Ai de Kitsuku Shibaritai


This story has six parts and are collected into two novels. This story is a bit "unusual" in the sense that it’s the kind of story you enjoy reading but it’s really exhausting to write about because the plots are interlinked but there’s not a central backbone story that threads them all. Aside from the first story which is very well structured, all the others are loosely bound. Probably because of the structure, only the first story was dramatized. Anyway, since the story fluctates quite a bit, I just tell it in the way I find most easily comprehensible instead of the actual layout of the novel. The CVs are based on the announced cast.

Koi Yori Hageshiku

Fujimoto Kajika (CV: Miyata Kouki) is a cute high school student with big, cat-like eyes (in short – VERY CUTE and more SHOTA than his actual age). He’s average in every aspect – sports and studies but his looks are probably above average. This is quite different from his brother Fujimoto Kazuma (CV: Yusa Kouji), who is cool, bright, and good at everything. Even though Kazuma appears to be better than Kajika, there’s no rivalry or jealousy between the brothers. This is because Kajika is always PROUD OF his brother, so much so to the extent that he seems to have a brother complex. The story began a few days before Kazuma’s birthday and a short while after their father passed away. Kajima already prepared a gift for his brother but when his brother’s brithday came, his nightmare also began! Kajika was suddenly told that he was not Fujimoto Kajika but a member of the gigantic Kirijima corporation !! His real name was Kirijima Kazumi. He was kidnapped by Fujimoto, the man who later became his father. Someone ordered Kazumi to be kidnapped but in the end, he wasn’t killed and instead raised by Fujimoto.

Before moving on, since the relationships in the Kirijima family is rather complex, I’ll first provide a simple picture of the family composition. Kirijima (the current owner of the Kirijima Corporation) has three kids from two wives. His first wife bore him a daughter (Mio) and a son (Kazumi) and died. He had another son Kirijima Issei (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) with a woman but he refused to marry her properly. So, only Issei belonged to the Kirijima family, not his mother. Kirijima’s cousin was married to a man called Morikawa Kunihiko and he brought his son from another marriage, Morikawa Akihiko (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) into the Kirijima Corporation. Currently, the two men are taking over the actual powers of running the Kirijima Corporation and Akihiko is engaged to Mio. The two will get married once Mio graduates from University or that’s the plan until Mio suddenly died in the car accident. Since Mio died, there’s no other way the Morikawa family could take over the Kirijima Corporation anymore, because Issei would be the only successor. So, they went to find Kazumi, who is now Kajika and wanted him to disguise as Mio until the marriage is over since he looks exactly like Mio. In this way, Morikawa Akihiko would be entitled to continue exercise influence over the Kirijima Corporation. Of course, Kajika was not interested at all in inheriting the Kirijima Corporation and he would not want to go to the Kirijima family because he knew nothing about the family. However, the Morikawas threatened him with the safety of his brother Kazuma. Also, if the fact that his father, Fujimoto, kidnapped him was publicized, then Kazuma woud become the son of a criminal and he did not want Kazuma to bear a bad name. Of course, he wouldn’t want his father to carry a bad name into his grave either. In short, Kajika had no choice but to listen to their orders. At first, he did not have the mood to eat so they threatened him to eat. At times when it became desperate, Kajika wanted to commit suicide but he was not even given the freedom to kill himself because they thretened to hurt Kazuma should he kill himself. Gradually, Akihiko seemed to have taken an interest in the cute Kajika.

