This book is by Takaoka Mizumi and many BL fans might know her for the "Kawaii Hito series" and the "Itsuka jyanai series". This is one her latest series that is going to be dramatized in January.

On a rainy day and driven by reckless impulsivity, the 17-year old Yugi Kazutaka ran away from his family. His father was the owner of a chain restaurant and his new stepmother was a horrible woman who had affiliations with yakuza and dared to extend her claws shamlessly to the young and beautiful Kazutaka. Lonely and hungry, Kazutaka was walking aimlessly in the rain with just some bread and a bottle of mineral water. A man with a flower-pattern umbrella asked him what he was doing, dancing in the rain (and thanks to Sassa sensei, this picture of Kazutaka is STUNNING!). The man then invited Kazutaka to his house and despite sensing this would be a dangerous move, Kazutaka followed the man to a gigantic mansion. This definitely wouldn’t be a place a normal salaryman could afford and Kazutaka had many questions about the sullen and quiet man who referred to himself as Kudou. That night, Kazutaka had a shower and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found Kudou had thrown away his bread, his clothes (with money inside), and his water and there was no sign of him in the house. He opened the fridge and aside from beer, it was blatantly EMPTY! He was mad with hunger but all he could do was to huddle on the sofa and waited for Kudou to come back. When Kudou came back and learned what happened, he wondered why Kazutaka did not just grab his money and go out to get food. However, Kazutaka said he would not take other people’s money without permission (great kid). For the next ten days, Kazutaka just lived idly in the house watching TV and waiting for Kudou to come home. He always wondered what "use" he had for Kudou but he soon found out 😛 (what else could such a CUTE and IRROPOI boy be of use to a handsome man in a BL novel I guess you can all imagine 😛 ). That lifestyle lasted for half a year and all along, Kazutaka pondered about the "woman" who gave Kudou the "flower-pattern umbrella", and the "woman" who would occupy Kudou in the nights when he came home late. At the same time, he was also enduring all the "nocturnal activities" without ONCE complaining it was painful. Half a year later, accidentally, he saw Kudou hitting another man in the car park and from eavesdropping their conversation, he soon found out Kudou was a yakuza (he searched the internet for news clippings about Kudou, smart boy) – the kind of people he hated the most because of his stepmother. The fear and hatred towards Yukaza caused Kazutaka to run away from Kudou. During his second escape, he met Miyahara at the station who was troubled because he did not have money to go home. Already gave up on his own life, Kazutaka gave Miyahara the 10,000 yen he got from Kudou before he escaped. Miyahara said he would definitely return the money but Kazutaka thought it was a joke as they did not even know each other. Yet, a few days later, Miyahara really came to return the money and also offered Kazutaka a place to say. Turned out he was the owner of a very elite and secret club – BLUE MOON (abbreviated as BM throughout the novel) where only very special people could apply for membership. You cannot be a member if you drive a car to the club (you must have a driver). Seven years later, Kazutaka became the manager of BM and that’s also the place where he would meet the VIP of his destiny. The reunion seven years later was the last thing Kazutaka wanted, mainly because by then, he already had a job, an apartment, and he even picked up a young boy by the name Satoshi. His life was divided between looking after Satoshi (who ran away from home owing to terrible child abuse) and Yurika, a woman who flirted with men secretly at BM and landed eyes on him. However, seven years could not erase his memories of Kudou and they kept haunting him time and again. When they actually met each other, Kudou did not seem to change. He was still the yakuza, he was still a sullen and calm man, and he still looked at Kazutaka with the same expressions as he did seven years ago. Then Miyahara told Kazutaka that owing to recent disturbances from some new yakuza, he asked his acquaintance Kudou to protect BM. Of course Kazutaka was against the decision but he was cornered because as a manager, he could not fight off the yakuza. The new yakuza did not like Kazutaka or the way BM treated them. So, they abducted Kazutaka and Satoshi and tried to rape Kazutaka using Satoshi as hostage. Of course, Kudou came to save the day thanks to Satoshi’s quick reaction. After that, Kudou brought Kazutaka to a yakuza confrontation where he forced the new yakuza to dispel the person who orchestrated the kidnapping and caused all the nuiasances at BM. When Shimada, the troublemaker expelled, he lost his calm and tried to attack Kudou and Kazutaka. Kudou protected Kazutaka as he promised earlier and got wounded. Kazutaka was very upset and wanted to stay by Kudou’ side to tender his wounds but when Kudou asked how he would weigh him and Satoshi, Kazutaka hesitated. He was no longer clear of his own emotions so he conducted an experiment. The first time when he ran away from Kudou, the latter did not go after him however, Kudou said if he ran again, even if it meant exhausting his yakuza’s power, he would find Kazutaka. So, Kazutaka ran away a second time but Kudou found him within 36 hours. Since Kazutaka planned to vanish for a week, he spent the rest of the time being confined in bed by Kudou 🙄 By this time, the answer floated in Kazutaka’s mind and he finally understood his own emotions but that was not the end, it was only the beginning, especially when Satoshi planned to study law and destroy yakuza so he could get back his Kazutaka princess from Kudou 😀





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