Sekai no subete ga teki datoshitemo


I shall dedicate this review to xaevyn because without her, I might not be able to listen to this lovely drama. This is the first drama in the “Sekai” series (or so I call it). The next drama will be out in April 2006. I have not read the novel so my review is based on what I manage to hear with my poor Japanese.

Momon Chihiro (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) received a letter from the prestigious Yuuki’s corporation president summoning him to his residence. He arrived promptly but was greeted by an insolent young man, Abe Takao (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) who instantly kissed him. Chihiro’s reacted to the kiss very calmly, which surprised the young man. Unfortunately, before the two had a chance to talk more about the issue, they were surrounded by five men. The two easily took out the men after a gunfight. Two more people then came out of the house to welcome Chihiro. They were Kashio Nagi (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) and Horie (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) . When Chihiro met Yuuki, he realized that his grandmother was once (Yuuki)’s bodyguard and saved Yuuki. The latter was truly grateful to Chihiro’s grandfather but did not have a chance to express his gratitude. So he invited Chihiro to his house instead. The Yuuki also told Chihiro that he had a grandchild with a woman he loved very much. The woman bore him a child but he was unaware of the child’s existence. Unfortunately, both the woman and child died and only the grandchild still lived on this earth. The people attempted to kill Chihiro at the front door because they mistook him as Yuuki’s grandchild. Abe Takao, the insolent young man and the other two men were “guardians” whose duties were to protect Yuuki and his grandchild. When Chihiro heard the story, he wanted to help Yuuki because he felt were his grandfather alive, his grandfather would also try to help. Chihiro suggested that he would disguise as Yuuki’s grandchild. Since the public had not seen the “real” grandchild, no one would suspect he was a counterfeit. Yuuki and the other two guardians agreed but Takao seemed to oppose to the idea. In the end though, Chihiro’s plan was adopted and he gave up his job as police and joined the operation to protect Yuuki and his grandchild.

To prepare for this task, Takao trained Chihiro – from shooting to flirting with men in bed. Takao repeatedly warned Chihiro to think carefully because he would be risking his life. Chihiro understood but still proceeded with his plan. So, Takao said “even if the whole world were your enemy, I am still your ally”. As Yuuki’s grandchild, Chihiro had to attend dinners and drink parties. On the first party, he was harassed by dirtyguy, who said he would not interfere with the inheritance if Chihiro would come into his possession. Takao, who was disguised as a waiter, was pissed when he saw Chihiro being harassed and after driving dirtyguy, harassed Chihiro himself. Of course, he got slapped. A few days before the next party, Chihiro got a call from Morino, inviting him for a brief talk. Chihiro refused to come to meet him alone but at the next party, briefly chatted with Morino. Morino said he was Chihiro’s ally and would like Chihiro to meet an important person in the room he booked. Chihiro hesitated whether to follow him or not. At this moment, the chandelier fell and almost hit Chihiro but Takao reacted quick enough to save Chihiro. Sadly, he hurt his arm while saving Chihiro and had to leave temporarily to have his wound treated. Chihiro then followed Morino to the room where Morino pointed his guy at Chihiro. Turned out Morino was responsible for the chandelier accident and was plotting to murder Yuuki’s grandson in order to obtain the inheritance for himself. Just when Chihiro was about to be murdered, TakaoKashio and HORIE barged in and saved Chihiro. Then, Takao broke down and cried in front of Chihiro because it was his first time meeting a person whom he could completely open his heart. Chihiro also said he liked Takao, who was very surprised because he did so many things to annoy Chihiro. In the end, the two’s hearts opened to each other and the main story ended with a sweet smex.

The special bonus was very funny, especially the part when Takao and Chihiro praised each other’s outfit. Then Chihiro already became Takao’s wife and joined Kashio and Horie together to tease Takao. The part about Takao’s past is also cute, like buying nappies XD or crawling onto Kashio‘s bed when he was young. Or when Chihiro said he cried in front of him and wet the bed (?) up to 2nd year of elementary school and couldn’t sleep alone afterward. More importantly, it dropped hints about the relationships between Kashio and Horie. Finally, I must add I want to see the “guardian’s uniform”. Maybe I should consider buying the novels of this series?


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