Shitsuji no Tokken


The title "Shitsuji no Tokken" actually means "the butler’s special right". When Harada Shinobu (原田ä»?) first met his new "boss" Nogisaka Otoya (乃木å?‚乙矢), the first words he heard were: "I’ll say it right in the beginning. If you touch me, I’ll kill you". 👿 And that’s not a joke. Nogisaka Otoya suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and he had to wash his hands all the time. He also demanded the people around him to wear gloves and to keep a distance of at least one meter. On top of that, his tongue is poisonous, he is extremely self-centered and no one could tolerate him. His current butler Tomimasu Ichizou (富益一蔵) wanted to find him a new butler for Otoya because he was getting old and ill but he had little luck. So far, all the 26 people employed could not work more than one week and some fled when they heard the details of the job. :mrgreen: So, Tomimasu altered the job description a bit. Instead of employing a butler, he decided to get a "secretary" instead.

Why could a man like Nogisaka still live in this world? 😕 That’s because (a) he’s the son of the owner of Nogisaka Pharmaceutical so he’s rich; (b) he’s very smart and good at management and investment; (c) he’s fearfully handsome, the kind you find riding on a white horse. It wasn’t Harada’s intention to be Otoya’s boss. In fact, he wanted to join the sales department but Tomimasu realized Harada had the talent (as he used to help take care of children because his family used to run a preschool). Also, despite his fit physique, he actually preferred to manage a football team than to play because he felt he was good at managing and taking care of his teammates. So, Tomimasu convinced Harada to try and become Otoya’s secretary. Harada agreed and that was how his life changed by 180 degrees.

Taking care of Otoya was harder than taking care of a bunch of three-year olds. At least three-year olds wouldn’t reprimand you when you walked close to them. They would not force you to wear gloves all the time. They probably wouldn’t be scream at a spider, and certainly they wouldn’t wash their hands ALL THE TIME. 😈 As Harada began to approach Otoya, he soon discovered the cute aspect of his master. Although he’s self-centered and stubborn to the extent that he wouldn’t let Harada touch him even when a fire broke out at the house and he could not run, he also had a nice personality. He was innocent and untainted, like a child.With patience (and A LOT OF PATIENCE), Harada gradually got closer and closer to his boss through playing chess with him at midnight. 🙂 Although Otoya kept on saying Harada’s chess skills was terrible (who could rival his intelligence), he still insisted playing with Harada every night 😉 . That was the first key to unlocking the sealed doors of Otoya’s heart.

Otoya had a secret. Unlike the usual victims of OCD, he was not afraid of dirt and he did not wear gloves or wash his hands till they bled because he thought the world was dirty. On the contrary, he found HIMSELF dirty because his mother told him he was dirty. She said because he was SO DIRTY he would never be loved. That was the curse the witch placed on him and that curse would not lift even after she passed away. It continued to haunt him day and night. In his head, he realized that it was all nonsense but he just could not control himself. He could not stop thinking that he was dirty and he would pollute others should he touch them. Yet, the presence of Harada seemed to change him bit by bit. – for the better

Unfortunately, not all’s well that ends well. There was a conspiracy at the company revolving the company’s merger plans :sad:. Otoya had grand plans about the merger and he worked for half a year on his plan but his uncle Keishirou (慶四郎) simply wanted to sell off the company for money. That’s why he tried many ways to threaten Otoya (like setting fire or spreading rumors about him). Owing to Otoya’s illness, he mostly worked from home and would only go to the company once a month. Keishirou knew that so he tried to ask Harada to betray Otoya by giving Otoya a program and asked him to run the program on Otoya’s computer :eek:. He said it was meant to see if Otoya betrayed the company but naturally Harada knew it was a program to frame Otoya. He refused. Keishirou then resorted to using Harada to threaten Otoya. To learn more about Otoya’s disorder, Harada called a kid he took care 10 years ago. The kid Kensuke also suffered from OCD but that was cured when he was in elementary school. Owing to his illness, he would not take off his shoes and he would scream and had a fit if people tried to take off his shoes by force. It was similar to the situation of Otoya. If people touched him by force, he would have a panic attack and would vomit. ➡ Unfortunately, when Harada was talking to Kensuke, Keishirou’s men took his pictures and sent them to Otoya, telling Otoya that Harada was a peadophile. Shaken by the news, Otoya decided to go meet the photographer who said he would tell Otoya the truth. However, the photographer demanded to meet Otoya just before he made the presentation of his plan to the company. Otoya still went and the photographer’s purpose naturally was to kidnap him so he could not attend the meeting. Luckily, Tomimasu was smart and found out where Otoya was 😉 . So, he told Harada to rescue Otoya. Harada successfully rescued Otoya and forced him to go to the meeting despite the fact that Otoya was all dirtied and injured. Otoya went and he successfully defeated Keishirou with his presentation. The company was safe but the relationship between Otoya and Harada took a sharp turn.

