Tenshi x Mitsuou 1-3

Author: Sakuya Tomoyo
Format: Manga


This manga revolves around a popular idol unit called “Crow”. The vocalist Rin is responsible for variety shows while his partner Yagumo who is responsible for TV drama. Years ago when they were still children, they were scouted by a former host now turned manager – Momokawa. The first arc talks about how Yagumo and Rin becomes lovers. For details, you can read my review of the CD. The second arc is about Miki, the guitarist and composer from Eternity. He was attracted to Rin and decided to help “Crow” to compose their new single “Forrest”. However, the rest of the Eternity unity was afraid Miki would leave and the group would be disbanded. So, the lead vocalist Rui decided to kidnap Rin and forced him to agree to stop having Miki as composer. He did this by drugging Rin and then taking pictures of him nude and being raped. Luckily, Yagumo managed to find Rin in time and beat the heck out of the guy who tried to rape Rin. He also broke Rui’s mobile phone in the process. When Miki found it he was the cause behind the incident, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to give up Eternity. He just enjoyed working with Rin and would like to write a song for Crow… or more precisely for Rin. Rui then apologized to Rin and gave him a 300,000 yen worth pendant as apology. Gradually, Rui also started to develop a “sisterly” relationship with Rin. He would invite Rin to dinner or to pubs and get Rin drunk :roll:. In the beginning, Rin’s manager Momokawa was afraid Rui might still be plotting something so he tagged along. One night at a restaurant when the four (Rin, Rui, Momokawa, and Yagumo) were having dinner, Yagumo bumped into an angry host and almost got into a fight. Momokawa calmly resolved the incident but got punched instead of Yagumo. Since then, Rui became interested in Momokawa, especially the fact that he was actually a former host. Although Rui is very talented, he lacks emotions and that’s why there is some flaws in his music. However, his attraction to Momokawa seems to be changing him from within. This is reflected in a photoshoot when he unconsciously kisses Rin (who was disguised as a girl for the shoot). That night when they went to the host club where Momokawa formerly worked, he also saw Momokawa pleasing women like a host. He thought Momokawa was returning to his old career as a host and was about to abandon Crow. So he poured wine over Momokawa and got everyone into a big mess (because people realized they were idols). Momokawa then explained why he quit being a host – because a customer of his died and that made him want to live a healthier life 🙄 instead of the smoking and drinking life of a host. Then, unconsciously, Rui confessed! <– REALLY UNCONSCIOUSLY :mrgreen:



RUI IS CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Although I “kinda” liked the artwork, I found the first two volumes to be quite boring and lost interest in this manga. I read volume one AGES AGO because of the CD (Taniyama’s seme is a must-hear) and since the Eternity-Crow problem (thanks to Miki) was not resolved in volume 1, I thought ho well, I might give it a try and read volume 2 and 3. If the ending sux, I’ll just simply trash the manga to save space. I’m SO GLAD I did because Rui is SO CUTE!!!!! In the second volume, I thought he would definitely go for Miki and thus a Rui vs. Rin for Miki (if so, I would have trashed the manga). Who would have guessed he had eyes on the MANAGER!!! Oh, and this Momokawa is WONDERFUL as well! Rui is very timid in reality (though he appeared to be a queen on the surface). Momo-chan did not approach him directly but very indirectly, like giving him a wallet as present and then when he saw how he treasured the wallet, teased him. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! The unconscious confession!!!!!!!!! This is SO CUTEEEEEE!!! Especially when Rui was not saying it on purpose, he was just looking at the sleeping Rin and saying it. For Nanya, CONFESSION is the SOUL of BL or any romance manga. A crappy confession can instantly destroy even a brilliant novel or manga. However, this confession left a VERY STRONG impression on me because it’s not a confession that is calculated but DIRECT from the heart. The tsundere RUI who’s normally SO not frank with his feelings suddenly revealed the emotions he tucked away in his heart!!! MOE!!!! MOE!!!! MOE!!!!! Rui, KAWAII KAWAIIIII!!!!

I actually got quite impatient with Rin in volume 1 of the manga because he was too girlish.  Girlish uke is the type I HATE THE MOST.  Having said that though, when Rin is in Momokawa and Rui’s story (he is needed as a catalyst for their romance), he became so cute!!!!! I also love the friendship between Rin and Rui … so sweet!!!

Eh? Where’s Yagumo !? He seemed to have vanished after the Eternity arc vv (and he is the main character … supposed to be ).  Anyway, since he is not quite active later on, I guess my opinion of him remained the same as in the first manga.  I really don’t like him too much.  He’s TOO possessive of Rin and he would H everywhere … even in the studio T_T.  AT LEAST LOCK THE DOOR YOU MONSTER!!! He tainted the innocent Rui TT.

Rui did not appear in the drama CD so I have no idea who is good for voicing him ^^;; Anyway I guess I have already said enough about how much I love Rui.  Ahhhh!!! Tennen tsundere bansai!!! He’s so beautiful and cute vv…. (like this description helps). Anyway it’s worth 1,000 yen just to see Rui XDDD.

Momokawa is actually very interesting guy because even he used to be a host, he is actually very gentleman and will not hop onto the innocent sheep like those two beasts (Miki and Yagumo) ^0^.  He is also very good at noticing other people’s reactions and he can always find the perfect gift for others.  I guess it’s because he has this “mature personality” that the childlike Rui is completely attracted to him.  Nice!!! The only sad part is that there are too little DIRECT interactions between Momokawa and Rui and most of the time it’s Momokawa with Rin and Rui T___T.  When is the fourth volume out T___T.

Ahhh…Miki is another big bad wolf who will hop onto his little sheep.  Rin was his target but I was surprised that a playboy as he is, he still respects Rin’s wish.  When he tried to sleep with Rin in bed in the hotel and saw Rin crying, he at least had the courtesy to stop.  Unfortunately, playboy is not my cup of tea so .. PASS.

If you are tired by Yagumo x Rin’s pairing, don’t give up quite yet as the gem is at the end!!! Rui-chan GANBATTE!!! Nanya’s render you all her support!! And Momo-chan… tease Rui-chan more! I want to see his “Ha…, geh…” expressions.


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