Junai wa kedamono wo kaeru


Sonoda Yahiro, 24, is currently working very hard at getting his ends meet. This is because he just quit his job and he has to take care of a little kid- Yashio. Yashio is the son of his sister, who passed away in a car accident several years ago. Yashio was still studying at university and he could not take care of Yashio. So he had to leave Yashio in the hands of some stingy and wicked relatives for a while. When he graduated and found a job, he started taking care of Yashio again and though poor, the uncle and nephew lived quite happily together. * In case the word SHOTA floats on your mind at this point, please don’t worry. There’s NO SHOTA here… "technically" and you will know why if you read on . One day, Yashio came back and told Yahiro that he broke a chair at a nearby cafe called Trinity. Yahiro followed Yashio to the cafe to apologize. When he arrived, he was shocked to find that the owner of the cafe was Oku Naotake and the cafe master, Oku’s best friend Tango Michiru. These two guys were his older sister’s friends during high school and often came to play at Yahiro’s place. In fact, Yahiro knew Oku very well and for a while, he quite liked Oku. Unfortunately, Oku was closer to his sister and he knew that he lost to his sister in every way – looks, intelligence, popularity. His sister was a genius and he was just a normal average boy. The inferiority had always hurt Yahiro. When Oku finished high school, he left Japan for Italy and they did not meet until this incident. At first, Yashio thought an old chair should not cost too much. Turned out it was an antique that was worth 800,000 yen!! Of course, Yahiro could not afford the compensation fees but Tango gave him a pretty good offer. He would have to work at the cafe and each month, 10,000 yen would be deducted from his salary as compensation for the chair. This offer was actually wonderful for Yahiro because he was desperate for income at the moment to pay for his living expenses. So, he agreed but Oku said that work alone at the cafe would not be enough. Yahiro would also have to work as his maid – cook for him, clean, and do the laundry. Yahiro agreed to the terms and his life at Trinity began. While working at Trinity, Yahiro began to notice a lot of mysteries. First, even though Tango was the cafe master, he did not come to the cafe everyday. Even when he came, he would only prepare coffee and sit in the office. The actual running of the cafe was left to the hands of a part time student Kazuho. Second, Yahiro knew Oku came from a pretty wealthy family but he built this three-story building with his money. It must have cost him quite a lot of money to be able to afford the construction of the building. The ground floor was turned into a cafe, the first floor seemed to be Oku’s shop. Kazuho lived in the second floor while Oku and Tango lived in separate rooms on the third floor. Since Oku just lived upstairs, it would not take much time for Yahiro to work at the cafe as well as Oku’s home.

In the beginning, it was only domestic help but gradually, Oku allowed Yahiro to bring Yashio to his apartment to eat so Yahiro would not have to go home and cook for Yashio. He was also surprisingly kind to Yahiro, which made Yahiro sad because he felt Oku was only kind to him as he treated him as a replacement for his sister. Even when his sister got married, Oku gave her a very nice wedding present though he was far away in Italy. The more Yahiro realized he was the substitute of his sister, the more his heart ached. Yashio was also extraordinarily kind to Yashio and he thought that was also because of his affection toward his dead sister. One day, just a little while before Yahiro’s payday, his relative came and demanded Yahiro to clear all the rent he owed her (Yahiro’s been renting her apartment but could not pay the rent in the three months when he lost his job). The bitch relative spoke satirically of Yahiro’s inability to take care of Yashio and his irresponsibility of owing her rent. She then pretty much forced Yahiro and Yashio out of the house. Having no where to stay, Yahiro had to turn to Oku for help. Oku offered Yahiro and Yasho a place to stay. As he started living with Oku, he found the guy was actually very hardworking. He was curious about Oku and so he went into his study when Oku was not there. To his surprise, he found a letter Oku wrote to the department store where he used to work, demanding Yahiro be taken off the transaction! Oku was really a very famous furniture designer and his name was known worldwide. He complaint about the performance of Yahiro and this indirectly led to Yahiro’s resignation. Yahiro was extremely pissed when he learned the truth. That night, he just locked himself up and cried. The next day, he skipped work to go the place where his belongings were kept. A little while ago, his mean relative seemed to realize that the wedding gift Oku gave his sister were antiques that would be worth over a million yen. He wanted to sell those antiques and use the money to pay back Oku and then leave his place along with Yashio. When he arrived at the storage, his mean relative was already plotting to get his antiques. He managed to strike a deal with the relative and sold the set for just 800,000 yen. The relative agreed but Oku came to stop the transaction and told them that the wedding gift was not really antiques but a set of furniture he designed himself so they would not worth too much.
He also revealed the whole truth.

Even when he was in high school (and Yahiro was still in elementary school and later middle school), he already loved Yahiro. His relationship with Yahiro’s sister was more like respect but he preferred the more "human" Yahiro instead of the superhuman sister. Then when he was troubling about whether to pursue a future in furniture and antiques which he like or to give in and follow his father’s footsteps to becoming a doctor, he saw Yahiro crying because his chair was broken. Yahiro was devoted to the chair and would not abandon it for a new one. Owing to Yahiro’s passion, Oku decided to go to Italy to study furniture design. Although he was abroad for 10 years, he still tried to keep himself informed of the Sonota siblings. When he heard Sonota’s sister died and he was left with very little money and Yashio to take care of, he wanted to help by adopting Yashio. However, Yahsio refused his offer and said he would wait for Yahiro because he made a promise with Yahiro. Still, Oku felt Yahiro was working too hard and had no time for himself (he could not even go on dates with women because he was poor and too busy). So, Oku wanted to help Yahiro out and when Yahiro resigned, he asked Yashio to pretend he broke the chair. Then, Yahiro would have to come and he would be given a job. From then on, Yahiro would not have to worry about finances or be bullied by his mean relatives anymore. Yashio agreed to Oku’s plan but on condition that Oku would keep his promise and would protect Yahiro and not make Yahiro cry. However, that night when Yahiro cried, Yashio said Oku was a lier. Anyway, when Yahiro knew the whole truth, his heart softened and he rested his body and soul in Oku. Of course, this means a happy H and happy end.


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