Hatsukoi Allergy

Author: Ichinose Ayako
Format: Manga
H-level: None


Sakura transferred to the new school on a mission – he had to find the leader of the ninja trribe Akagi Clan Aka-sama and protect him. His only memories of Aka-sama was the long and beautiful black hair. When he transferred to his new school, he was befriended by the class iinchou Takagi, a cheerful boy with glasses. Through Takagi, he got acquainted with other members of the student body and that’s how his life was altered – from a ninja who only lived to protect Aka-sama to a normal school boy who study and laugh like other boys of his age.

Since there is no H-scene, I am a bit puzzled by this couple as I do not know whether Sakura or Takagi is the seme :roll:. From the name though, I guess Sakura is the uke (but a tempting one) and Takagi is the seme (but slightly hetare). The story is so-so as it’s really school comedy more than a ninja story (as you would anticipate from the first few pages). Aside from Takagi and Sakura, there is another couple – Kanzaki and Usui. Kanzaki is the president of the student council and he liked the president of the Aoyama school but he was jealous of Takagi. So he played pranks on Takagi and tried to get close to Sakura. However, Sakura knew he liked Usui (so cute????).

I think this is a very refreshing manga because I like fantasy setting and this one tries to build a non-fantasy story based on a fantasy setting. The artwork is cute cute and there’s no H so it’s safe for people who don’t like shota.

Anyway, this story is really straightforward and there’s not much of a story. However, the artwork is VERY LOVELY and I like the atmosphere of the whole story. I also like the fact that Takagi did not reveal his identity to Sakura because he wanted Sakura to like him as “Takagi” and not “Aka-sama”. I also like the scene when Kanzaki catches Usui in the room and said he’s “not cute”. Anyway, it’s not a bad read.


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