Oyaji hiroimashita


Again, I’m writing the synopsis for the manga as the basis of the CD which should come out in March so I’ll use the seiyuu as the producers announced.

The story…it’s just as simple as the title suggests. Saeki Ryouji (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) <– UKE!!! overworked and collapsed in front of Mibu Ryounosuke (CV: Chiba Susumu) <— SEME!!! gigantic mansion. Mibu realized he himself was not "straight" but when he picked up Ryouji, it was love at first sight. In fact, when his butler Nakai (CV: Narita Ken) <— UKE!!! said Saeki was messy and dirty (which was the truth as he didn’t return home for a while and totally exhausted), Mibu saw nothing but sparkles surrounding Ryouji x_x. Ryouji divorced and is currently living alone in an apartment with NOTHING (no food, no furniture, NOTHING but a futon). He said that’s all he needed because it’s just a place to sleep anyway. He’s a lonely man vv. He slept while Mibu waited by his side. When he woke up, he was already in a comfortable bed and a pretty room Mibu asked his father to arrange for Ryouji. They acted fast. At first, Ryouji resisted Mibu a bit, especially when Mibu was practically sitting ON HIM ON THE BED. However, when he rejected Mibu, the latter was VERY UPSET (cried T_T) and the two parted. At work, Ryouji wondered about Mibu and when he returned home and got in bed, he slightly uttered "Ryounosuke". The boy IMMEDIATELY BARGED INTO THE ROOM!!!! Turned out they installed eavesdropping device in Ryouji’s room. After making up, when little wolf Mibu was ready to "eat his dinner", Nakai barged in and reminded the two that the EAVESDROPPING DEVICES ARE STILL WORKING!!! So, the naughty wolf has to wait a little while longer XDDD.

The second chapter introduces us to Nanako (CV: Kugimiya Rie) <— LOLI!!! Ryouji’s DAUGHTER!!! Both Nanako and Mibu competes for Ryouji’s love but of course the little Nanako wins because she’s younger. Ryounosuke is slightly upset but he’s a good child and understanding as well, so understanding that he asked the loli to get herself married and vanish XDD. The next day, Rouji promised to meet Ryounosuke at 11a.m. on a date but Nanako got into an accident and was brought to the hospital. Ryouji went to the hospital to find Nanako just slightly hurt. She even said he worried too much x_x. Nanako seemed to understand how important Ryounosuke was for Ryouji and so she gave up and accepted them with an angelic smile. Ryouji then went home to find Mibu crawled up like a little cat, sitting on the floor in front of his sofa. Mibu was simply worried Ryouji would just leave him and not come back to him. Ryouji reassurred him he loved Mibu and this time, they H. The funniest thing though is that when they meet Nakai again, the latter asked:

Nakai: "How far did you go on the date?"
Mibu: "All the way"
Nakai: "I asked WHERE did you go on the date"

In the third story, Ryouji’s birthday is coming up. His colleague at work Mizuki (CV: Touchika Kouichi) <— EVIL!!! came over to his place for business. At his house, he met Mibu, who apparently did not like Mizuki. This is because Mizuki asked whether he had a girlfriend. When he learned his girlfriend (a.k.a. Ryouji) was 17 years old, he said things like having such an OLD LOVER would be hard because he could not even show off in front of his friends. Of course, Ryouji was hurt as these words seemed to direct at him. However, Mizuki really wanted to attack Mibu because he seemed to have taken an interest in Ryouji. When Mizuki was alone with Mibu, he laughed at him for only satisfying Ryouji with his father’s memory and that he could not do a thing without his father’s wealth. Mibu was deeply hurt. So, as birthday present, he gave Ryouji CASH . Ryouji thought the cash was parting money but it turned out to be the money Mibu earned from working part time. Mibu wanted to use his "own money" to satisfy Ryouji (but giving cash? It’s GOOD in that Ryouji can buy what he wants but it’s too straightforward isn’t it). Anyway, Ryouji then INVITED Mibu to stay at his house and rather than an H scene, we see the two sleeping happily in bed (in a warm and gentle way that’s totally CERO 12).

