Cathedral na Koi

Author: Yurino Nao
Illustrator: Sara
Format: Novel, Blcd


Kaito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is a relatively new employee at his company and so far, he’s just an average worker. However, one day he was in charge of a very big project where he would be dealing directly with a famous Spanish designer Ricardo (CV: Narita Ken). He then went to meet Ricardo but when he first arrived, he had to wait for a very long period. On top of that, he realized the reason behind the delay in the meeting was because Ricardo was $&* with the very very beautiful Ruis (CV: Takeuchi Ken). It seems Ruis mistook Kaito as wanting to be Ricardo’s lover because Kaito was cute and Ricardo’s type. Kaito made it clear that he came FOR BUSINESS but it seemed he was chosen because of his looks rather than his ability at work. Still, when Kaito finally got to meet Ricardo, he found himself not being able to resist Ricardo’s charm. Thus sparkled a hot romance between Ricardo and Kaito. At the same time, Kaito’s colleague Ogata Takashi (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki) also came to Spain and met the beautiful Ruis and fell in love. However, Ruis is not easy to woo… what will happen?


I know this is a very short introduction but frankly, I have zero interest in the story. When I first heard the title, I thought this would be related to the Church (it’s CATHEDRAL and Da Vinci Code was the topic of the day recently 🙄 ). Unfortunately, there was absolutely no sign of the Church or any secret society WHATSOEVER!!!! On top of that, the production of this CD was quite awful. The BGM was terrible and non-existent in many parts and the story was really crappy. The only reason why it’s worth listening to is the cast. Narita Ken’s Ricardo is not too hentai (surprisingly) and Hirakawa’s Kaito is CUTE. However, I think his H has become more painful :??? or is this required in the novel (as I have not read the novel). Actually, recently, many seiyuu seems to have moved into the direction of working very hard in H-scenes. I wonder why… will they be fired if they don’t do it hard enough? :??? Yasumoto’s Ogata SHOCKED me with his deep voice. He’s so deep I probably can’t hear some parts (**Note: Nanya is diagnosed with a small degree of hearing disability and I can’t hear very low male voices. That’s why I’m totally in favor of uke 👿 ). He’s also entering the BL world… probably because of his success in Bleach? I think I quite like all of the cast but I must say the one who catches my attention the most is Takeuchi Ken’s Ruis !! I was chatting with xaevyn too about how splendid Takeuchi was in this drama. The amount of pheromone he leaked from his dialogues is stunning!! I can’t believe how beautiful that voice is. It’s really wonderful!! He definitely has potential!!! I would really like to hear Ogata x Ruis and that’s why I keep listening to this series.

Although there is neither plot nor good music in this drama, I recommend this drama for Takeuchi fans, especially those who are tired of his brainless uke (though he’s not the main here).


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