Ki no Fuusui I ~Kaoru~

Author: Okano Marian
Illustrator: Kane Hikaru
Format: Normal CD
H-level: None


Since the novel is out of print, I haven’t read the novel and the story is a bit too complicated for my poor Japanese. I try my best and if you find mistakes, please feel free to let me know. I also think Cyberphase is quite MEAN when it comes to advertising this CD. In both the introduction on their website as well as the freetalk, they only list the names of the three main cast. However, the rest of the cast is actually pretty grand as well. Please check out the bottom of my post or a listing of the full cast ??????.

This is the beginning of a pretty long series (with 8 volumes in the main series and a couple of side stories too). Tsutsui Takuya (CV: Fukuyama Jun), 17, was born into an onmyuji family and though he was the youngest, he was the one to inherit the family title because all his older siblings were females 🙄 Even when he was a child, Tsutsui released an aura that rendered a sweet smell to oni (demons) and so he was always “haunted” by ghosts. Whenever he was in danger though, a boy would come to save him. The boy asked if he hated demons and he said “of course”. The boy seemed sad to hear that. When Tsutsui was 17, his father decided he would need some training because he was quite weak in his skills to drive away oni (1) During his training period, he would have to join forces with a first-class taimashi (2) – Shinomiya Kaoru (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi). Shinomiya, 16, was a hanyouki, which meant he was half human and half demon. His father was human but his mother was a demon who went back to the demon world and vanished without a trace. The two’s training would be supervised by Tsutsui’s uncle Watanabe Seiji (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). Watanabe warned Tsutsui about Shinomiya on two things: First, since he was very talented and had special powers, he was not good at understanding normal humans. Second, Shinomiya Kaoru not only loved women but also men as well. Takuya was a bit shocked to find that his partner was a bisexual (and HE labeled him as “hentai” 😀 ). Their first meeting did not go well. Tsutsui was pissed by Shinomiya’s arrogance and Shinomiya felt Tsutsui did not have powers and he said he wanted to reject the partnership offer (but he didn’t). Their first mission was to protect Ijuin Yukinosuke (CV: Kitakawa Takurou) from the Shichiyouk. The demons wanted to capture Ijuin sensei in order to open the gate between the demon world and the human world and to conquer the human world gradually. Takuya and Kaoru’s duty was to protect Ijuin sensei. Incidentally, Takuya actually knew Ijuin sensei’s grandchild Ijuin Kenji (CV: Shimura Tomoyuki), who was the leader of the cheering group at Takuya’s school and Takuya was also a member of the group. Both Ijiun Kenji (a.k.a. leader in the rest of my review 😛 ) and vice president of the group Shiratori Ohmori (CV: Tai Yuuki) also decided to help in protecting Ijuin sensei. Leader actually had a special ability. He could manipulate wind. However, when he was young, his inability to control his powers resulted in the death of his grandmother. Since then, he sealed his powers in a manatama and would not use it again. However, the demons they were facing this time were no fools. The demons disguised as women to seduce Ijuin sensei. Leader was tricked and could not attack the women. In the end, Ijuin sensei was kidnapped and based on Kaoru’s powers, they found sensei was brought to Bay Bridge. Kaoru rushed off on his own but he could not do much because the demons put up a barrier. Kaoru could destroy the barrier but he would also kill Ijuin sensei. The only way to destroy the barrier was to attack it with wind. When leader saw the situation, he finally unsealed his powers but he could not control it well. Then, Kaoru went near the weak spot of the barrier and asked leader to aim at him! With the power of wind, they successfully destroyed the barrier. Yet, the demon retreated back to the demon world. Kaoru followed and fought against the demon in the demon world. Takuya also rushed after Kaoru to try to help but he only found an unconscious Ijuin sensei! In the end, Kaoru defeated the demon, rescued both Takuya and Ijuin sensei and brought them back to the human world. It was then when Takuya realized his partner was not as annoying and heartless as he seemed to be.

(1) oni taiji (get rid of the evil).

(2) taimashi (spirit).


Even though it’s the first novel, I already like the story. The plot maybe simple at this stage but the interactions between Takuya and Kaoru are FANTASTIC!!! I particularly like the following scenes:

(1) When Kaoru asked Takuya to meet at the cafe to discuss (?) how to protect Ijiun sensei. Basically it was just Kaoru telling Takuya the location (laughs). Kaoru left without paying for his coffee????. Takuya then demanded Kaoru to pay him back as he was short of money. Though Kaoru SHOWED Takuya his shiny gold cards (meaning he rolled in money), he refused to pay because it was an older person’s courtesy to pay for someone younger. ???

