Author: Mitou Izumi
Illustrator: Kourin Sage
Format: Novel, Blcd



Izumi Rai’s (???Kishio Daisuke) mother remarried and he had a very terrible stepfather who only considered him as an obstacle. As a result, he moved out of the house and supported his own education by sleeping with his teacher. One day, he found a man who collapsed. While he was thinking of whether to save the man or catch up for his part-time job, the man asked him for help. He had no choice but to take the man back to his apartment. He then rushed to work. When he came back, the man was already gone.  Sometime later, when he was engaging in some indecent behavior with his teacher, the man came and dragged him onto his car instead. The man turned out to be a famous photographer Mita Tatsuki (???Yusa Kouji). When Rai arrived at the destination, he found his stepfather and mother taking some money away. As she left, his mother apologized to him. His parents sold him to Mita to be his model. Although he was a model, naturally his job was beyond just posing. He had to pose naked and sleep with Mita. Mita was a cold and harsh man but occasionally he seemed to show an agonistic face. Mita’s manager was an optimistic and laid back man – Makai Ken (???Nojima Hirofumi). Before becoming Mita’s manager, he used to be Mita’s high school teacher. One day, Mita and Makai went to London for a trip but that night, he got a visit from Mita! The man who came was not Mita but his twin brother Mita Masaki (???Yusa Kouji). Masaki loved to compete with his brother and take away whatever he wanted. He became interested in Rai because he was that sullen Tatsuki’s model. Rai was also lost because he could not understand what Tatsuki wanted with him. One day when he saw Tatsuki’s photography book though, he understood Tatsuki’s feelings. The photos Tatsuki took of him were very beautiful and released a warm and loving aura. He also noticed the little things Tatsuki did for him but Masaki came to destroy the relationship. He almost “ate” Rai but Tatsuki came in time to save his princess. However, Tatsuki heard Rai say he wanted to break up (Masaki forced him to say but that still aggravated their relationship). Makai then tried to help him by staging a photoshoot and have Masaki take Rai’s pictures. Of course, Tatsuki would not keep quiet and came again to rescue before he was harrassed by Masaki at the photo shoot. When asked why Masaki played such a terrible prank on his brother, Masaki then said it was all Makai’s fault. Since he became Tatsuki’s manager, he was jealous and so he had to take away Tatsuki’s beloved things. When they got home, on Rai’s birthday, Tatsuki gave him a wonderful present – flowers. Rai once told Tatsuki casually that when he was young, he went picking flowers for his parents (when his original father was still alive). He was glad Tatsuki noticed and gave him flowers as present. Then ? and happy end! ??

What TERRIBLE PLOT!!! I admit I have rather high requirements for plot but I don’t think I’m being mean when I say such plot should be trashed into the bin and never released into the market. If you name the story “PRIDE”, I naturally expect the characters to have PRIDE. Yet, NONE of the character really has pride. Originally, it seems Rai should be the one with pride but in NO WHERE can I hear any sense of pride. He basically just did whatever Mita tell him to do. He did not even try to fight or escape. Excuse me? How on earth can you call that “PRIDE” when Rai does not even have the pride to scold Mita back for all the ridiculous things he did to him The main couple’s personality configuration is NOT INTERESTING at all and the rhythm is not EXCITING either. I really FOUGHT to keep my eyes open and if it were not for the seiyuu, I would NEVER have listened to the very end. Horrible, absolutely horrible. Having said that though, I’m interested in Masaki and Makai’s story and I will probably listen to that pair as the character setting is SO MUCH MORE FASCINATING than this one.

Kishio’s low voice is my favorite. I usually HATE his exaggerated or shota voice but the slightly depressed Rai is adoring. I think his voice is the only THING I can call “pride” in the whole drama CD. His aegi has also dropped a tone from before and that’s a nice improvement. It is just because Kishio performed SO WELL that I think it’s a PITY he was given such a TERRIBLE story.

Yusa is showing off his professional skill here by playing both older and younger brother. To be honest, I don’t like Tatsuki. His cold and unemotional voice bores me rather than excites me. Or more accurately, the existence of Tatsuki itself bores me. He should be something like Haruka in the Jounetsu series but at least Haruka has hidden emotions. On the other hand, Tatsuki is like a robot and is dull right from beginning to end. Apparently, to try to make the distinction between Masaki and Tatsuki, he has to go to the extremes and Tatsuki is the sacrifice.

While Tatsuki is sullen and arrogant, Masaki is A LOT more interesting. He is richer in emotions and the type who love to play pranks though I don’t think he is EVIL. He is just jealous because Tatsuki took away his beloved Makai and so tried to harrass Rai in revenge. Compared to Tatsuki, probably Masaki type is more suitable for Yusa and so he portrayed this character VERY WELL. You could feel both the innocence and little devil attitude of Masaki but when he talked to Makai in the end, you could really “feel” he liked Makai. MOE!

Little devil Nojima Hiro SAIKOU!!! I’m 150% satisfied at his performance. That optimistic and laid back but slightly queenlike attitude. SPLENDID. I really don’t know what to say beyond marvelous, amazing, stunning! In short, I’m in the middle of Nojinii BOOM and it seems the BOOM will not subside… not in the next few weeks.

For Yusa fans, this is a MUST LISTEN as it’s a complicated role to play. Aside from the seiyuu though, there is NOTHING worth listening in this drama CD. If you enjoy Nanbara and Arisugawa’s stories though, you may like this one.


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