Author: Yoshioka/ Takamura Kouji
Illustrator: Negishi Kyouko
Format: Drama CD
H-level: None


Shimizu Keishajirou ( ???Kosugi Juutarou) is a successful business who managed to survive in the depressing Japanese economy. He is also a very devoted father who would do anything for his precious daughter Shimizu Nanami (???Koyama Kimiko). Since Nanami lately was into the genre known as – Boy’s Love and seiyuu – whom his father knew nothing about, Keishajirou decided to do something about his ignorance. He consulted his mechanic chicken Kaori (???Ishida Akira) and he decided that the best way to know BL is to MAKE BL. So, he dissolved one section of his department and ordered the workers to make a BLCD instead !!

Of course, his workers were all shocked because they were ordinary salaryman and knew (technically) nothing about Boy’s Love. Luckily, they got a very efficient leader Shino Yoshiyuki (???Horiuchi Kenyuu) who kept the team going. In addition, Teshima Masamitsu (???Ueda Yuji) quite calmly accepted the fact. Mikuriya Shun (???Fukuyama Jun) who loved muscles had complaints but it was work after all???. Nishigawa Shougo (???Yamamoto Taisuke) was attracted by Shino’s enthusiasm and professionalism and so out of respect he also worked hard on the project. The one who was complaining all the time was really Miyahara Misaaki (???Yoshino Hiroyuki) who could not understand the world of boy’s love at all. To research into BL, the guys went to Animate to try to buy the popular BLCD and novels. They also searched the Internet for information. To their surprise, in just three days, Shino came up with a scenario for the BLCD they decided to make (turned out he really was a BL fanboy 🙄 Unfortunately, the plot was rejected by the adviser Shibakoya Rin (???Nagazawa Miki). The team then continued to brainstorm many stories, like window cleaner and office worker, security guard and thief, and so forth but their progress was quite slow. Then, Mikuriya said he had a friend who was a seiyuu (but he was a newbie and had to do part time job to survive). Shino then asked Mikuriya to invite his seiyuu so they could obtain some information from him. The seiyuu was Mochizuki Iwao (???Terishima Takuma). Mochi actually had to play both seme and uke roles and through him they obtaind some information but the brainstorming process still did not progress and Shino soon lost control and revealed the secret that he liked BL to the crowd ????(??)

This is the first CD in a series of I don’t know how many. It’s the same idea as Fookies, Cafe Kichijouji, and Ballet Star. Storywise, I think this one is the most “interesting” because it reveals a lot of BL neta. The first CD is the planning stage. Probably somewhere along the line, we get to hear the actual production of the CD (like the afureco). That will be lovely. The cast is not the most “elegant” so far (compared to other series) but I certainly have high hopes for the “guests”. Here’s my impressions of the actors:

As usual, the purpose of these series is to make the seiyuu act in rather exaggerated way. The one in Fookies to go wild was Konishi and here is Horiuchi’s Shino. I am quite surprised he can fanboy so well, especially in the end when he criticized all the ideas his fellow teammates came up with. On the other hand, Teshima had the lowest tension of all since he was the “moe” type. Ueda Yuji is playing himself 🙂 but I guess it’s too early to come to a conclusion about Teshima. The fact that they cased Ueda means there’s a chance for him to go into his “fanboy” mode later on in the series as well.

Mikuriya & Mochi is a funny pair. At first, Mikuriya was just a salaryman but who would have guessed he was obsessed with muscles. Plus his “powerdrink” … it reminded me of Inui orz. Mochi on the other hand is rather passive and lacked energy. This pair definitely reminded me of Iwai x Keita (especially when it’s Fukuyama Jun). Terishima’s voice was nice but I still like his “plain” voice… but that’s quite Sakurai like. His Mochi did not appear too much but I’m looking forward to his future performance.

It’s my first time (?) hearing Yamamoto speak and he must be a newbie too. At first I thought he was Terashima ^^;; seems I have trouble telling the “kids” apart. Anyway, his Nishigawa is just “normal” salaryman who admired his senpai… nothing special. Misaaki on the other hand was like Mikoto from Princess Princess. The more he resented BL, the funnier his character became and Yoshino’s best at this Gai-like character I guess. I would really laugh should he ended up falling in love with a man ???.

Wow, Keishajirou & Kaori are the Oujisama Lv1 combi!! Don’t tell me Kaori is seme (dies). Kosugi’s Keishajirou is very funny. Although I think Inoue might be a better choice for this type of character but Kosugi did a pretty good job being a successful businessman and passionate papa. I want a papa who can make me a BLCD too (and as I already said it in my blog, NO ONE IS STOPPING ME TO GO TO THE AFURECO!!). The highlight of the CD though is definitely Kaori-sama…a.k.a. Ishida-sama. I grew up in a period when I woke up with alarm clocks and not chicken so I no longer remember the noise they make. The only time I get to hear real chicken is when I go to the market to pick them to be slaughtered XD. Anyway, according to people who raised chicken, it seemed Ishida did sound like one *O*… but why mechnical chicken? Are we already in Philip K. Dick’s world?? I have only one complaint about his mechanical chicken though – I had absolutely no clue what the heck he said???.

As for the two female seiyuu, I think they are both quite good, especially Rin. However, my ears don’t sense female female voices very well and so I won’t comment on them.

Castwise, my favorite is Fookies… or more specifically just Tokugawa (dies). In terms of “grandness”, I’d say Cafe Kichijouji has the most famous seiyuu in it. However, plotwise, Kiyosho definitely rules! One complaint though… why isn’t the interior of the booklet colored??? For that price at least color it T__T. I was hoping since it’s 2006 maybe they would have color for a change…but no.


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