Tsuki ni Ookami


This CD is based on the manga by the same title but it only covers 4 out of 6 of the stories. It’s a pity because my second favorite story is actually the veterinarian and the salaryman. . The arrangement of the stories is also slightly different from the manga and I’m not sure why they purposely arrange it this way.

I. Asobe ya suzume
This story begins with Suou (CV: Yusa Kouji), the eldest son of the local landlord seeking some "adult entertainment". While he was the talk among the girls, he spotted a boy working at the "doll house" (Nanya loves to refer to those kinds of shops by this name ). Suzume (CV: Fukuyama Jun), the bird boy was only serving food and running errands because he was not ready to accompany guests. Suou got interested and bought him for the night. At first Suou said he would just want to "chat with him", he soon proceeded to touching his tail and bottom but before he could do anything further, Suzume transformed to a cute bird! Turned out Suzume’s tribe would change into birds when they were over excited. Suou had no choice but to try to make Suzume find it comfortable to be with him. Their relationship gradually improved but when Suzume heard Suou was going to get married, he was heartbroken. So, he gave up on himself and decided to just sleep with a random customer. Of course, before the customer could do anything to him, Suou barged in and hit Suzume for his rash behavior. Suou really loved Suzume, enough to abandon his family, wealth, and land just to run off with Suzume. Life without money was harsh and the "couple" also had to take care of the twins they brought out of the "doll house" as well. However, since there was so much love between them, things would work out somehow .

I. Kuroi uroko to kuroi tsuno

Ren (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) is the only man left who inherited the "dragon’s blood".  Recently his country was in a disastrous state with femine and people suffered.  In order to find a way to save his country, he departed on a journey to investigate the mysterious forest, which people thought was the source of evil that resulted in these disasters.  Ren also felt it would be better for him to leave because of the dragon’s blood running inside him.  In the forest, he met Amau (CV: Miki Shinichirou), the only dragon god left in the whole world.  Amau was weak and had not seen a visitor for 300 years.  When he saw Ren, he was happy.  He told Ren he was ill and would gradually die (looked very pessimistic) and Ren said he should find a way to cure the illness.  He said that could be done by intaking male’s aura and what’s better way than $&*~.  After that, Ren left the forest and Amau became healthy again.  The femine also stopped but Ren could not forget Amau and neither could Amau erase Ren from his memory.  So, Amau risked his life and transformed into a dragon to leave the forest to find Ren and the two stayed together – happy end!

III. Koi suru usagi

Toki (CV: Miyata Kouki) lived with his grandfather and cousin Zeto nii-chan (CV: Ookawa Tohru).  One day, they accidentally dug up a speaking carrot Nin-nin, a rare carrot that would only appear once in a thousand years but he’s not important (sweat).  The core of this story is the understanding between Toki and Zeto nii-chan.  Zeto wanted to bring Toki out of the isolated house with only carrot field.  However, the grandfather said he would only allow that when Zeto’s carrots were more delicious than the ones he grew.  So Zeto tried his best to grow carrots.  The night before the harvest though, Toki, who also liked Zeto all the time and was always troubled by the realization (as well as the fact that he had not much use on the farm) overheard the conversation between Zeto and grandfather (but only the part where Zeto wanted to leave).  So, he thought Zeto was abandoning him and cried very hard.  He also went and destroyed all the carrots so they could not taste good.  The next morning, Zeto was shocked and thought Nin-nin did it.  In the end, Toki learned the truth and was happy to know Zeto loved him too and … SMEX!

IV. Tsuki ni ookami

This is my favorite story in the manga and CD.   It features Suou’s youngest brother Tsukishiro (CV: Shimono Hiro), who is the illegitimate son.  Since his brother and only kind person to him in the household – Suou eloped with Suzume, people despised him and he felt very lonely.  One day, when he was hunting with his servants, he found a wolf seriously injured.  The servants wanted to kill the wolf but Tsukishiro tried to stop them and got hit by the servants.  The wolf jumped onto the servants who freaked out and fled, leaving behind Tsukishiro.  He stared at the wolf and said it was okay to eat him because he had no where to go anywhere.  Then, he fell asleep in the wolf’s arms.  When he woke up, he realized he was in the wolf’s valley.  The wolf transformed into a man (or more accurately was already transformed) and his name was Rouen (CV: Itou Kentarou).   Rouen left his brothers to go out to hunt while Tsukishiro tried to help out at home but since he was a rich kid, basically he knew NOTHING! Didn’t know how to cook, do laundry, or clean up.  He was angry when Rouen teased him for being a useless addition to the household.  However, eventually Tsukishiro found his role in the family – the MOTHERLY FIGURE!   He babysat both the baby wolves as well as the neighbors’ kids in exchange for food.  As a result, he gained a reputation and earned food that way.  At the same time, Rouen also got attracted to Tsukishiro more and more deeply.  At first, he was attracted by the deep degree of melancholy.  Soon, he became attracted to his kindness and gentleness.  In the end, Rouen managed to "eat" Tsukishiro ….just as he wished .


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