At the same time, Issei and his childhood friend as well as "companion" (not really considered a servant) Igarashi Ushio (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) were also concerned about the movements of the Morikawas. When Issei visited his sister who was still in "confusion" owing to the accident, he was sharp and realized that the person lying on the bed was not his sister but another person even though the face resembled his sister’s. He then ordered Ushio to investigate into the mattter. Soon, they realized that the person was really his older brother who was kidnapped 17 years ago and he never heard of his brother again. Since the brother was the son from the wife his father loved, should the truth be revealed to his father, instantly, Issei would lose his position as the successor to the Kirijima family. So, Issei plotted to break into the Morikawa residence and got hold of Kajika. When they were trying to transport Kajika away, Kazuma arrived and quickly used Ushio to threaten Issei into giving Kajika back to him. Turned out Kazuma knew Kajika was not his real brother when he was 13. He also learned from his father, who used to be a bodyguard in America, various skills in self-defence and fighting. His reaction was so fast it surpassed Issei and Ushio’s calculations. Kazuma managed to secure Kajika and brought him to a hotel where he $&*# Kajika because he thought Kajika had a fishy relationship with Akihiko. However, turned out Akihiko did not manage to divulge Kajika yet. Before Kazuma left, Issei gave him a mobile phone and said would contact him. Issei wanted Kazuma to give him the evidence that would prove Kajika as Kirijima Kazumi. In return, he would let the two of them live in peace. Kazuma agreed to Issei terms because he knew the Morikawas would be looking for them too. Just when he went to meet Issei to trade, the Morikawas already reached the hotel and found Kajika. Kazuma then joined forces with Issei and Ushio and they went to rescue Kajika from the Morikawas.

In the end, Mio’s death was publicly announced and the Morikawas removed from power in the Kirijima Corporation. Kazuma and Kajika also continued to live as brothers … or more appropriately lovers. At the same time, Kajika also got to meet his real father – Kirijima and he told him many things about his childhood and how he grew up in the Fujimoto family. Kirijima offered Kajika a place in the Kirijima household but Kajika would rather remain as Fujimoto Kajika instead of Kirijima Kazumi. So, Issei’s position as the successor to the Kirijima Corporation remained firm and soon, Issei and Kajika also got on rather good terms and fought like siblings.

Ai de Kitsuku Shibaritai

In the first story, the focus was on the relationship between Kazuma and Kajika. Beginning from this story and onwards, the focus is completely on Issei and Ushio (in fact, these two are the main couple and the other two are the supporting couple) . The background of both Ushio and Issei are rather complicated. As I mentioned before, since Issei’s mother was not loved by her husband, Issei was not loved by his father too. In fact, when his sister was loving with his father in Tokyo, he was the only one left behind in the remote main family. On the surface, it was for his safety, but Issei felt it was because he was never wanted by his father. Owing to this, he became rather rebellious and pretended to be "stupid". He refused to study and only caused trouble. The person to take of him was Ushio, a mega mega beauty. Ushio’s family has always served the Kirijima family and Ushio’s mother never got married properly. She just bore Ushio and took the name Igarashi when Ushio was born. When Ushio was 5, she left and married someone else later. Every year, she would only see Ushio once and not more. Owing to this circumstance, Ushio, who was a year older than Issei became the only person in the world who would turly care for Issei from the bottom of his heart. As Ushio became older, he realized his affection toward Ushio was way beyond a childhood friend. He loves Issei but this is not tolerated considering he’s a guy and a "servant" to Issei. So, he murdered the emotion called love …or at least he attempted to. At the same time, Issei was wild and he really wanted Ushio but when he tried to hold Ushio, he saw Ushio’s face twisting with pain. So he stopped and went out to get some experiences with women. However his move wasn’t welcome by his father and Ushio certainly was hurt to see Issei sleeping with other women. At least he did not see the ladies but he could sense their presence when Issei brought home the fragrance. Unfortunately, he was not even in the position to be jealous so he murdered the emotion called "jealousy" as well.

