Gakuen Heaven 3 ~ Happy Paradise ~ Part I


This is the first part of my LONG review on the latest drama CD from the mega hit boy’s love game Gakuen Heave. If you have not played the game or know nothing about the Gakuen Heaven world, you might not understand the relationships between the characters. In that case, I recommend you to first read my review of the game HERE. Since this CD is nearly 300 minutes, I will break my review into two parts. Part one covers discs 1-2 and part two covers discs 3-4.

Japanese Title English Title
Let’s go 修学旅行! Let’s go! The school’s field trip!
豪�客船�優雅�日常? Relaxing days on the deluxe cruising liner
Mr. Teddy appears again!
�探�スタート! Treasure hunt starts!
甲��攻防 Battle on the deck
ドア����� Beyond the door
金色�� The golden key
Itou Keita x Umino sensei
�ょ�������ら A small mischief
�り��発覚 Taken by mistake
デジカメを探�! Search for the digital camera
記念写真 Memorial photos
Itou Keita x Taki Shunsuke
ホテル�到� Arrival at the hotel
��り��フロ Two of us in the bath
絶対ã€?ã‚„ã‚?ã?ªã?„よ Definitely won’t stop
ガーデンパーティー Garden Party
Shichijou Omi x Itou Keita
夜�ピクニック Nocturnal picnic
���花 The flower of blessing
も�����言��� Another legend
夜明�� Before the dawn
Naruse Yukihiko x Itou Keita
ビー��ヒーロー The Pinch Hero
個人練習 Practice alone
愛�証 Proof of love
å?›ã?¨ã?ªã‚‰ã?©ã?“ã?§ã‚‚ If it’s with you, anywhere is fine

The heart of the story this time is to go on a field trip. Since the students at Bell Liberty (a.k.a. BL Gakuen) are very busy, they may not be able to attend the graduation trip. So every student can attend a trip every year such that no one will miss any chance. Last year they went to Moscow (I wonder how they managed to get visas for everyone though) 🙄 to visit the museums and monuments but it proved a failure because it was was too cold and many people caught a cold. So, this year, they will go to a small country on one of the Souther islands 😀 . It’s Itou Keita (CV: Fukuyama Jun) first school trip since arriving at Bell Liberty Academy! This CD begins with a prologue (describing the journey to the island on the deluxe cruise liner owned by the Suzubishi group that runs BL Gakuen). This is followed by stories of each coupling. Please understand that all the coupling stories are "parallel universe", meaning it’s not like Keita sleeps with 10 people at the same time 😯 . The prologue began with Endou Kazuki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and Keita discussing about the exams and bumped into Naruse Yukihiko (CV: Miki Shinichirou) who was trying to steal Keita from Kazuki 😛 . Then Taki Shuunsuke (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) came with the news about the school trip. While they were on the cruise liner, Keita and Kazuki found Shichijou Omi (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro) and Saiyonji Kaoru (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) at the deck reading. They initiated a conversation which was soon joined by the rest of the students Niwa Tetsuya (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki), Nakajima Hideaki (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki), Shinomiya Kouji (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou), and Iwai Takuto (CV: Nojima Hirofumi). The common view is that though the ship is really comfortable and high class, there’s not much to do on the ship. The pool is overly crowded and Niwa is bored to death. As the group wonder what to do on the boat, Saiyonji got furious because they were noisy and he could not read. Worse was the fact that Shichijou and Nakajima were starting their word battles again. In the end, Niwa dragged Taki and Naruse to play basketball with him, Shinomiya went to help Umino sensei (CV: Kawakami Tomoko), who is busy taking care of students who are sea sick, and Keita and Kazuki go get drinks for the people who are left over. In the evening, when everyone is eating dinner, the teddy principal appears again and announces a treasure hunt competition! All the students will have to find a "golden key" that’s hidden somewhere on the ship. There are several hints and by solving one hint, that will lead them to another hint. The prize for the winner is the best suite room at the top floor of the hotel, that costs 500,000 yen per night to stay. The students then went crazy to find the key. The first hint was solved by the King, the second was solved with the help of Nakajima. With Keita’s strong luck, he eventually found the golden key and got the suite room (which would play an important role in the H-scenes later on) :evil:.

