Gakuen Heaven 3 ~ Happy Paradise ~ Part II

This is the second part of my LONG review on the latest drama CD from the mega hit boy’s love game Gakuen Heave. If you have not played the game or know nothing about the Gakuen Heaven world, you might not understand the relationships between the characters. In that case, I recommend you to first read my review of the game HERE.


Iwai x Keita

Iwai and Keita went shopping on the island and Iwai bought a very beautiful picture. However, some pushed him and he dropped his picture. The frame broke but thanks to that, Iwai and Keita found a treasure map!! Keita then proposed to follow the hints on the map and unearth the treasure. When they arrived at the place, the tide was low and they saw a path linking the shore to a small island. They went to the island and started treasure hunting. They then saw the white bird which would bring happiness. Keita wanted to see more of the birds but by the time they came back to the entrance, the tide was already high and so they could not get back to the shore. They could only stay on the island. When they were exploring, they fell down into a deeper hidden chamber. There, they found the great piece of artwork on the wall of the cave done by the same person who drew the picture Iwai bought. Touched by the beauty of the large piece of art on the wall (and probably blessed also by the white birds), Iwai and Keita FOUND HAPPINESS in the mysterious cave with Keita RIDING ON Iwai 😀 . Who would have guessed the seeminly weak Iwai would be in a position that would require A LOT OF ENERGY 😯 but love conquers all ❗ When their moment of happiness was over, Keita found Iwai’s back bleeding because Iwai was at the bottom :mrgreen: Keita apologized but Iwai thanked Keita again for suggesting the wonderful treasure hunt or he would not be able to see the painting on the wall. When they emerged from the cave, the tide was low so they returned to the shore. Keita wanted to tell people about the island but Iwai said it would be better for them to leave the birds of happiness as well as the painting alone. In that way, they would not be disturbed by tourists.

Nakajima x Keita

Keita wanted to go out and create some lovely memories with Nakajima because this would be their first as well as last school field trip. Nakajima did not want to leave the hotel because there was political unrest on the island. Apparently, someone was plotting an assassination because they opposed to the princess marrying an American, someone who was not from the island. However, Nakajima somehow yielded to Keita’s wish and went out with him. Sadly though, when Nakajima was asking for directions, Keita was kidnapped by the assassin as hostage! 😥 Then, Nakajima came to rescue Keita, who was scared to death. Like James *ond, Nakajima fought with the assassin (despite the latter had gun) and beat the crap out of him. He then led Keita to a place where they could make some beautiful memories. He brought him to an old church with a beautiful piece of stained glass. Then, IN FRONT OF G*D, they #$&*~. To make sure it would be a night Keita NEVER FORGET, Nakajima found PEARLS and INSERTED them into Keita’s #$*. Ai-san was quick to realize that it would be quite difficult if not impossible to insert that into the rear part… easier with the mouth. True, for normal human being this really would not be possible but Nakajima is not just any person. He’s a the BOY with the BL "GUN" 😛 so for him, it might be possible. Also by now, Keita has got enough training from Nakajima-sama. Anywy, these people have been specially trained so don’t try these tricks at home 👿

Saiyonji & Keita (Reversible)

This is the only reversible couple in the Gakuen Heaven world. Again, the two scenarios ar parallel universe, so it’s not like Saiyonji suddenly flips Keita over and #$&*. The scenario started with Keita and Saiyonji waiting for taxi to go to the ancient sites on the island. However, there was no taxi because special arrangements were made for the princess’ wedding the next day. Suddenly a car came CRASHING into them and Keita saved Saiyonji. He then went to check out if the driver was okay. To his surprise, he found a Saiyonji look alike, only she is A REAL WOMAN!! She said she must hurry up and go to the ancient site but it was dangerous for her to drive. Saiyonji said he could drive and would take her there but she state her reasons. She seemed to be in a difficult position so Keita asked Saiyonji to help her because he did not want to see a Saiyonji lookalike in trouble. Saiyonji was pissed because Keita would care for anyone as long as they looked like him but Keita said he was prettier and Saiyonji was left speechless. After more struggle, the woman finally said her name was Charlotte and she was the princess of the island. She had to get to the ancient sites to save her lover. Saiyonji then asked if she got that 😕 with her and she replied affirmatively. Then Saiyonji agreed to help her but Keita was puzzled as to what that was all about. Then Saiyonji started driving in a very wild manner, that’s because he only drove ONCE before, in his own house :mrgreen: Somehow, they managed to arrive at the site ALIVE and the princess also saved her lover Rick. They then toured the ancient grounds and went back to the hotel. In the uke ending, Saiyonji said he was feeling good because he got to see the ancient sites and he said he would accompany Keita to anyplace he would like to go the next day but they already promised to attend the princess’ wedding. Then Saiyonji said he would listen to Keita’s selfish request because he’s in such a good mood and asked Keita what he wanted. Seemed Keita wanted AN ORAL from Saiyonji. On top of that, he D*** onto Saiyonji’s face. On top of that, in a CUTE CUTE voice, he ROCKED and EJE**LATED FOUR TO FIVE TIMES IN ONE NIGHT!!! Exactly WHERE did Keita get all the energy 😯 😕 In the seme ending, Saiyonji just said Rick was getting himself into the snake’s nest by marrying Charlotte because many people on the island would oppose to this wedding and there were also "things" occuring in his family. However, Keita said suffering with the person you love is also a form of happiness. Then Saiyonji began a rather strong seme ordering Keita to lick his fingers or to spread his legs merrily for him. In the end, he did not tell Keita what was happening in the "Saiyonji family".

