Kagari naku game ni chikai honki


I promised Blue Rose san to write this review but for a variety of reasons, it’s seriously delayed. Anyway, the story itself is quite simple. Hori-san (CV: Takeuchi Ken) is working at a company with shortage of hands at the moment, so busy he didn’t have time to go home or even change his clothes. At this time, a new co-worker came – Takazuka Kazumasa (CV: Ichijou Kazuya) arrived. He’s very tall (over 188 cm) and very handsome and very kind to Hori-san. One day during a normal conversation, Hori asked if Takazuka had any girlfriend because he wasn’t interested in either of the girls at the company. Takazuka said none but he had someone in mind and would like to confess to that person and wondered if Hori would cheer for him. Takazuka said with his good looks and height, no girl would reject her and (was stupid) enough to guarantee that. He said that’s what the mouth and arms were for. Takazuka said he was more confident with his elbow strength and Hori-san then encouraged him to use his elbow strength. And BOOM! Takazuka forced himself on Hori with his elbow and confessed that he loved Hori-san. Hori, of course, was SHOCKED but Takazuka would not let him go until he said "YES". In the end, Hori-san agreed to date (a little) with Takazuka on condition that their relationship would not be exposed. . After that, Takazuka became Hori-san’s manservatnt – cooking, washing, cleaning (I want Takazuka!!). Then they started dating and Hori even gave him the key to his apartment ! Step by step, Takazuka took his opportunity to DEVOUR Hori. When they became "lovers", Hori remembered his previous girlfriends and those who were stolen by his wicked brother Keiji (CV: Narita Ken). Everytime Hori made a girlfriend, Kenji would steal them because Hori SUCKED AT SEX!! Finally, he thought he would find happiness, then he learned the HARSH truth from Kenji, who was waiting at Takazuka’s apartment. Turned out Takazuka was really Chiba, the WICKED friend of Keiji who used to tease him in the past and who fooled many girls (pretending liking them and dumping them soon after). So, when he learned Takazuka tricked him (by not revealing that he was Chiba) he was really upset. Worse was the fact that Takazuka/Chiba actually made a bet with Keiji. Should he be able to sleep with Hori, he would get 100,000 yen from Keiji and should he not be able to do so, he would have to pay Keiji the same amount. COMPLETELY HURT, the poor Hori could only escape by not going home. He even went as far as to get transferred to another branch but Takazuka then turned into his evil personality Chiba and stopped Hori from escaping. Finally, he told Hori that he really liked him, ever since the old days and he was really serious about Hori (that’s why he could not love any woman seriously). In the end,Hori accepted Takazuka’s love but it’s not going to be smooth considering the nice Takazuka could also be the TERRIBLE Chiba The last track is the union of the evil friends of Keiji where they talked about how Chiba won the beauty’s heart and the secret is "persistence"!



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  1. I don’t mean to be annoying but I would be grateful if you could review this
    drama. I listened to it many times and still have no idea whats going on 😕
    You are my only hope 😥

  2. Good evening Blue Rose-san,
    You’re interested in this drama? Okay, I’ll listen to it tonight and hopefully whip up a review in the near future 😀

  3. Thanx so much 😀 . I was trying to figure out what they were saying in the reunion track. All I got was that Horii and Keiji are half-brothers (Horii was born from an affair).

  4. Hello Nanya!

    I just wanted to thank you for this review/summary. I know very little japanese (seriously a tiny itty bit) but I LOVE this drama. Ichijou sama’s Chiba mode absolutely melts me:?: even though I don’t quite get all that he is saying. I was also wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me. At the end of the second H scene it sounds as if Chiba slaps a paper down on the desk he is having his way with Hori on, then signs it. What is that paper? Also in the very next track Chiba says Keiji’s name in a very dangerous tone and whistles. What is that all about? Sorry to pester you with questions, but I am soooo curious! Thank you again for all your reviews nd recommendations, they have been a HUGE help. 🙂


  5. Hi Sistertwist san,

    Welcome to my blog. I might have to listen to the CD again to answer your questions. Please give me a few days 😛 and I’ll come back to you.

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