Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke


Suwa Fuyuki (CV: Yusa Kouji) is a beautiful and intelligent lawyer who has always been seriously troubled by his childhood friend Komine Mitora (CV: Nakai Kazuya) – the masculine, rough, but powerful yakuza leader. How “troubled”? First, when he was still a middle school student, Mitora gave him a bottle of whisky as birthday present. When the teacher saw the whiskey in Fuyuki’s bag later that day during inspection, Fuyuki’s “good-student” image was completely shattered. Next, when Fuyuki was preparing to enter university, Mitora prepared a cheering party to support him through his college examinations but he turned out disturbing him and he failed to enter his first choice. Recently his father, who has been serving as the solicitor of Mitora’s yakuza group, collapsed and Mitora needed a solicitor to substitute his father. Since Fuyuki is also a lawyer, Mitora wants him to serve as a substitute but Fuyuki refused. Mitora sent group members to Fuyuki’s apartment and followed Fuyuki around. The latter couldn’t stand it so he went to find Mitora and complained about the problem. Mitora said the solution was simple – to move into his apartment. Fuyuki was pissed but in the end, he still moved into Mitora’s residence.

When he moved in, he realized just how much Mitora loved him. Mitora ordered his chef, who wasn’t good at Japanese cuisine, to learn in order to cook the recipes Fuyuki liked. As Sugabe Fujikazu (CV: Hanawa Eiji) explained, it seemed Mitora had liked Fuyuki ever since childhood. The whiskey, he actually thought it was an excellent wine and so he gave it to Fuyuki as birthday present (not realizing it would be unacceptable for Fuyuki who tried so hard to retain an “honor student image”. Then, the cheering party, he really did it with good intentions but while it worked for yakuza, it wouldn’t work for someone preparing to sit for college entrance exams. Finally, Fuyuki thought Mitora destroyed his relationship with his lover. However, the truth was that Mitora wanted to test whether the person Fuyuki was going out really loved him or not. In short, everything Mitora did, he did for Fuyuki’s sake. Sadly, everything he did, the timing was too bad and as a result, they did not share many happy moments together. The only pleasant memory was that trip when Mitora, Fuyuki, and another childhood friend – Jinno Youhei (CV: Miyake Kenta) – went to the mountains to hide from some yakuza troubles.

As the truth gradually unfolded before Fuyuki’s eyes, the coldness in his heart melted a little – much more when he saw the masculine Mitora blushed when asked since when did he fall in love with Fuyuki. Worse, when Fuyuki met with Youhei, it seemed the whole world (except him) knew Mitora had an interest in him. Then, one of Mitora’s men was arrested and needed quick legal advice. Although reluctant, Fuyuki gave in and decided to serve as his father’s substitute until his father recovered. Not only was Mitora happy but the wife of the arrested yakuza member (pregnant at the time) also thanked him sincerely. Work started for Fuyuki and he did not have time to meet with Mitora. So they compromised by having a long telephone s*x. The next day, Fuyuki found this time, it was Mitora who was arrested!

Fuyuki knew Mitora could not have committed the crime because he was with him last night when the crime occurred. So he promised Sougabe and the other members to leave it to him to bring Mitora back. They all shouted: “Big sister” (like calling a female yakuza leader) and Fuyuki was upset because he was 100% male. Still, he went to the police and delivered a raving speech that provided alibi for Mitora and forced them to release Mitora. Apparently, Mitora kept quiet and did not say he had alibi to protect Fuyuki’s reputation. On the other hand, Fuyuki was concerned about Mitora enough to throw away his own reputation and spoke the truth. Well, he was confident the police could not reveal the “content” of the alibi because the police also violated the privacy laws in their investigations. In the end, Mitora confessed how he fell in love with Fuyuki in the first year in middle school. He admired the confidence and power in Fuyuki and fell in love with him ever since. Finally, when they went in hiding with their family, Mitora asked Fuyuki to be his partner and stay by his side and Fuyuki agreed. Fuyuki was also surprised that Mitora would remember his words years later. In the end, the distance between their hearts seemed to have shortened. However, for Mitora to completely possess the “shrewd” – body and soul, there is still a long way ahead.



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