Manazashi no Yuuwaku


This is the "sequel" to Jirettai Kuchibiru that featured Sawatari Hajime (CV: Koyasu Takehito) and Hagi Masayuki (CV: Nojima Kenji). Although it’s considered a "sequel", the two stories actually proceed at the same time and it’s recommended that you first listen to Jirettai Kuchibiru before this one. The main character here is Taniguchi Hijiri (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). He is the son of a very famous politician and is extremely beautiful, like his mother who is an actress. Five years ago, his father employed a young secretary Ogihara Taisei (CV: Miki Shinichirou) who also is responsible for taking care of Hijiri. Unfortunately, a few years ago, the attitude of Taisei began to cool down. In order to test Taisei’s true feelings toward him, Hijiri worked as a part-time host who would go out with clients but would not sleep with them. His beauty soon rendered him a name in the host club and one day, he got the job of accompanying Sawatari. Sawatari, the famous architect, reunited with Masayuki just recently through work. Although he loves Masayuki, he would not honestly confess it (for various reasons explained in Jirettai Kuchibiru). So, he employed Hijiri to test Masayuki’s feelings. Hijiri at first opposed to Sawatari’s bullying but when he saw how much Sawatari cared about Masayuki after the latter fell into the river, somewhere in his heart he was touched. He returned and wanted to gather courage to confess to Taisei. Then in the car, he saw one of his older client who attempted to rape him in the beginning. He then ran out of the car because he could not gather enough courage to confess to Taisei but Taisei misunderstood he was hurt by seeing an old client. The two finally stated their emotions clearly and of course, they H. The story wouldn’t end here though as Hijiri’s true identity was uncovered by a reporter (CV: Hoshino Takanori) and he threatened to expose Hijiri’s secret as a part-time host unless he would obey his orders. They were about to go to a hotel when Taisei appeared and threatened the reporter back by saying he knew the reporter participated in some illegal struggling with his friends a few years ago and should his crime be exposed, he would be in trouble. The reporter had no choice but to give up and taking advantage of the location (just outside the love hotel), Taisei and Hijiri H -> happy end ORZ.


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