(2) When the demon tried to “eat” or more accurately rape Takuya but Takuya drove him away by summoning a very weak guardian, the demon was venting and then he met Kaoru who naturally got rid of him because such a weakling was trying to target “HIS PREY” ????. Back in the room, Takuya scolded Kaoru for not being “there” when the demon attacked. Kaoru then asked if Takuya would want him to come to his rescue. Of course Takuya was pissed.

(3) In the end when all was over, Kaoru silently held onto Takuya :D. Takuya was so excited about Ijuin sensei’s “recovery” that he did not even notice Kaoru arms. Even when he noticed, Kaoru did not let go and Takuya was scared as he remembered the bisexual warning from his uncle earlier. I definitely hope they’ll republish the novels, especially when the insert artwork is by my beloved Kane sensei .

At this stage, Takuya is still pretty weak as his powers have not fully awakened yet. However, it is quite obvious that he is not as “hetare” ???? as it is implied at the beginning. For instance, when Kaoru was still searching for the wearabouts of Ijuin sensei, he already phoned his sister to bring the car just in case they would need it and turned out they did! I actually prefer this kind of strong, energetic, smart, and cute uke to weak weak cute ones and JunJun of course is perfect for such roles.

I wonder if there are Saiyonji x Keita fans in the staff though I totally don’t mind this pairing. At first I thought Kamiyan would use his Kouji (Digimon) voice for Kaoru but he ended up using Saiyonji’s voice. This meant Shinomiya became unnecessarily sexy in a mystical way (whatever that means). Kaoru is the type of guy I like best – silent, strong, and difficult but beautiful.

Unfortunately, Seiji did not have much appearance in this CD but you can certainly feel the presence of Teioh (laughs). According to MoriMori in the freetalk, it seems he also had strong powers as well and would fight in the future. I’m looking forward to it. I really liked the part where he explained (so calmly) to Takuya that Kaoru was bisexual.

Ohmori is actually my favorite character in this CD???? aside from Kaoru. Yes, I love him more than Takuya and his voice reminded me a bit of NojiKen at first but turned out to be different later on. I only knew him from one or two moe anime and didn’t realize he could sound quite a seducing uke ?. Shiratori’s actions also very queer but fascinating. For example, he claimed to be an ally with “beautiful” things and since Kaoru was beautiful, he said Kaoru could not be “bad” though both leader and Takuya did not like Kaoru in the beginning. The best scene though when he was listening to leader’s childhood story???… I almost felt (at that instance) there must be something going on between the leader and the vice leader (as ALWAYS).

I don’t like leader to be honest and I think Shimura’s voice is a bit too OLD for an 18-year old ^^;; The leader reminds me of Shiro – who had the power but did not use it. Shiro (Fate/stay night) had Saber too but instead of using her, he fought himself x_X…At least leader kicked a little a$$ in the end but overall, I hate this type of guy – period. It’s a waste he won the heart of the lovely Shiratori (the last sentence is completely my illusion).

I love Ijuin sensei! He’s so funny! Even when his life was threatened, he continued to drink and even suggested to go to Kabuki (the red light district) … sorta :D. I’m sure he’s very strong to be an important member of Shichiyoukai but the stronger you are, the less you fear for your life. I have a feeling that even if the youngsters did not do anything, he could very well get himself off from the threats but he specifically acted in an I-dun-give-a-damn attitude just to get Kenji to start using his special powers again. COOL!

For the rest of the cast, Tsukiko is Higami Kyouko, Fujiko is Kitamura Akiko and the most interesting ones are the children voices for Kaoru and Takuya. They’re (my beloved) Kugimiya Rie and Sakada Kayo!! OMG !! When Shana meets PaniPoni…

The plot is nice (I didn’t give it a 5-star rating because I think there’s room for improvement in the later series when they reach the climax) but it’s lovely. Although there is no “H-scene” and therefore not strictly yaoi, there are enough shounen ai hints to classify under the BL umbrella I believe. Anyway, I recommend this story for those who like the “demon” and “human” theme.


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  1. I suggest you may try to buy the ebook version of this fic if you are really interested. I found it on the papy online bookstore
    (This is the BL page. You have to search in normal fiction)
    Ebooks are good~ It saves mailing fees and it save paper and space~ They have 1-6 I think(The novel end at vol. 10 or something. They are going to make them all in ebook formal in the future)
    You can read the e-book by acrobat reader(with the latest version it support Japanese) You have to change to Japanese system if you use Win XP.
    Actually, the author is quite good. I’ve read another of her book called “少年花å«?”. I quite enjoy it. I’ll leave the Kaoru series at this juncture though. Until I finish the other series. She enjoys writing such long stories that it’s so difficult to complete…

  2. Hi Helen,

    Thank you very much for your tip. I checked the site and I’m thinking about getting the novel. Having said that though, I hope they will reprint the novel (with Honami sensei’s art). I’m a huge fan of Kane sensei but I think somehow Honami sensei’s artwork (in the Gaiden) seems to match this novel better ^^.

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