Otoya told Harada he would not be employed as his butler. Instead, he would have to sit for the exam and should he pass, be placed in the sales department as he initially wished for. In the beginning, Harada wanted to be in the sales department but after two months living with Otoya, his major wish at the time was to be by Otoya’s side and be his butler. Harada thought Otoya did not employ him because he knew that Harada was not interested in women. He almost gave up and walked out of the door when he heard Otoya whisper to himself – in a very tiny voice – that "he would not work for long anyway". When Harada heard that Otoya decided against employing him because he thought he would not stay on the job for long, his attitude changed and he asked why Otoya jumped to the conclusion that he would quit soon. His patience also broke down and he counted all the faults he found in Otoya 🙄 that shocked rather than angered Otoya. Otoya then said one day Harada would get married and would leave him and he had no need for a butler who would eventually leave him. Harada said he would not get married. He also reassured him that he would not have a lover and he would stay by Otoya’s side all the time. Otoya was glad at Harada’s reassurance and so he granted his newly employed butler a special power – to touch him like no one ever did before :grin:.

After their first night ❗ Harada was exhausted (despite his fit body) because Otoya was TOO CUTE 😛 and he could not control himself. So he slept while embrassing his master (who still insisted having his GLOVES ON) 😳 Otoya woke up first to find his old butler Tomimasu already back from examinations at the hospital. At first, from the way Tomimasu described his "illness", Otoya thought Tomimasu was dying and so he gave in and accepted to give Harada a try. Turned out Tomimasu’s illness was not life threatening. On top of that, Tomimasu saw a NAKED Harada hugging (still sleeping) a naked Otoya happily. His verdict: Harada was not quite "ready" for a butler yet because he woke up later than his master 😛 and so the training continued 😉


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  1. Hmmm, I passed the spoiler part because I want to read the book myself. It seems like a very interesting book with a butler x master pairing… and the master’s first line. OMG. Hilarious.

    I’m reading another book by Eda Yuri right now. And the plot was somewhat… not far different, I think (in this book, the uke didn’t want anybody to touch him because he had illness)… but I don’t know, I haven’t read the spoiler part XD
    I’ll post a review when I’m done.

  2. It IS a very interesting book 😉 and please go read it (and let me know if you find mistakes in my review 😛 I like it very much. You’re reading another of her book? Hmmm… curious… will wait for your review ❗

  3. Thank you again for the review, Nanya-san.. 🙂

    I got the drama CD yesterday and absolutely love it!!! NojiKen is Otoya, and as usual, a stunning performance. His crying, especially when he’s on panic disorder is very heartbreaking!!! SugiTomo is Harada, and his performance also good because most of the time Harada is very polite and gentle but at some times he’s also complaining Otoya’s behavior. The story is so sweet.

    But I’m rather curious when Otoya was kidnapped and got his gloves taken off by force. When Harada came, on his monologue he said something about Otoya’s barehand. I couldn’t hear it well, but it seems Otoya’s fingers skin were terribly cracked as the result of harsh hand washing ?

  4. Moccy-san,

    Sorry for the late reply. With regard to Otoya’s barehand, it’s true that the skin is cracked because he keeps washing them all the time.

  5. Hi, Nancy!!

    I’ve been listenin to Shitsuji no Tokken again these days. I really love how you described Otoya. If it’s not because of your review, I still thought that Otoya refusal of accepting Harada as his butler (because someday Harada will get married) was merely a jealousy. After reading your explanation on Otoya’s innocence, I listened the drama more carefully and as I can finally understand Otoya, I LOVE him very much!! 🙂

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