The other story is about Nakai and Mibu’s classmate Mashita (CV: Itou Kentarou) <— SEME!!!. Mashita likes Nakai and greets him every morning but getting a rather cold response. Since Mibu now has Ryouji, Nakai is more "free" and Mashita says he’ll accompany him. The two went on a rather cute date that started from eating "meal" to Nakai being swallowed by Mashita XDD. Yet, Nakai does not fully accept Mashita quite as yet. Then Mibu caught a cold and Nakai spent most of his time taking care of Mibu. Mashita was very jealous and went as far as to say: "If you care about him (Mibu) so much, why don’t you rape him? " He got a big slap from Nakai and he ran away. He then started going out with girls again but found Nakai waiting for him at the school gate and being extremely upset. The two then made up and then Mashita found that Nakai is an "old man" that’s more than he can handle XDD.

The bonus story (?) is Ryouji x Nakai … not really. When Mibu caught the flu, Ryouji came to visit and brought two bouquets of flowers – one for Mibu and one for Nakai because he said it would suit Nakai. Mibu was jealous to the max (how cute)


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  1. Nanya-san,KONBANWA!

    I left a comment for this review yesterday,but now I found it’s gone!(
    涙) So I try to leave a comment again.

    This CD is on my shopping list. I am Oyaji Uke lover!! and looking forward to listen to Evil Chiba Seme x Cute Kazuhiko Uke ! And Narita Uke!!! His voice is so manly that I can hardly imagine his Uke,which must be worth listening(^^)

  2. Ai san, Konnichiha!
    Thank you for your comment. Sorry your other comment didn’t pass through ;_;
    Yeah, I love this manga very much and I also like the cast very much. I think Inoue san fits the image very well. As for Narita Ken, his uke I’m also very looking forward to, especially this kind of Queen uke XDD. It is worth listening I’m sure!

  3. Hi Ms. Nanya,

    Nice to meet you! This is dongwan. I’m a pure fan of Mr. Inoue. ^___^

    I can’t help leaving a comment here to express my gratitude to you for your wonderful review! Actually I’m very curious about the content of the upcoming CD drama coz it’s my dear PAPA’s second UKE! =V= A little tension before due to some rumors saying it’s full of H= =|||…After reading your detailed review I become very relaxed coz there are dozens of “cute” appearing in your article XDDD. I agree with you that nearly every character’s so kawaii according to what you described! Haha, now I’m full of interest and looking forward to listening to it ASAP!

    Many thanks to your great work again! XDDDD And let’s wait for its release together. ^^BTW if you don’t mind, could I translate some of your words into Chinese as an introduction of the story? I might post it at http://www.koesuki.com. Of coz I will quote your name and website as a reference.

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards,


  4. Dongwan san, good evening! Nice to meet you too! I actually look forward to this CD much more because i think this lighter story should be better for Inoue sama. The last story is not quite fitting for him (I think) so it might not have been that well received.

    As for the H level, I don’t think this is high H at all…in fact, it’s quite low in terms of H and most of them are really cute ^_~ so don’t worry about the H level. If you like, please go ahead and translate whatever you want. I don’t mind really (though my Japanese is really bad and I may not be accurate).

    Please come again and I hope you enjoy my little site ^_^;;

  5. Haha, Nanya san, I’ll definitely come again and again coz your site is indeed a paradise for me! I’m a genuine Japanese rookie…. = =+….This morning when I first found your site I was so excited, just like a poor guy suddenly digging out a treasure.:)

    Haha, I’m looking forward to reading your comment on this drama CD as my guidance…And I’m very happy to discuss with you later when I finish listening.^^

    But I got a little bit lost in this site. Could you show me the homepage that I can see your most recent updates or replies?= =|||

    ps: It seems that the time lag btw us is 8 hrs. When I replied last time, it was already 3:30 a.m. in HK. ^^

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