Keita x Umino

This is the only couple that’s platonic (without H-scene). It begins with Keita sneaking into Umino’s room and attracted by his beautiful sleeping face, he took some pictures of him. When Umino woke up, he told Keita to go back to his room as he’s the teacher and he has many duties to take care of. Keita was upset as he wanted to spend some sweet moments with his believed Umino sensei. However, the other teacher is already calling for Umino 😦 . Umino promised Keita though he would have some free time the next day and he would spend it with Keita. The next day when they decided to go on a date to see dolphins, Umino saw Keita was holding the school digital camera, which was used to take records of the student activities. Keita then realized last night when he left Umino’s room, he mixed up the two cameras as they were exactly the same ❓ . Keita panicked as there were pictures of Umino sensei in his own camera and when Umino sensei and he would not want others to see the beautiful pictures of his beloved Umino sensei 💡 . So, the couple went to search for the camera. They went to find the teacher who was supposed to take the pictures but at the billiard room, they only saw Niwa and Naruse. Niwa told them that Taki took the camera instead and so they went to find Taki, who was playing poker illegally (with money). Taki wanted Keita to help him win because Keita has very strong luck but Keita wanted to find the camera first. Taki refused to tell him unless he helped him with the poker. So, Keita threatened Taki that he would inform Shinomiya unless Taki tell him the whereabouts of the camera and Taki had no choice but to obey 😛 . Turned out the camera was with Shichijou and Saiyonji. When Keita and Umino found Shichijou and Saiyonji, the two gladly returned the camera. Umino then asked the two to help him take pictures of the students. They agreed but Saiyonji asked Umino where his cat – Toono sama was. Umino was confused as he wanted them to take pictures of students, not the cat. Keita immediately realized the "evil plot" and wanted to stop but Shichijou said in an ultra erotic voice that Keita’s naughty to take those pictures of Umino and warned Keita not to interfere 👿 Poor Niwa, I bet he will have some terrible memories when he has his two-shots with Toono-sama :mrgreen: . When they finally switched back the digital camera, Keita and Umino spent some sweet moments watching the dolphins ❗ . Then, Keita told Umino to come to his suite room the next night when he’s free so he could really take erotic pictures with Umino sensei naked in front of his viewfinder 😛 .

Keita x Taki

When they first arrived at the Southern Island, Taki was very happy because he could finally get a chance to sleep in a mega expensive hotel suite room. So, he declined all activities and wanted to go straight to the suite room. When they were in the elevator, turned out Niwa, Nakajima, Shichijou, and Saiyonji were also with them. As usual, it was a Nakajima vs. Shichijou ❓ . When they got to the suite room, Taki was extremely happy because the bed was huge and luxurious. He immediately started his adventure through the suite room 😯 (what a waste for a trip to the Southern Islands). The funniest part is that when Keita told Taki to look outside, Keita was referring to the beautiful ocean view but Taki only had eyes on the food preparation for the garden party ❓ He told Keita he watched a lot of the sea on their trip 😡 Taki is really not romantic 🙄 but he’s CUTE so that’s okay 😉 When they got into the bathroom, they were delighted to find the huge bathtub with remote control so they could have a water massage in the bathtub. It’s comfortable but it also spurs physical desires 😛 . Keita seemed to be at his limits but Taki teased him not to masturbate in the bath alone 🙄 . So Keita hopped onto bed and #$&* with Taki. He was so aggressive he even ignored the phone 😯 . In the night, after an exhaustive afternoon, Taki was enthusiastic to find lobster on the menu. The garden party was a secret to the accounting department 😛 and Taki competed with Niwa for food. Then, Keita whispered to Taki that there would be a part two later on and Taki rebuked Keita for sounding like an old man 😛

>> Position: I believe it’s normal with Keita on top and Taki at the bottom 😎

Shichijou x Keita

When Keita was full from eating, Shichijou came to wake Keita up. He wanted to show Keita a special place. During this trip, Keita was not too happy because Shichijou declined all the invitations from other people and only wanted Keita to be with him all the time and of course that would include #&$* 😛 . Still, Keita followed Shichijou to the beach where he saw a canoe . The two boarded the canoe and Shichijou led Keita to a secret place where there is a flower that will give blessings to a marriage. That flower is supposed to bless the wedding of the royal family of the island (sorry my Japanese is limited and I’m not sure I get all the details 🙄 ). Anyway when they’re out at the sea and ON THE CANOE, Shichijou offered Keita an old drink that’s advertised on TV. Keita was delighted but the drink did not turn out as delicious as it was advertised 😦 . Then, Shichijou wasted no time and started #&*~ with Keita IN THE CANOE!!. As Keita commented on the booklet, that would need a sense of balance at the OLYMPIC LEVEL 😀 . Anyway, after %^~#* IN THE CANOE and WITHOUT FALLING, Shichijou then explained he declined all the activities because he treated this trip as a HONEYMOON! ❗ . He also did not want to tell others about this secret place and the flower of blessing because he wanted to create lots of memories with Keita that’s only known to the two of them. Keita appreciated Shichijou’s good intentions but he also wanted to enjoy the vacation and not to #&*@ all the time. In the end, Shichijou gave in and accepted Naruse’s invitation 😀 .