One day, Kirijima Toshiki, Issei’s cousin came over to visit. Toshiki is "gay" and totally attracted to Ushio because of his great beauty. He told Ushio that he had some information about Kazumi, who was kidnapped years ago. In exchange for the information, Ushio would have to offer him his "body". Ushio never appreciated his beautiful face before but when he realized his "body" could be of use to obtain information that might be useful to Issei, he agreed. Of course, Issei was not happy about the relationship between Ushio and Toshiki (or any man other than himself). He wanted Ushio for himself. Ushio realized that but he treated that as a mere sense of childishness on the part of Issei. This he confirmed when Issei wanted to sleep with him but stopped halfway and said it was not interesting. Ushio was deeply hurt because he realized he was not the object of love of Issei and Issei’s possessiveness was merely based on the logic that even if he did not like the toy, he would not give it to anyone else. Yes, to Issei, Ushio was merely his servant and toy. However to Ushio, Issei is everything. He would trade his body and soul just for Issei to be happy. Issei once asked what would he do if someone tried to hurt Issei with a knife. Without even thinking, Ushio replied he would protect Issei and get stabbed in his place. Since Ushio loves Issei SO MUCH, he went to meet Toshiki and followed him to the hotel. Toshiki gave him a can of beer and some "medicine" to make him more "wild and sexy". When Ushio saw the medicine, his heart sank. If a person as Toshiki who adored him like a goddess felt he needed "medicine" in order to be sexy, he could understand why Issei had no interest in him. Ushio was not stupid and in fact quite well prepared. He carefully pretended to drink the medicine but he actually spit them back into the beer. At the same time, when Toshiki was not looking, he dropped a sleeping pill into Toshiki’s drink. As Toshiki already asked Ushio to change clothes in the car so he could not bring gun or anything to the hotel, he certainly did not know Ushio might have pills on him. As a result, Ushio got the information and did not get raped by Toshiki. However, since his hands were tied up, he needed time to get away. During this time, Issei already arrived and ordered Ushio’s foster brother Igarashi Osamu to remove Toshiki. When he saw the naked Ushio in bed with a sleeping Toshiki, he was mad with rage. He actually stopped halfway back then not because Ushio was not sexy but because he was afraid he might make Ushio very painful if he forced his way. When he saw another man touching his Ushio before him, he just lost control and pretty much raped Ushio quite violently. Of course, Ushio endured the pain as much as he could without fighting back. This was the first time Issei saw Ushio cry (probably of pain in the body, and probably because he could not completely kill off his emotions). The next morning, Issei learned he was mistaken and Toshiki really did not "engulf" Ushio. Issei was happy and but Ushio’s feelings were mixed because he knew he could not be "happy" by loving Issei the way he did and still is.

Peaceful days never last. As the threat posed by the Morikawas is now gone, there is no longer any need for Issei to pretend to be stupid or deviant anymore. He gradually revealed his intelligence and ability and people began to praise him. He also accepted his father’s attitude toward him as he grew older. On top of that, he also had two great assistants – Kazuma and Osamu to help him with his business. Also, with Kajika coming back to the family, for the first time, Issei found someone whom he could treat with open hearts – without worrying that Kajika was plotting against him for the wealth because Kajika was not interested in the inheritence at all. At this rate, there was no place left for Ushio in the Kirijima family. In the past, Issei had only him to trust and rely on but now, he has many people whom he could trust and rely on and Ushio is not needed anymore. Technically, when Ushio graduated from university, he would be expected to be Issei’s secretary but he felt his foster brother – Osamu would be a better choice because Osamu was more mature and smarter than he was. Instead, he planned to take on the dirtier roles like spying for information (and making full use of his beautiful face and body). Osamu did not like the idea but somehow, Ushio felt keeping a distance between himself and Issei would be best for issei. In a way this is true because Issei would inherit the Kirijima Corporation one day and he would have to get married and have children. He would not be able to stay by Issei’s side forever. Of course, Issei would not hear his logic because that would be nonsense to Issei. So, Ushio decided to go to study abroad. When Issei learned Ushio was going abroad, he was so mad he just imprisoned Ushio in the house and not let Ushio go anywhere. His OLDER brother Kajika then scolded him for not confessing his true feelings to Ushio. Issei really likes Ushio and doesn’t care for the inheritence either. If he could, he would forget about the Kirijima family and just go away with Ushio but this way, Ushio would blame himself forever. So, his best alternative would be to take over the Corporation and when he’s in power, no one will bother him and he can have Ushio all to himself. Of course, he did not manage to express his feelings well to Ushio so the latter completely did not feel Issei loved him as a "lover". After Kajika’s lecture, he was ready to confess his feelings to Ushio. Unfortunately before he managed to do so, a fire broke out in the house and since Ushio was imprisoned, he could not escape. Issei then rushed into the fire to rescue Ushio and confessed to him his feelings. Then, he forced Ushio to vow that he would remain by his side. The proof is done in the form of a kiss. However, until then only Issei kissed Ushio but never the reverse. This time it’s a kiss from Ushio…


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