Mamotte Agemasu

Author: Yamato Nase
Format: Manga


To distinguish the brothers, the younger brother will go by the first name while the older brother will go by the surname).

Takaoga has a problem. While his brother Nagai is a very nice and kind teacher, his kindness is also his weakness, which makes him a target for teasing even by his own students. Consequently, as the stronger, younger brother, Takaoga has to protect his brother from being bullied by other students. The trouble began when Nagai was asked to persuade a student Mizuno to come to school. Nice as he is, Nagai couldn’t just order Mizuno to school. So he tried to reignite Mizuno’s interest in school by giving him extra lessons. What complicated the matter was that Mizuno had a bodyguard – Fujioka, who’s a very very dull man. While trying to protect his brother, Takaoga found himself falling in love with Fujioka, who’s very cold and mechanical on the surface but truly a gentle person at heart.

‘m a crazy Yamato Nase fan but I must say this story is kinda boring, compared to my favorite – Chintsubu – which is a MUST READ as it’s so hilarious you’ll laugh until your stomach aches. The strength I guess of this piece is the set of characters, which deviates a little from sensei’s usual formula. Most noticeable is the addition of my FAVORITE CHARATER – a.k.a. MIZUNO. The little “Cupid” or shall we call him the little demon is the most interesting character EVER as he’s arrogant, has a sick a$$ attitude but helps Takaoka and Fujioka to get together. The who point of this series is really how to crack open the dull and boring Fujioka and it turns out it’s not Takaoka who did the job but Mizuno (…. well, he needs the ingredient though and Takaoka is the perfect ingredient XD ). What doubles the fun is that Mizuno looks kinda like Akira in Hikago … I mean imagine Akira = little devil :p … sorry for my fangirl imagination. Another interesting character is the scary sports teacher Takada, who’s really charmed by Nagai right from the beginning but cannot bring himself to show it. Takaoga is okay and is more the typical genki type of character that is generic to Yamato sensei’s work. I guess the worst character of all is Fujioka… he’s so f*cking boring but even then, he has his moments. I guess I will recommend this one in case you want a bit of fun without too much brain work (just the reason why I like Yamato sense’s work XD … no sweat). I also like the ending/omake … when *spoiler* Mizuno gives Fujioka 30 minutes to meet with Takaoga. The guy is thinking how to best use his 30 minutes and Mizuno just said, “oh, he’s actually a strong seme XD x 1000).

This is not Yamato Nase’s best work but it’s a good laugh and I recommend it to her fans.


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