Broadcast wo Tsuppashire

Author: Kannagi Satoru
Illustrator: Saikawa Nanao
Format: Novel, Blcd


Hayakawa Taku (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) is a new reporter at BNS and he often makes mistakes. As a result, he was always reprimanded by his senior Kitaoka Mizuki (CV: Yusa Kouji) at work. Although Kitaoka has a reputation of being a good reporter, he is also a very serious person and rarely smiles. One day, Hayakawa has to interview a kyougenshi Kuno Uzuki (CV: Ishikawa Hideo) because kyougen has become quite popular among young females. SInce Hayakawa is still a newbie, he’s not very prepared but Kitaoka gave him some very useful information. However, during the interview, he found his guest Uzuki extremely difficult – almost like he was trying to bully him. Uzuki also purposely gave information that contradicted the information he obtained from Kitaoka. He was puzzled at Uzuki’s behavior but soon realized the cause. Turned out that Uzuki was really Kitaoka’s brother. Actually, Kitaoka should also become a kyougenshi but he felt he did not have the talent and so he left his family 10 years ago and three years ago turned to broadcasting instead. Now, his mouth is still his weapon … but in a different sense. Hayakawa was at a loss as to why Kitaoka would let him interview Kuno Uzuki. He was even more puzzled when he found out that something happened 10 years ago but Kitaoka did not go into details. One day, Hayakawa was scheduled to interview a rising idol – Kirio Natsuhiko (CV: Miyata Kouki) but the latter got injured at the last moment and could not attend the interview. Everyone in the studio was in a panic but Kitaoka was calm and said he would find a guest for the show. The guest was Kuno Hazuki (CV: Madono Mitsuaki). Hazuki was the more talented of the kyougenshi but he very rarely showed his face so everyone was surprised that he actually agreed to the interview. After the incident, Hayakawa went to Hazuki’s room who very smartly departed and left Hayakawa and Mizuki alone. Hayakawa then realized that Mizuki was the guy he met in a library one summer 10 years ago. He fell in love with Mizuki to the extent that he was willing to part with his girlfriend. However, when he went to the library to meet Mizuki as he promised, he overheard Mizuki quarreling with some other guy who asked him not to leave. Hayakawa thought Mizuki was quarelling with his lover and so he left the library and the love ended there. Actually, Mizuki was quarelling with Hazuki, who wanted him to continue being a kyougenshi but Mizuki was troubled because he felt he had no talent. He fled from his home in Kyoto to live with his relative in Tokyo. That summer, Mizuki (then 16) was touched by the kindness of Hayakawa (then 13) and fell in love. However, the love ended bitterly as Hayakawa never showed up. Yet, when they meet again 10 years later, Mizuki falls in love with Hayakawa all over again. That’s why he helps Hayakawa but also reprimands him when he makes mistakes. After confessing, the two then enjoy their sweet moment and end of part one.

Part two is the story between Hazuki and Uzuki. Uzuki has always loved Hazuki since a child. However, it doesn’t seem Hazuki realize his love. Hence, he is troubled. He tried to confess but he either did not have the courage or the opportunity. Somehow here though he manages to confess and then jumps onto Hazuki like a big puppy :roll:. Anyway, the romance between Hazuki and Uzuki is not all smooth and easy because they are siblings and both guys. Then enters Natsuhiko. Actually Natsuhio likes his manager – a Kamiyan-san – who is 10 years older and over 5cm taller. Although Natsuhiko likes Kamiya-san, his love is not fruitful and so he purposely injures himself on stage and that created a lot of trouble for everyone, especially Kamiya-san. After talking with Uzuki, Natsuhiko seems to have gotten more courage. However, Uzuki has still a long way to struggle if he wants to completely win over the heart of his Queen Hazuki 🙄

