Love Prism

Author: Toujou Asami
Format: Blcd, Manga

Before I start this interview, I wish Toujou Asami sensei will rest in peace because she has already passed away ???. This is the review of the first volume (and also only volume) of the manga even though I include the seiyuu names because there will be a drama CD out in August and the cast is already announced.


Orita Yukio (???Takahashi Hiroki) is a member of the basketball team. His teammate Natsuno Kei (???Toriumi Kousuke) was absent and so he went to his house and there, he saw Kei and his brother Natsuno Den (???Narita Ken) in the middle of a very very SM H-process????. Kei was chained up. Since then, whenever he recalled the scene, he would have to fetch his Klennex box ? ? ?. He became friends with Kei after that and Kei was happy he could have a friend whom he could talk with. At home, he was only raped by his brother all the time. But it seemed like Orita could not resist Kei’s attraction and pushed him onto the floor Well, he couldn’t eat Kei but Kei also realized that Orita’s feelings for him was beyond a basketball teammate and friend. He rejected Orita and continued to be the victim of his brother’s sexual abuse. However, he was also upset at the fact that Orita found out his obnoxious relationship with his brother. At work, his brother (a doctor) got a letter saying he was doing all sorts of hentai things with a high school student. There was also a suspicious fellow doctor Makabe (???Sugita Tomokazu) who actually also liked Den. At first he tried to tease Den for doing such horrible thing to his brother even though Den actually was the kind who would try to help his patients. He tried his best to save the victims in a tunnel accident a while ago. Meanwhile, Den got a threatening letter from an anonymous person who said he knew his relationship with a high school student.

I’m really shocked when I saw Marine Entertainment dramatize this story. Minami Haruka sensei’s stories were H enough but NOTHING compared to this one. In fact, this is completely in the category of PURE YAOI. Probably 80% of the story is just AEGI and no matter how much I like Toriumi’s aegi voice, I probably will NEVER listen to this CD. It’s FUN to visually picture the H scenes (especially when Toujou sensei’s artwork is beautiful and her “play” my cup of tea, not to mention this has INCEST … another theme I like). HOWEVER, to turn this into a drama is a bit … is there even a MARKET for this kind of drama? As for the plot, I know there is NO PLOT but I must say I HATE Den’s character setting. I like HENTAI as HENTAI and good person as good person. I don’t MIND EVIL or HENTAI people but I ABHOR it when they try to put the two together. Den is hentai – period. Why make him seem like a good doctor? Why make him seem like he CARE about Kei. You DON’T DO SUCH AWFUL THING to your lover (unless he or she DEMANDS and ENJOYS it … I guess). Apparently Kei is NOT ENJOYING IT. For such an EVIL person, why try to give him a good side? Well, in reality it’s not BLACK and WHITE and I usually like grey characters but not in the case of DEN.

Anyway, this is NOT the kind of story for everyone. If you like SM and beautiful art, I recommend it. Otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MANGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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