Saihate no kimi e


I updated this review to correct the romanization (as I have my manga with me now) and to include my impressions for the CD as well (yes, I’m too lazy to write another one). If you’re the main couple’s fan, please be prepared that my review could be a bit disturbing. I apologize in advance.

Ryou (CV: Kishio Daisuke) and his brother Masaya (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) lost their parents when they were very young. They went to live with a remote family but was ultimately "bought" by Takatou Kyouichirou (CV: Matsuyama Takashi). Masaya is a kind loving brother who took care of Ryou and the two tried their best to struggle with their lives. Ryou was "given" to Takatou Akihito (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) as a playmate but as the two grew up together, they seemed to genuinely love each other. Things appeared to be fine until one evening, Ryou saw his brother coming home late. He was also accompanied by Kyouichirou as well. Ryou was curious and so followed the two. He then saw his brother having s*x with Kyouichirou and looking very irropoi as well. That instance, Ryou realized what his brother meant when he said he had to help out at the main house. He was secretly bearing all the pain by "providing a service" to Kyouichirou the owner in return for allowing the brothers to stay at the Takatou household. Ryou was heartbroken as he thought the Takatou family was raising them out of kindness. He was even more deeply hurt when the one person whom he considered to be his best friend – Akihito, knew about the truth all along. He was the only one left in the dark. He declared that he would leave the Takatou household immediately, bringing his brother with him. However, Akihito would not allow it. Akihito then dragged Ryou into his room, raped him, and imprisoned him. At the same time, Masaya knew Ryou saw what happened and hurried to Ryou’s room but there was no sign of Ryou. The next morning, Dr. Saiga (CV: Yusa Kouji) came to find Masaya but the latter was sitting in Ryou’s room, frozen from cold. Masaya told Saiga that Ryou saw him having sex with Kyouichirou and would think of him as a "dirty" person. Saiga tried to calm Masaya down and reassurred him that all things would be fine and asked Masaya to just leave things into his hands. Masaya agreed but when he got a phone call from Kyouichirou summoning him to his study so he could use more medicine on him during s*x, Masaya completely broke down and committed suicide. Although Masaya’s life was saved, he went into a coma. Ryou desperately wanted to save his brother and only one person could help him – Akihito. To exchange for his brother’s freedom, he was enslaved by Akihito both psychologically and sexually. Thought their bodies got closer, the distance increased between their hearts. One day, Ryou heard that Kyouichirou wanted to sell him to some foreign s*x traders! Akihito opposed to the idea and promised Ryou that he would give him as well as Masaya freedom. He kept his promise and soon Ryou started a new life outside of the Takatou household. However, Ryou did not know that Akihito exchanged their freedom with his own. To ensure Ryou could have freedom, Akihito promised his father he would go to America to study and take over the business operations in America. When Ryou learned about the truth from Dr. Saiga, he rushed to the hotel where Akihito was staying just before he took off to America. Ryou then confessed his emotions to Akihito and finally the two got together. Masaya also woke up from his coma and cried when he saw Ryou’s letter to him.


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  1. Nanya-sann,konbanwa!

    I enjoyed this serious story. I am a secret “Master-Slave” lover:razz:

    I really like cool Seme voice of Tori-chan and cool Uke voice of Kishio-sann!!
    ,so I am satisfied wiht this casting.

    I alse like Matsuyama X Kamiya-sann. They are so sexy!
    I felt so sorry for Kamiya-sann, and hope he will be happy from now on:cry:

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  3. Hi Ai-san,

    Thanks for dropping by and the trackback! I enjoyed this serious story too though I think the cast is a bit hard for me, especially Toriumi’s Akihito. I completely read him in Sakurai Takahiro’s voice (sweat). As for Matsuyama san, when he said “Masaya” my heart just beat violently. He’s a genius!

  4. Hi to everybody,

    I am To and I’m from Germany. I read the first to chapters of “Saihate no kimi e” and I was really fascinated by the story. But sadly these two chapters were all I could find of this manga, but I really want to know how the story goes on.
    So I thought, that maybe somebody of you can help me and tell me, where I can order the manga or where I can get the whole story. You really are my last hope.
    And I also have to say that this is very nice website. I am really glad that I found it!
    Have a nice day!!


  5. Hi Nanya-san,

    Thank you alot for the hint, I defnetly will order it. I am soooo glad that I found this website ^^.
    But since I am here anyway, may I can ask you, if you know some other goos yaoi mangas, in special one with a similar realtionship like “saihate no kimi e” has. Because I actually like this “Master-Slave” thing alot *blush*.
    And thank you again for the link!


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