Midara na karada ni yowasarete


For Nanya, LOVE -> SEX = O; SEX -> LOVE = X. Thus, you will NOT FIND me saying good things about stories where it begins with a ridiculous physical relationship. HOWEVER, I swear this novel, and PROBABLY only this novel will have all my love even if it violates this golden rule! Got you hooked? Let’s move onto the story.

This is the third book in the Midara series by Shuudou Rena. Each book features a different couple but they are linked together because the main character of each book is one of the three friends who grew up together: The first book, Midara na waga ni datosarete has been dramatized and it features the prosecutor Kamijou Hideomi. The second book Midara na kiss ni ransarete features the beautiful and MEGANE solicitor Nakatsu Tadatoshi. I’m not going to review that book because it’s not a prerequisite to reading this book plus I dislike it (my only interest in that story is OKIAYU’s MEGANE NAKATSU so I’d rather review the CD This book begins with the three friends drinking again at Nakatsu’s house. Both Kamijou and Nakatsu are showing off their recent lovers. Kamijou’s lover is Kouzu Masatoshi, who’s quiet and good at cooking . Nakatsu’s lover is a reporter at a news agency Fujiwara Ryoumon. In the second novel, the two met when Nakatsu was working on a case and Nakatsu happened to have some information he needed so he coerced him into the relationship. The two then became lovers and now cohabit . When two of his best friends have partners, the latin style (muscular and tall and with curly hair) looking Kouenji Hisashige (who has very wild dressing tastes and rarely cares about RULES) now finds himself VERY LONELY . On top of that, he’s bugged everyday by his NASTY BOSS: Toomiya Taro Kachou. Toomiya is 26 (9 years younger than Kouenji) and the career type, which means he’s fresh out of police academy, an elite (a graduate from Tokyo University Law School), and a person who’s obsessed with rules. He’s also EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL (a feminine way). As Kouenji HATES bureaucracy, he naturally also dislikes the bureaucratic attitude Toomiya is posing and he is VERY CERTAIN that Toomiya also hates him VERY MUCH . One day outside the toilet while he’s complaining to Same-chan, his colleague, he said he wanted to at least "sexually assault Toomiya once". Outside talk: Same-chan is important because he is also featured in the Tsumi seires! The third CD – Tsumi na itazura, he’ll appear! Who maybe his seiyuu? I am hoping for Nakai Kazuya because he fits the image the most BUT I guess there’s something fishy between Same and Tomi (Yusa Kouji) so … it might be Nakai x Yusa again!? Unfortunately, Toomiya was RIGHT THERE and so he heard EVERY SINGLE WORD and even threatened accusing Kouenji for sexual harrassment. Then the MOST SURPRISING THING OCCURRED. That night, when Kouenji was in the guarding room praying there would be no 110 calls,
Or to be more accurate, Toomiya, the UKE, just takes off Kouenji’s trousers and pants and starts mouth service. Then, he himself takes off his clothes and UKES whatever that comes out . So technically though Kouenji is still the seme, the CONTROL is completely on the side of Toomiya. What’s more interesting is that right after this, still living his se*men on Kouenji’s shirt, he walks away as if NOTHING HAPPENED, leaving behind only one sentence: "Rumors have it that yours is a magnum, it’s too early…". Holy cow, you can imagine the SHOCK Kouenji just endured (Nanya too). It’s not even 40 pages and we get such a delicious scene! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Too bad Kouenji didn’t have time to figure out what happened because early morning, there was a 110 call. A college student – Satou Yukio – was found dead lying on a bench in a park – strangled. Just when Kouenji and the pretty BISEXUAL Medical Examiner: Sukera Akihito were examining the body, Kouenji got a call from Toomiya (of course not about the WEIRD SEXUAL HARRASSMENT hours ago but that a man had turned himself in for the murder). Mikami Kazuhiko, 36, is an accountant at the Santou Kai (a yakuza organization). Kouenji’s intuition informs him that Mikami is not the murderer. He’s just a scapegoat used by the Santou Kai to cover up the real murderer. However, Toomiya insists that since Mikami confessed and there was NOTHING WRONG with his confession (no suspicious point), they should go ahead and press charges. Kouenji was pissed off by the result and when he talked to Motomi, the owner of the gay bar and an OKAMA, Motomi told him that Mikami could not be the murderer because he was drinking with him the WHOLE NIGHT! With that evidence, Kouenji furthered his investigation and wanted to challenge Toomiya’s firm belief in Mikami’s guilt. However, Toomiya WENT to Motomi’s bar and pointed out that Motomi lied as he had evidence Motomi was running errands that night. Motomi lied to protect Mikami because he was his former lover, 15 years ago. The relationship did not work out but he still believed Mikami would not MURDER SOMEONE. So, Kouenji persisted with the investigation, not realizing that HE HIMSELF maybe targeted because he was too NOSY. In the end, they learned the truth. Turned out the real murderer was the senator’s son and the senator was a good friend of the Chief of the Police Department, a.k.a. Toomiya and Kouenji’s boss. Also, he was the one who took care of Toomiya and helped him a bit with his career. It was hard but thanks to Toomiya’s intelligence, they were able to arrest the real murderer. In the end, the real motive behind Toomiya stopping Kouenji to investigate was because he knew Kouenji’s life would be threatened. He fell in love soon after meeting Kouenji but he did not know how to express his life thanks to his pride. As a result, he chose the WORST POSSIBLE WAY to express his love and Kouenji was RETARDED enough not to notice it until the very end (and Motomi and Kamijou had to enlighten him). Kouenji was sensitive in Nakatsu’s love (in the second novel) but here, he was very slow with his own love..


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