I like the setting of this story actually but I do not like the way it is dramatized. With such a delicious topic as broadcasting and kyougen (a setting that is quite rare in BL), there is SO MUCH ROOM to develop this story but Kannagi sensei failed to do that. Or more accurately, the drama CD failed to do that (because it seems a large part has been eliminated from the novel in order to fit in the original story of Hazuki and Uzuki). Still, I think the plot is underdeveloped. Here’s why:

1. The broadcasting setting is not well used. It would be better if the part about work at a broadcasting company is more elaborated.
2. If broadcasting is the setting, why waste it and made the couple fall in love 10 years ago? Afterall 13 and 16 year-old homo puppy’s love is not too exciting. Even if it’s necessarily for them to be in love 10 years ago, it will be still nice to go more in-depth about how Mizuki falls in love with Hayakawa all over again. It’s a pity the “love” development is completely eliminated.
3. Is there even a story in the Hazuki and Uzuki story? I like Hazuki’s character a lot but I don’t see the purpose of including this story when basically NOTHING happened. And what about kyougen? Is that just the name of the profession…. what a terrible waste. To be honest, I think it would have been nice if she just wrote a story based on kyougen. In short, if she used Tanizaki’s approach in the Ogata series, it would have been much better.
4. Finally, the characters all lack attraction. Aside from Hazuki I really can’t feel any passion for any of the characters. Compared to her other yakuza series: Yasashiku koroshite, boku no kokoro, this novel’s character (aside from Hazuki) is completely not lovable (sigh).

In terms of characterization and acting, I like Sugita but recently I find that his acting is really flat. Everywhere I hear the same voice (sorry Sugita fans). When I hear Hayakawa, I was screaming – ahhh it’s Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi !!! I guess the character fits the voice but I was hoping for better and more distinct acting. So far, the strongest impression he left in me is Eddie in Hakusha series (his best seme …. probably) and of course Togainu no Chi. Maybe he only acts well when his opponent is Toriumi? Laughs.

I must say Yusa’s Kyoto accent is the BIGGEST ATTRACTION in this series. Of course, that’s because I love his Kyoto accent since G*N is one of my favorite characters in BL-EACH. I’m not sure why but when YusaYusa speaks in his Kyoto accent, he sounds more erotic than usual (and cuter than usual too). THE POWER OF LOVE! No complaint for that and his acting is nice too. The stern Mizuki in the beginning is slightly different from the cute and mellow mellow Mizuki half way. Nice Job!

OMG… CUTE!!!! When Uzuki spoke, I immediately imagined a dogging wagging his tail in front of Hazuki vv. Actually, when I was listening, someone was jogging with a dog and the puppy came rushing to me and I almost screamed UZUKI! Ishikawa’s seme is REALLY CUTE vv… but I don’t like this kind of WANKO HETARE SEME (sorry).

Is this CD some kind of BL-EACH reunion? We have Gin, Ukitake, Kon, and Hanatarou… but Madono is not in Kon mode (thank god) or I will have nightmare imagining BEAST SMEX (Ukitake x Kon >_<)… Madono’s acting is REALLY NICE (as usual). Ever since Tsuki to Matsurika, he has proved himself to be a good uke and this time, his QUEEN UKE is not disappointing. It’s actually very Hazuki (to me). Oh I like his Hazuki very much! What an interesting character – beautiful but doesn’t like to appear in front of public. Talented and knows how to use his wanko well… and most of all…SEDUCING!!!!

Natsuhiko is H.A.R.A.G.U.R.O.!!!! OMG Miyatan is haraguro!!!! However, it’s so cute when he was talking to Uzuki and both seem to understand the difficulting of being SEME *v*… especially when the opponent is either more “queenly” or “physically stronger”. Anyway, if there is a story about Natsuhiko and Kamiya-san (I have a feeling it might be Ookawa Tohru), it’ll be great!!!

I think the plot is very disappointing (especially when the setting is so delicious). Still, for the sake of a BL-EACH reunion the cast, I think it’s worth listening to for just once.


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