu Hinata, the company survived by cutting prices and targeting the massive class of ordinary salaryman. Tsugumi is not very thrilled about the way the company is running, especially because he has been studying about suits abroad. He did not want to inherit the company either but he did not have a choice because his father was suddenly taken ill and his brother declared he would NEVER wear a suit since he hated suits more than Tsugumi did. Tsugumi has tastes and respect for suits and did not want suits to be viewed as nothing more than a salaryman’s uniform. His own desires and beliefs toward suits lead him to clash with Mayuzumi Shin, the head of the project planning department. Like Hinata senmu, Mayuzumi also thinks the best direction for the company is to target the middle and lower class. As a result, he proposes a new line of suits that will be priced just under 10,000 yen and can go into the home washing machine (to save money on dry cleaning). On top of that, he plans to ask Tsugumi to appear on the commercial because a two-generation commercial will be novel and arouses attention. Of course Tsugumi is furious about the idea but there is little he can do. After all in the company, he is just the president with good looks. Worse is the fact that Mayuzumi is not just his subordinate but also his lover. They met a while ago at a bar. Mayuzumi found Tsugumi drinking alone and so flirted with him. The two ended up at a hotel suite but a while later, Tsugumi found the one-night stand Mayuzumi would be working under him! Their relationship was "boss and subordinate" in the office but "partners in bed" at night πŸ™„ Still, sleeping together doesn’t mean the hearts are linked together, especially when in the case of the cold and cunning Mayuzumi ❓ and there are unrests both at work and in Tsugumi’s love life. The only way out for Tsugumi is to study Mayuzumi’s plan as hard as he can. For 10 days, he buries himself in books and research data and he finally realizes that Mayuzumi is right. He approves of the plan but during that time, the whole company is thrilled to see a hardworking and motivated Tsugumi. Everyone welcomes the change except for Mayuzumi, who hardly sees his lover save to touch him over the last ten days. However, he is glad when Tsugumi confesses his love for Mayuzumi, even if he thinks Mayuzumi just threats him as a playmate in bed. Also at this time, there’s another guy Asagiri whom Tsugumi is slightly jealous of because he never sees Mayuzumi smile but the latter is smiling to Asagiri πŸ’‘ . In the meantime, Tsugumi’s brother Kazumi already felt something fishy going on between his brother and Mayuzumi. So, on the day of the CM, he went to stop them and volunteered to do the CM instead. The project was successful and Minami became very successful. The relationship between Mayuzumi and Tsugumi also sails smoothly … or so it seems πŸ˜› (make sure you read the omake 3 years later. It’s quite funny).


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