Niwa x Keita

It started out with the two having s*x in the wild. Suddenly a thief was passing by and Niwa helped catch the thief. He then returned the belonging to the princess’ servant guard Chaz. Chaz was searching for the princess because she went missing and he lacked confident in his own job because he could not do it well. Since Niwa and Keita could not leave the poor Chaz alone, they helped him search for the princess. The only clue was that she looked very similar to Saiyonji. So, they went asking around if anyone saw a strange Saiyonji. The best one was when he asked Shichijou. Niwa wondered if he found something strange with Saiyonji, like his breasts suddenly became BIGGER. Shichijou said that he could not continue the conversation and left 😀 . Then they met Nakajima and asked if Nakajima knew anything about a female version of Saiyonji. Nakajima did not seem to keen on telling them so the INNOCENT Chaz said he would do anything if Nakajima would tell them. Keita raised his eyebrows and said he would do that instead of Chaz but Nakajima would rather have Niwa! The moment I’ve been waiting for finally came… a NAKAJIMA x NIWA!!!!!!! Even if it wasn’t REAL, the split second of hearing that already satisfied me :D. Of course, he was referring to Niwa working on the documents from the student council he brought onto the trip. I also laughed my guts out when I tried to imagine the look on Shichijou’s face hearing his precious Saiyonji suddenly had BREASTS! They then continued to search and meet others like Naruse and Kazuki. In the end, after walking for a very long time, they bumped into Umino who said he saw two Saiyonji. Turned out Saiyonji was with the princess at the time. When Niwa saw the princess, he was shocked and so he GRABBED THE PRINCESS’ BREASTS to see if she were really a woman. He got beaten up 😛 . Chaz was happy that his ability (skill in drawing) contributed to the happy resolution. After happing Chaz, Niwa and Keita continued where they left off somewhere IN THE WILD 😀

Shinomiya x Keita

Shinomiya and Keita were staying in a house on one of the islands. That day it was the princess’ wedding so the whole country was busy celebrating. However, Keita and Shinomiya stayed with an old man and cooked the fish he got. They had a happy meal and the old man explained how much the Suzubishi group helped the country and provided them with strong and wonderful motors. That night, when Keita and Shinomiya were about to #$&*, the old man suddenly collapsed and his heart stopped beating! Keita paniced but Shinomiya was fast to use first aid on the old man and he asked Keita to bring in the boat so he could bring the old man to the nearest medical center as fast as possible. It was dark but somehow they managed to bring the man ashore. Before that, their boat bumped into a stone or something and the old man’s heart started beating again. When they arrived on the main island, they met Saiyonji and Shichijou and the two helped bring the old man to the hospital. When it was all over, Keita praised Shinomiya for his first aid skills but Shinomiya said he learned them because of his brother’s poor health before the operation. Then, after some more really sweet words, the two &*#$ in the house.

Kazuki x Keita

My FAVORITE couple, this time the story is pretty "normal", compared to the previous exciting adventures 🙄 . Kazuki brought Keita to the SHOOTING GROUNDS. Kazuki learned shooting as a form of self protection while he was studying in America. Keita was a newbie to shooting but he seemed to perform quite well. From da*hing out 4-5 times one night to being quite natural to shooting… maybe Keita is the STRONGEST of all 👿 After shooting, they went shopping for gifts for their family. Keita then bought a present for Kazuki – the moonstone. Kazuki also bought a present for Keita – the moonstone. So they exchanged the lovers’ stones ❗ and then had a nice long chat under the starry moonlit sky. Kazuki had his unrest because he was not certain whether he did the right thing to let Keita know the truth (that he was the school’s principal and was his "oniichan"). 😥 He felt by telling Keita the truth, he pressured Keita to accept him and Keita might have chosen other pathways had did he not know the truth but Keita assured Kazuki that even if he were not told the truth, he would remember someday and he was happy the way things were. Then, Keita soaked in Kazuki’s SWEET WORDS still UNDER the beautiful starry sky. The last track – Keita’s letter was his report of his experience in the Southern Islands to his family but he never got to finish it before he was summoned by his wonderful friends from BL Academy, yaoi fangirl’s heaven!


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  1. Nanya-san, �ん�ん�♪

    I enjoyed your review so much! :!:I do appreciate your detailed critique,and I ‘m really amazed how accurately you understand the stories in Japanese.
    You wrote about yaoi-manga in my blog. What Japanese manga have you read in English version ? Are there many Japanese yaoi manga in English?

    As for Heaven, I ‘m excited at NakajimaX Niwa scene! I hope they went to bed instead of working at the hotel!!!:evil:

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  3. Ai-san, konbanha,

    I also read your review of Niwa’s route. I feel sorry for Keita but my attention is completely focused on the dialogue between Niwa and Hide… especially the “I’ll wait for you at the hotel tonight ❗ SPRAY is EVIL!!! Hide x Niwa ALL THE WAY!!! I really would like to hear Hide’s play on Niwa 👿 I’m sure it’ll be much more excited than his play on Keita.

    As for yaoi titles released in English, there are not many but the number is increasing very rapidly recently but most of them are usually by more mainstream authors from Be x Boy. However, in the future release list, I think some companies are beginning to also release manga by authors from Dear (in particular Eiki sensei and Zaoh sensei) and Chara Selection. Not only manga but novels also get translated and I am really pleasantly surprised. I think the two novels slated for release are “Only the finger knows” in English or ã??ã?®æŒ‡ã? ã?‘知ã?£ã?¦ã?„ã‚‹ and “Don’t worry Mama”.

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