>> Position: It’s IN THE CANOE so it might have to be a half upright position 😕 and then maybe with Keita lying half way on the boat … just ignore me 🙄

Naruse x Keita

The keywords are "kiss mark and surfing" ❗ Keita is puzzled as to whether he is glad or not to have a perfect lover as Naruse, who catches everyone’s attention with his brilliant surfing skills. He’s also worried people might see his kiss marks so he try to hide them but Naruse is proud of the kiss marks because that’s proof of their love but he understands if Keita doesn’t want people to find out. Naruse was good at sports and cooking and he loved Keita deeply but too fortunate also brings about unrest. When Naruse had to return to the tennis court for some activities, he told Keita to go home but Keita did not listen and wanted to practice his surfing so he could at least enjoy surfing with Naruse. However, Naruse told him to go home because he sensed something’s changing and the waves would be getting worse. When Keita realized he was in real danger, he regretted not listening to Naruse’s advice and panicked when he could not get back ashore. Naruse, the pinch-hero then arrived and resuced his dear Keita. The two then #$&*@ IN THE SEA with water getting in the way ❗ . I’m not sure whether it’s hygenic or not but I find that quite ROMANTIC! I love guys #$*@^~ in the sea 👿 . After that, the two were love-love again!


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  1. Nanya-san ��よ������,

    I was luckly to be a successful bidder of the auction the other day.
    My Gukuen Heaven3 is supposed to be on the jurney to my home, and today I have to stay by my mailbox for the CD to arrive 😀
    I hope I can enjoy it tonight.

    Your review gave a vivid picture in my mind, and I cannot wait to listen to Happy Paradise!!!:arrow:

    A treasre hunt ! It souns so exciting,and made me remind of MVP competition.

    I’m really looking forward to your next review.:!:

  2. Nanya-san,�ん�ん�♪

    Today I tried to leave a reply twice,but unfortunately they disappeared somewhere.:cry:
    I do hope this time will be successful.
    If all my comments appear later,which happened before,could you please erase the duplicated one?

    I ‘m luckly to be a successful bidder in the auction the other day,and I’m supposed to get it ,if luckly,today.:lol:

    Your review gave me such a vivid picture that I can hardly wait to listen to it!!!
    A treasure hunt sounds really interesting, and makes me remind of the exciting MVP battle!
    And Teddy principal again!
    I do love Kuma-chan.:!:

    I’m really looking forward to your nezt review!!!

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  4. Nanya-san konbanwa,

    Thank you for coming to my BL blog very much.
    I’m so suprised you can not only read Japanese but also write it so splendidly.

    Last night I listen to the prologue of Gakuen-Heaven 3 .
    I enjoyed treasure hunt competition so much.:grin:

    I’m sssso interested in Water Play with Naruse in your review!!!:grin:
    I do love your “bottomline”.
    Spray,Tamami and Higuri-sensei can dominate the world with Gakuen Heaven!!!:!:

    I ‘ve seen Higuri-sensei last year’s winter commic market(冬コミï¼?fuyukomi) in Tokyo.

  5. Ai-san, konnichiha,

    Thank you for reading my review (and I’m sure you’ll notice lots of mistakes as my Japanese is very limited 😦 . I’m glad you understood my Japanese as I’m still learning and it’s a difficult language 🙄 The treasure hunt part is really fun isn’t it 😀 I also like it a lot! And Naruse’s water play really makes me nosebleed ➡ as the water sound makes it very very erotic. Overall, I really love Gakuen Heaven 3! It’s BL fans’ HAPPY PARADISE ❗

    Ahh… how lucky you can see Higuri sensei 😥 I also want to see her someday. Save money and try to go to Japan to meet the sensei and get their signatures (one of the dreams in my life 😀 )

  6. Nanya�ん��ん�ん��

    Thank you very much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog!:!:
    I ‘m really amazed at your Japanese ability. I think Japanese is a very difficult language…You are amazing!

    And your Japanese comment is full of love for BL and a sense of humor!:!:
    I ldo love humor,which adds a lot of fun to our life.

    Higuri sensei is tall with a long hair,when I saw her last year.
    Unfortunately there were so many people queuing in front of her booth that I couldn’t get her signiture! But I got telephone cards and mini-calendar of Gakuen Heaven.

    I’m lokking forward to your next review on Nakajima, NIwa and Kazuki!!!:!:

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